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England vs West Indies
Finished : Match drawn
West Indies

  , Anderson to Roach, no run, full and swerving in late, Roach is struck on the pads and there's an appeal - but it was doing too much. And that will be it, because there are only two legitimate balls left and England need three wickets. Alastair Cook offers his hand, West Indies have salvaged a memorable draw, Jason Holder the hero, with support from his captain, Denesh Ramdin, and Devon Smith on the fourth evening
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, full on the stumps and he digs this out to the leg side
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, beaten in the channel, hopping back but he survives again
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, good length around off stump and defended for the umpteenth time by Roach
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, pushed through on off stump, again Holder leans on a forward defensive
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, tossed up, tapped into the off side
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, on the stumps and he's back into watchful defence
  , Tredwell to Holder, FOUR, floated up outside off and he goes for it again, not quite to the pitch but he slices an aerial drive safely out towards long-off, no one fielding there - that's his hundred, Holder's first in any form of cricket! He takes of his helmet, raises a fist, points to the badge on his chest. We're going to be seeing a lot of this young man
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, flighted outside off, reaches out and taps it into the shinpads of silly point
  , Tredwell to Holder, FOUR, tossed up on middle and off and Holder looks it square in the eye, slogs it down the ground for four, not far shy of going all the way - he's on 99
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, full outside off, there's a noise as it flies through to Buttler, was it an edge? Bump ball maybe... Given not out but England review, very difficult to tell, the sound could have been Roach's bat hitting the ground. There's no Hot Spot or Snicko available, without which it is impossible to tell much conclusively, so it stays with the on-field decision
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, fullish and whirring back towards off stump, Roach watches it with eyes wide and blocks again
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, banged in short, rising over the top of off stump, ducks his head underneath
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, on off stump, length delivery, gets into line and defends once more
  , Anderson to Roach, FOUR, hops back, pushes away from his body and edged... but it falls short of Cook at slip and bounces away for four!
  , Anderson to Roach, no run, good length, shaping back in towards the stumps, Roach keeps cool and blocks to leg
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, flighted outside the line of off, gets his front pad out and then shoulders arms
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, fullish outside off, tapped into the ground and silly point snatches it
  , Tredwell to Holder, 2 runs, tossed up outside off, nice and full, opens the face and squirts another couple through backward point - the hundred comes ever closer
  , Tredwell to Holder, 2 runs, flighted on the stumps, drifting towards leg, closes the face and clips through square
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, gets out to defend again
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, tossed up around off stump and defended coming forwards
  , Root to Roach, no run, tossed up towards middle and off, again he plunges forwards to defend
  , Root to Roach, no run, goes around the wicket, very full on the stumps, up towards the toes, jams the bat down to block once more
  , Root to Roach, no run, pushed through with the arm on off stump, again props forward to defend
  , Root to Roach, no run, closer to the stumps, gives it some air, back to diligent blocking
  , Root to Roach, no run, floated up invitingly outside off and Roach has a big old yahoo, fortunate to miss it entirely!
  , Root to Roach, no run, over the wicket, tossed up wide of the stumps, there's some turn but Roach can shoulder arms
  , Tredwell to Holder, FOUR, full and flighted outside off and Holders frees up the arms to swing powerfully, screws away off an open bat face and runs for four down through backward point - he's in to the 90s!
  , Tredwell to Holder, no run, flighted outside off, leans on the front foot to block
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