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India vs Sri Lanka
Day 5 : Sri Lanka require another 211 runs with 5 wickets remaining
Sri Lanka

  , Ashwin to Mathews, 2 runs,
  , Ashwin to Perera, 1 run, shorter delivery on leg stump, Kusal goes back and punches towards mid-on
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, a little too full for the sweep, and perhaps a touch quicker as well. Kusal misses, but the pad saves the ball from going onto the stumps
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, flighted on leg stump, defended
  , Ashwin to Perera, FOUR, width outside off, and it was in the slot too, hammered away over extra cover. No risk there because he was always going to hit over the fielder, and he has got loads of power
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, goes wide of the crease and loops the ball in on middle stump, defended
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, stays back to a flatter ball, going down leg and clips it to short fine leg
  , Mishra to Perera, 1 run, flighted on leg stump, driven down the ground to long-on. Lovely use of the feet from the left-hander
  , Mishra to Perera, no run, flighted outside off, Kusal is forward with a solid block
  , Mishra to Mathews, 1 run, goes back to a flatter delivery on middle and leg, and whips it away to short midwicket. Direct hit from Kohli, but Mathews is in
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, flighted just outside off, driven to the short extra cover
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, pushed a little fuller, which is why he is forward with a block off the angled face
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, pitching on leg stump to see if the ball can leap up and turn past the outside edge. No such luck, with Kusal defending as late as he can
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, gets down the track, not quite to the pitch of the tossed up offspinner, drives towards short cover off more of an outside edge
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, over the wicket to Kusal as well, pitching on leg stump and defended on middle
  , Ashwin to Mathews, 1 run, more turn for the offie from over the wicket, Mathews is able to adjust again as he works the ball past short legs right
  , Ashwin to Mathews, 2 runs, well played, he used the turn to his advantage and since it is slow turn, he is able to. Went deep in his crease, opened up his stance and tickled the length ball sliding down to long leg
  , Mishra to Mathews, 1 run, closes the face and tucks a flighted delivery from outside off past mid-on, for a single
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, tossed up outside off inviting the drive, out it comes towards cover
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, flighted on middle and off, defended
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, top work from Rahul again at short leg! Direct hit would have had Mathews. He thought he had got the flick away to the left of that fielder, but Rahul stuck a hand out and it stuck. And those quick reflexes persisted when he flicked a through back, but it was not to be
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, gets down the track, Mishy flattens his length and keeps it to a defensive push
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, flighted on middle and leg, Mathews defends accounting for a little leg spin. There is not much right there and he gets an inside edge
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, stays back to another quicker ball on middle and leg, picked away to midwicket. That is a maiden
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, flatter delivery on off stump, defended
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, stays put in his crease even as Ashwin loops the ball up above the eyeline, defended. Seeing Mathews influence here, asking Kusal to bat sensibly
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, tosses it up a bit more, but Kusal stays back still and blocks into the covers
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, flatter trajectory again, which means Kusal can go deep in the crease and with not much turn, he can block safely
  , Ashwin to Perera, no run, stays back to a length ball, which does not turn from outside leg, pushed towards short midwicket
  , Mishra to Mathews, no run, outside edge, as Mathews cannot reach the pitch of a flighted legspinner just outside off. Good, probing first over back from Mishy. Well handled by Mathews
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