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India vs Sri Lanka
Finished : India won by 117 runs
Sri Lanka

  , Mishra to Pradeep, OUT, that is it. India have an overseas series win after West Indies 2011, first series win in Sri Lanka in 22 years. And only the third time India have come back from 0-1 down in Test history! Also Virat Kohlis first series win as captain. The googly finishes it off, with Kaushal playing from the crease and playing down the wrong line. Hit in front and then celebrations all around
  , Mishra to Kaushal, 1 run, fires in the seam-up delivery on middle and off, tucked away through midwicket
  , Mishra to Kaushal, no run, googly on off stump, Kaushal keeps it out
  , Mishra to Kaushal, 4 byes, slides down leg, Ojha skips down leg, is unsighted by the batsman and four byes are the result
  , Mishra to Kaushal, no run, a lot slower through the air, the batsman lunges forward with an angled bat and defends
  , Mishra to Kaushal, no run, pushed through on off stump, defended
  , Ashwin to Pradeep, no run, plays down the wrong line and is beaten by the flighted delivery outside off. He does that well, Ashwin, changing his grip in such a way that it does not turn
  , Ashwin to Prasad, OUT, goes straight up, and Binny takes the reverse cup at mid-off, I think. This was always on the cards, with the tailending trying to hit every ball into the neighboring country. This time he gets under it a little too much. Handsome height, but no distance at all
  , Ashwin to Prasad, FOUR, he has his boundary. Another race down the pitch and a thump down the ground. Gets under the tossed up delivery and puts it away
  , Ashwin to Prasad, no run, jumps down the track, to the pitch of the tossed up delivery, and it is driven to mid-off
  , Ashwin to Prasad, 2 runs, big old slog off the length ball outside off, heaved away over midwicket who was inside the circle
  , Ashwin to Herath, OUT, another really full delivery that the batsman plays around and off he goes. Tossed up and angled in, but it is the length that makes Herath fall over himself. Did not think it would be that full, and yorks himself. Struck on the front toe, I think, but might it have been going down?
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, teasing him just outside off, but the length is a shade too short. Perhaps seduced by the carry through to the keeper? Should be paying more attention to the fact that Kaushal is leaving so easily
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, 139kph, pushed through full on middle and leg, Kaushal was looking to work it off his pads, not quite fast enough to get his bat down
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, back of a length and outside off, Kaushal stows the bat away
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, third short ball on the trot, and this one slides down leg. Kaushal simply bends his back inside the line
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, another good bouncer, angling in at the side of his head. Kaushal has watched enough of it to duck under
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, good take from Ojha, leaping up and sticking one hand up as high as it could go to bring down that bouncer. Sharp bouncer from Ishant. He wants 201, 202 and 203 here
  , Yadav to Herath, no run, 140kph, bangs it in short, and a bit too wide to interest even Herath in this mood
  , Yadav to Herath, no run, goes around the wicket for a good length ball on off stump, defended
  , Yadav to Herath, no run, stand and delivery stuff from Herath, and Yadav has realised it. Pushes the ball fuller and outside off, beats the carelessly slogging Herath
  , Yadav to Herath, FOUR, flays at the fuller one outside off, and gets a thick outside edge over the three slips. Yadav can only smile as he sees the ball racing away
  , Yadav to Herath, FOUR, short and sits up, new ball or not, that needs to be dispatched. Herath swivels on his back foot and pulls it away through midwicket
  , Yadav to Herath, no run, back of a length and outside off, no shot offered from Herath
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, 138kph, waft outside off against a fuller ball and is beaten. Not in the greatest position there, with his back leg slinking away outside leg. Loads of bounce with the new ball.
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, back of a length and sliding down leg, Kaushal goes for a flick and cant reach it
  , I Sharma to Kaushal, no run, back of a length and outside off, not bothered with
  , I Sharma to Mathews, OUT, very full, very straight and Mathews misses it. That is his 200th Test wicket and it might well win the Test for India. Good choice of ball having realised that the batsman wanted to keep back in his crease and negotiate the seam movement off the pitch. Stuck on the crease with his hands pushing in front of his body, like Ajinkya Rahanes lbw. Misses with the bat, Ishant hits his target
  , I Sharma to Mathews, no run, more inward movement off the seam, and Mathews is a little uncertain about his flick. Beats his bat and hits him on the thigh pad as a result of that slight jag
  , I Sharma to Mathews, no run, zip off the deck straight away, but Ishant has slanted this back of a length delivery too far down leg.
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