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Australia vs England
Stumps : Australia lead by 23 runs with 3 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Anderson to Warner       7/1

Anderson to Warner,OUT,early strike! Anderson pins Warner lbw, but he reviews after a long discussion. Did it pitch in line? Was reasonably short. Certainly no edge. Pitches on middle and leg, nips back off the seam, and that's hitting middle!

       Finn to Smith       18/2

Finn to Smith,OUT,he's done it! Finn strikes in his first over...and what a wicket it is. In the channel outside off, Smith feeling for it outside off and the edge carries low to Cook at first slip. Lovely delivery, in fact

       Finn to Clarke       34/3

Finn to Clarke,OUT,and another! Finn has two...and it's a bit like Clarke's dismissal in 2005 to Harmison! Not a slower ball this time, but it's very full and finds its way under Clarke's bat. Clarke seemed a little late on trying to get his bat down, but pinpoint bowling from Finn. What a comeback story developing.

       Anderson to Voges       77/4

Anderson to Voges,OUT,trying to leave and he edges to Buttler! Back-of-a-length delivery, a very half-hearted attempt to try and withdraw the bat and the ball glances off the toe end through to Buttler.

       Anderson to Marsh       82/5

Anderson to Marsh,OUT,he doesn't respond well! A flat-footed drive and another edge. Drawn into driving at the full ball, playing well away from his body, healthy edge which zips through to Buttler. Anderson on song after lunch

       Anderson to Nevill       86/6

Anderson to Nevill,OUT,left and bowled off stump! Four for Anderson. Wonderful bowling, but that always a tight leave. Wasn't the booming inswinger, just nipped back off the seam and clipped the top of off stump

       Anderson to Johnson       94/7

Anderson to Johnson,OUT,five for Anderson! The change of angled worked straight away. Full outside off, just straightens a little on Johnson who is pushing forward and the edge flies to fourth slip/fine gully

       Broad to Rogers       110/8

Broad to Rogers,OUT,the finger goes up instantly, Rogers lbw this time on the back foot, and he reviews. From round the wicket the ball angled in from back of length, Rogers stuck on his crease to work the ball to leg, he misses and is trapped right in front of middle stump. No inside edge, what does Hawkeye say? Hitting and Rogers walks back

       Broad to Starc       119/9

Broad to Starc,OUT,another late leave and that's number nine, and second for Broad! It was touch back of length outside off, Starc wanted to leave that ball but withdrew his bat too late and he toe-edged it to the keeper

       Anderson to Lyon       136/10

Anderson to Lyon,OUT,chops it on, that's the sixth for Anderson and Australia are all out. It was a length delivery outside off, Lyon swished at it and managed only an inside edge onto his stumps

Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Hazlewood to Lyth       19/1

Hazlewood to Lyth,OUT,edged! Held on with a juggle! Lyth is held in the slips...just. Push across full outside off, Lyth chases it with a drive - expansive given the conditions - and the edge goes at stomach height to Voges who can't cling on cleanly but grabs it into his body and keeps it above the ground

       Lyon to Cook       76/2

Lyon to Cook,OUT,what has happened here?! On my goodness. Cook has pulled this short ball off the middle and it has gone straight into Voges at short leg who, somehow, clings on while trying to take evasive action. Extraordinary. Reminds me of Slater catch Butcher off MacGill at Melbourne in 1998

       Lyon to Bell       132/3

Lyon to Bell,OUT,Lyon's done it again, gets Bell this time! What has done Bell here, he came down the track to whack that down the ground, but Lyon pitched it shorter with some flight and Bell got a leading edge high in the air. Warner had just enough time to get under it running backwards from short midwicket

       Johnson to Bairstow       142/4

Johnson to Bairstow,OUT,what a delivery! That's a ripper from Johnson - 300 wickets! Blimey, that was fierce. A short ball targeted at the body and Bairstow could only fend it off the top glove, no getting out of the way of that. Pace and direction from Johnson. Well,well.

       Johnson to Stokes       142/5

Johnson to Stokes,OUT,and another! What a start for Australia and Johnson! It's the short one again, and another glove through to Nevill. This. Game. Is. On. Very similar to the Bairstow ball, perhaps not quite as short, climbed at Stokes who could not get his gloves out of the way as the ball followed him. This is one of the great overs.

       Starc to Root       182/6

Starc to Root,OUT,well, would you believe it! Starc has been all over the place but he's got the HUGE wicket. Very full outside off, Rot jabs at it and gets a regulation edge to first slip. Voges used his hands this time. A waste from Root, and a massive bonus for Australia

       Lyon to Buttler       190/7

Lyon to Buttler,OUT,gets him lbw this time, the finger goes up instantly! Buttler has a short chat with Moeen and then walks, no review. Buttler went a bit too far across as Lyon flighted this one nicely on middle stump, it turned a bit and struck him right in front of middle and didn't bounce as much as the previous ball. Aleem Dar is convinced

       Hazlewood to Broad       277/8

Hazlewood to Broad,OUT,he's gone this time, Broad going for the pull against a short delivery outside off and takes the bottom of the bat then it lands in the hands of mid-on. Tight for a no-ball, but a fraction behind the line

       Hazlewood to Ali       278/9

Hazlewood to Ali,OUT,finds third man! Moeen throwing his hands through a wide delivery, it skews off a healthy top edge down to Warner who is placed near the boundary and barely has to move

       Starc to Anderson       281/10

Starc to Anderson,OUT,and that's that! Took him just one ball. On a length outside off and a regulation edge is pouched, although in the webbing by Nevill!

Fall of wickets - Australia 2 INN
       Broad to Rogers       17/1

Broad to Rogers,OUT,gets rewarded straightaway, umpire raises his finger for lbw! Angling in from outside off, Rogers was stuck on his crease to tuck the ball to the leg side but played the wrong line and was struck in front of off, though a bit high. That's what he might have discussed with Warner before walking off. Rogers did review it, but was too late and the umpire turned it down

       Finn to Smith       62/2

Finn to Smith,OUT,the change of ends works, but Smith has given this away, honestly! Poor shot selection after he shuffled a bit and pulled that short of length delivery only to get a top edge that went high and Buttler didn't have to move much to get under it. He called, he caught

       Finn to Clarke       76/3

Finn to Clarke,OUT,fantastic catch! Clarke fails. Finn has the double double in the match (Smith and Clarke). Short of a length at off stump, Clarke is squared up and the outside carries low to Lyth at fourth slip who takes diving low to his left

       Finn to Voges       76/4

Finn to Voges,OUT,he's on a hat-trick! Voges edges to second slip. Back of a length outside off, a touch wider than the Clarke ball, Voges fiddles for it away from his body and the nick carries at a good catching height to Bell, who takes it reverse cup with his knees bent. What. An. Over (after the earlier What. An. Over from Johnson this morning)

       Finn to Marsh       92/5

Finn to Marsh,OUT,that's through him! Four for Finn. Extraordinary stuff. Much like the delivery from the lbw appeal. Marsh basically drives all around a full ball, although it did just tail in a fraction. Their middle order is having a shocker.

       Anderson to Warner       111/6

Anderson to Warner,OUT,now he's gone! Anderson strikes in his comeback over. A back-of-a-length delivery which Warner tries to flick into the leg side as he has done so often, this time it balloons off a leading edge high into the off side and Lyth steadies under the catch at cover

       Finn to Johnson       153/7

Finn to Johnson,OUT,he knows he's gone as soon as he's hit it, caught at backward point, seven down! The short ball was angled in and MJ looked to swat it to leg but got a top edge and that went high enough for Stokes to take a few steps back and take it with both hands. Umpires check if Finn's back foot landed near the side crease. Yes, it has and it's a five-for for Finn

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