Live Cricket Scores
England vs New Zealand
Stumps : England trail by 60 runs with 8 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Craig to Cook, no run,
  , Craig to Cook, no run,
  , Craig to Cook, no run,
  , Craig to Cook, 2 runs, dragged down a little and cut and a poor misfield at cover allows them a single
  , Craig to Cook, no run, slightly tighter line, Cook presses forward and blocks out to point
  , Craig to Cook, no run, around the wicket, tossed up wide of off stump, well left
  , Southee to Cook, 1 run, much straighter and this is tapped through midwicket for a single
  , Southee to Cook, no run, foot and a bit wide of off, this is ignored
  , Southee to Bell, 1 leg bye, much straighter, clips the pad and runs out behind square on the leg side and Cook takes the leg bye
  , Southee to Bell, no run, fourth-stump line now and Bell plays a confident forward defence towards cover point
  , Southee to Bell, no run, tighter but still Bell watching carefully shoulders arms
  , Southee to Bell, no run, two feet wide of off stump and Bell able to leave this go
  , Boult to Cook, no run, full swinging away but too wide so Cook can leave alone
  , Boult to Cook, no run, now around off, Cook defends with soft hands and runs it towards the cordon
  , Boult to Cook, no run, fuller but wider still and Cook isn't tempted
  , Boult to Cook, no run, wider line and this is left alone now
  , Boult to Cook, no run, foot or so outside off and Cook lets this go by
  , Boult to Cook, FOUR, poor line and this is tickled down the leg side
  , Southee to Bell, no run, length ball a shade wide of off stump, Bell rocks back to late cut and very nearly presents a catch to gully, it lands just short
  , Southee to Bell, no run, wider line and now left alone
  , Southee to Bell, 2 runs, fuller and Bell plays a handsome off drive but doesn't actually time it that well so it's just a couple
  , Southee to Bell, no run, tighter line and calmly blocked coming forward
  , Southee to Bell, no run, fuller and played with soft hands in front of third slip
  , Southee to Cook, 1 run, length ball swinging in, Cook gets a thick inside edge down to long leg
  , Boult to Bell, no run, more off stump now and ran into the gully
  , Boult to Bell, no run, straighter line and Bell plays up towards short mid-on
  , Boult to Bell, no run, full around off stump, this is pressed up towards mid-off
  , Boult to Cook, 1 run, tighter line now and knocked into the covers for a quick single
  , Boult to Cook, no run, well wide of off stump again and this is left alone
  , Boult to Cook, no run, two feet wide of off stump, Cook shoulders arms
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