Live Cricket Scores
England vs New Zealand
Day 4 : England lead by 287 runs with 4 wickets remaining
New Zealand

  , Craig to Ali, no run,
  , Craig to Ali, no run, full and flighted, driven into the covers
  , Craig to Ali, no run, tossed up wide of the stumps, lets this one through as it spins away
  , Boult to Cook, no run, on the stumps, knocked back towards mid-on from the crease
  , Boult to Cook, no run, length ball outside off, doesn't bother with this one
  , Boult to Ali, 1 run, Boult drops short and Moeen picks it up, on one foot, swivelled through square
  , Boult to Cook, 1 run, full and straight and clipped off the pads through backward square, on to 149
  , Boult to Cook, no run, back of a length and dropped into the off side
  , Boult to Cook, FOUR, strays on to the pads, touch short and Cook flicks to leg, like he's been doing all his life, gets four down towards the pavilion
  , Craig to Ali, no run, tossed up on off stump, patted towards mid-on
  , Craig to Ali, no run, flighted in the channel, gets forward and defends
  , Craig to Cook, 3 runs, tossed up wide of the stumps, Cook doesn't quite get to the pitch as he drives but a thickish edge runs wide of slip
  , Craig to Cook, no run, lunges out to defend and gets an inside edge that runs behind square on the leg side
  , Craig to Ali, 1 run, flicked away to the leg side for another single
  , Craig to Cook, 1 run, tossed up and nudged into a gap at midwicket for one more to Cook's hill of beans
  , Boult to Ali, no run, short again, not quite as much width and Moeen gets away with a bottom edge trying to cut, bounces over his stumps
  , Boult to Cook, 1 run, touch short and wide and Cook rifles a cut shot to the man at deep point
  , Boult to Cook, no run, beauty from Boult, just holding its line outside off as Cook played forwards, too good to take the edge
  , Boult to Cook, no run, presses on to the front foot and defends into the off side
  , Boult to Cook, no run, sprayed down the leg side, can't get anything on it
  , Boult to Cook, no run, over the wicket, Cook jumps back and defends a length ball outside off
  , Craig to Ali, FOUR, full toss from Craig and that's put away past mid-on, didn't have to work too hard for that, second boundary for Moeen
  , Craig to Ali, no run, darted in with the arm, on middle and leg, nudged behind square to the man on the 45
  , Craig to Ali, 2 runs, flighted on the stumps and Moeen hits against the spin, again lofting into a gap, this time at deep midwicket
  , Craig to Ali, no run, shout of "catch!" from Craig as Moeen plays a rather casual chip through mid-off, the man was set back halfway and it didn't carry that far
  , Craig to Ali, no run, tossed up on leg stump, reaches out and closes the face, works to leg
  , Craig to Cook, 1 run, pushed through outside off, goes back and chops one behind point
  , Henry to Ali, no run, back of a length, slides down the leg side, flicks at it and misses
  , Henry to Ali, 1 wide, goes around the wicket, steepling bouncer flies down the leg side as Moeen flinches under it, well grabbed by Latham diving away to his right... Called wide on height
  , Henry to Ali, no run, genuine bouncer this time, Moeen again turtles into his shell
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