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South Africa vs Ireland
Innings break : South Africa won the toss and elected to bat
South Africa
( 50 overs )
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Mooney to de Kock       12/1

Mooney to de Kock,OUT,they have all gone up, it is not given out, and they review it. Mooney goes wide on the wicket, angles this across the body of de Kock, this one pitches leg, squares de Kock up, leaves him - there is seam movement apart from the angle - there is a soft sound as the ball passes the bat, and you can see a deflection too. A smidgeon on the snicko as the ball passes the outside edge. De Kock will be on his way. And yes, the decision has been overturned

       KJ O'Brien to du Plessis       259/2

KJ O'Brien to du Plessis,OUT,full toss and he is bowled. Actually more a yorker than a full toss. At least one double has been taken out of the equation. He is making room, KOB stays full and straight, it dips on him to land halfway between the crease and the stumps. He has missed this altogether. KOB gets into a shadow-boxing celebration with the disturbed stumps. A bit like footballers with the corner flag

       McBrine to Amla       299/3

McBrine to Amla,OUT,there won't be a double today. Well bowled by McBrine. He holds this back, slow in the air, Amla charges down the wicket, is not quite to the pitch of the ball, and ends up lofting this to long-off where, some 200 runs after he first dropped Amla, Joyce completes the catch

       McBrine to de Villiers       301/4

McBrine to de Villiers,OUT,McBrine has two in one over and has put an end to the possibility of the falling of a plethora of records. De Villiers looks for the reverse sweep from the leg-stump line, gets a top edge, and backward point runs back to take the catch. This is the first ball AB has failed to score off

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