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Chennai T20 vs Rajasthan T20
In Progress : Rajasthan T20 require another 97 runs with 6 wickets and 13.0 overs remaining
Chennai T20
( 20 overs )
Rajasthan T20
( 7 overs )

  , Jadeja to Smith, no run, skips down the track and yorks himself as Jaddu darts in a fuller delivery on leg stump. Digs it out
  , Jadeja to Samson, OUT, that's two in two! Jadeja gets reward for floating it up in the air. Samson is forward and looks to clip through midwicket, closes the face too early and gets a leading edge that is pouched by the bowler himself. Punches the air and screams in triumph
  , Jadeja to Watson, OUT, slowed it up this time and the extra flight dupes him. Watson doesn't hold back as he goes over the top again. This time it's the leading edge that gains more height than distance. Hilfy was at long-off and leaps up to hold down a pretty good catch. Think he was very worried about the rope, but it was well behind him
  , Jadeja to Watson, SIX, skips down the track and reaches the pitch and once that's done he smacks it straight down the ground. Clears long-on easily
  , Jadeja to Watson, no run, pushed through on the pads, Watson has to bring his bat around his front pad and gets struck on it
  , Jadeja to Watson, no run, and produces a ripper straight away. Darts it in on off stump but when it hits the pitch it gains a ton of turn and beats the outside edge handsomely. Dhoni is quick to whip the bails off but Watson has grounded his back leg
  , Ashwin to Samson, no run, walks way down leg to try and fool the bowler but Ashwin isn't lulled into it. Bowls flat on middle and leg and restricts it to a tap to point
  , Ashwin to Samson, no run, flatter delivery on off stump, Samson stays back and blocks
  , Ashwin to Watson, 1 run, tossed up on leg stump and Watson nudges it through midwicket
  , Ashwin to Watson, no run, good length ball on off stump, Watson is far forward and blocks
  , Ashwin to Rahane, OUT, goes for the slog sweep and he's picked out the man in the deep! He had to drag a good length ball that went on with the arm, which hampers his timing and Manhas at deep square leg holds on easily
  , Ashwin to Rahane, no run, flatter on leg stump, Rahane clips it square leg
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, SIX, length again and Samson has sent it into orbit! That was like his captain - planting his front leg down the ground and slapping it through the line and into the stands behind long-on. Royals are on their way
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, 1 run, picked away off his knees as he goes for the length ball on middle. Single to square leg
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, 1 run, back of a length and outside off, Samson guides it to deep third man
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, SIX, looks for the change of pace and Samson picked it up early, backed away and pounded it over long-on. He may be a small lad but he hits it long
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, no run, back of a length and tucks him up on leg, Samson pushes to mid-on
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, no run, strides forward and hits the fullish delivery on the up to point. Hilfy still getting it to nibble away
  , Pandey to Samson, 1 run, back of a length outside off, Samson dabs it to the right of short third man for a single
  , Pandey to Samson, 2 runs, misfield at point gets him off the mark. Tempts him with a fuller delivery outside off and Samson is forward with a drive. Jaddu has to dive to his right but doesn't make it
  , Pandey to Samson, no run, he needs to settle down here. Samson looks to hit on the up ever ball and the little bit of away moment is making him look all the more ugly. Excellent lengths from the seamer
  , Pandey to Samson, no run, fullish and outside off, Samson looks to slap it over the off side and is beaten. Dhoni does well, being up to the stumps
  , Pandey to Rahane, 3 runs, this one strays a little too close on middle and Rahane clips it off his hips to deep square leg. It's a tough chase down there but Hilfy's game enough to slide and keep it to three. Royals have got a little momentum here
  , Pandey to Rahane, FOUR, gorgeous stroke! There were two men square on the off side but Rahane has threaded it through them. Went back and across and timed the punch brilliantly
  , Hilfenhaus to Samson, no run, gets a thick inside edge to a shortish delivery that darts away off the deck. Into the back-foot punch a little too early
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, 1 run, shortish and outside off, clipped away in front of square leg
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, no run, back of a length and on off stump, Rahane was looking to bring those wrists into play again but he is surprised by the bounce this gets. Mis-hits to mid-on
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, no run, looks to steer this down to third man, dangerous tactic with those two slips. Only just avoids nicking behind. Lovely outswing from Hilfy
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, 2 runs, fullish and outside off but Rahane is forward and rolls his wrists on top of the ball and drags it through midwicket
  , Hilfenhaus to Rahane, no run, invites the batsman forward with an away swinger as Rahane nudges into the covers
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