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India vs South Africa
Finished : India won by 124 runs
South Africa

  , Ashwin to Morkel, OUT, bowled im. Ashwin gets seven. And India take the series. SA's nine-year record ends. May have been the carrom ball or the slider but the ball drifts on and snakes through the gap between bat and pad to clatter into leg stump. Morkel did not pick that. India complete a 124-run victory and an unassailable 2-0 series lead going to Delhi
  , Ashwin to Morkel, no run, that was better, slowed up on off, outside half of the bat goes to silly point
  , Ashwin to Morkel, FOUR, low full toss on leg, whacked with a drive to the long-on boundary. Easy runs to add to Morkel's tally
  , Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, flat and short, enough time for Harmer to go back and clip to deep backward square leg
  , Ashwin to Harmer, 2 runs, flat on leg, a thick inside edge goes through and past leg slip for a couple to fine leg
  , Mishra to Morkel, no run, flat outside off, Morkel keeps it out with a defense
  , Mishra to Morkel, no run, flat on leg, hits Morkel on the pad
  , Mishra to Morkel, no run, flatter on leg, Morkel keeps it out with a block
  , Mishra to Harmer, 1 run, Vijay makes a good diving stop, fuller and wide outside off. Harmer drives elegantly to wide mid-off.
  , Mishra to Harmer, no run,
  , Mishra to Harmer, no run, almost a run-out, sent back just in time, shortish on leg, turned to square leg. they think of one but Morkel sends him back just in time
  , Ashwin to Morkel, no run, fantastic from Ash, Fired in quick on a good length, plenty of turn takes it past the outside edge
  , Ashwin to Morkel, no run, 80 kph, overpitched on middle, driven to mid-off
  , Ashwin to Rabada, OUT, edged and gone this time. Kohli is happy, he has taken one. Full delivery on off, a hint of turn which is enough to take the outside edge of Rabada's bat. Kohli at gully takes it in front of his stomach.
  , Ashwin to Rabada, no run, shortish on middle, defended
  , Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, swept through deep backward square leg
  , Ashwin to Harmer, no run, too much bounce, too much turn. Tossed up on off, Harmer goes to flick but the ball sneaks through and hits him on the pad. There is an optimistic appeal
  , Mishra to Rabada, no run, tossed up on off, Rabada opens up his bat face and tries to hit to cover but hits it back to the bowler who fires back a throw to the keeper
  , Mishra to Rabada, no run, fullish on off, Rabada comes down and defends
  , Mishra to Harmer, 1 run, short on leg, clipped to deep square leg
  , Mishra to Rabada, 1 run, fuller outside off, awkwardly played out towards cover
  , Mishra to Rabada, no run, fullish on leg, Rabada goes down and tries to sweep but gets it off his pads to leg slip
  , Mishra to Rabada, no run, short on leg, going further down leg
  , Ashwin to Harmer, no run,
  , Ashwin to Harmer, no run, fullish on middle, defended
  , Ashwin to Rabada, 1 run, dropped. Should have been taken, slower through the air and wide outside off, Rabada tries to tuck this to the leg side but a thick outside edge goes through Rahane at slip
  , Ashwin to Rabada, FOUR, clears mid-off. Jadeja messed that up. Tossed up on off, Rabada goes down the ground over mid-off, Jadeja slides and pushes it back to his other hand and then to the boundary
  , Ashwin to Rabada, no run, short down leg, spinning away towards middle stump, pushed towards square leg
  , Ashwin to Harmer, 1 run, tossed up on off, worked away to deep square leg
  , Jadeja to Rabada, no run, ooh, wider outside off, Rabada thinks of playing this through the off side but the ball spins in and takes the inside edge
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