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West Indies vs India
In Progress : India require another 75 runs with 5 wickets and 26.4 overs remaining
West Indies
( 44.2 overs )
( 23.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Mohammed Shami to Smith       8/1

Mohammed Shami to Smith,OUT,gone! Too close to cut, and he stayed inside the line and poked at it with an angled bat. Came in off the pitch, and a thin but easily discernible edge through to Dhoni

       Yadav to Gayle       15/2

Yadav to Gayle,OUT,It's all happening, there's a run-out, and I'll have to take a moment to figure out exactly what all happened. It was short, and too quick for Gayle to pull from outside off. Hit high on the bat, fell short of Mohit running forward from mid-on and diving. Samuels wanted the single, Gayle was ball-watching, and both were at the batsman's end when Mohit threw to the other end. Kohli backed up quickly from cover to complete the run-out

       Mohammed Shami to Gayle       35/3

Mohammed Shami to Gayle,OUT,short ball, and Gayle simply couldn't control that pull from outside off. Skied it way up over the leg side, and he pretty much picked out the only fielder deep on the leg side, safe catch from Mohit at deep square leg

       Yadav to Ramdin       35/4

Yadav to Ramdin,OUT,and he's gone, first ball! That was full outside off, and he went hard at the cover drive, with an angled bat, and only managed to drag it onto his stumps, off the inside edge

       MM Sharma to Simmons       67/5

MM Sharma to Simmons,OUT,another wicket off a short ball. It's banged in outside off, and Simmons is really in no position to hook it. Top-edges it and Umesh takes a simple catch at long leg

       Ashwin to Carter       71/6

Ashwin to Carter,OUT,aaand he's gone. The sweep does him in. On this pitch, one ball is going to bounce a bit more, especially when Ashwin's flighting the ball this well. Top-edges it, and Shami came in a little too far from the long leg boundary, but he kept his eyes on the ball and stretched to his right, over his head, and backwards, to catch it in both hands

       Jadeja to Russell       85/7

Jadeja to Russell,OUT,aaand he strikes first ball. Sees a bit of air outside off and Russell goes for a big hit straightaway, hits across the the line, and top-edges a loopy catch to Kohli coming in from long-off.

       Mohammed Shami to Sammy       124/8

Mohammed Shami to Sammy,OUT,gone! That's a back of a length ball, angling in towards Sammy from wide of the crease. The batsman was looking to make room to play through the off side and it followed him, and he had to poke at it with his feet in the air, and ended up nicking it to the keeper, off the shoulder of the bat

       Yadav to Taylor       175/9

Yadav to Taylor,OUT,bouncer outside off, goes for the hook, top-edges it, and this time he pops it in the air, and Umesh moves to his right from his follow-through and takes a simple catch

       Jadeja to Holder       182/10

Jadeja to Holder,OUT,oh, he's holed out! It was a good length ball and as the batsmen before him, he tried to make too much of it. Poor heave ends up as a slice that the long-off fielder has no trouble with

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Taylor to Dhawan       11/1

Taylor to Dhawan,OUT,gone! That was the perfect length in the corridor, and it straightened a touch after angling in from around the wicket. Dhawan pushed at it with an angled bat, and Sammy held the edge well to his right side at second slip

       Taylor to RG Sharma       20/2

Taylor to RG Sharma,OUT,gone! That is a beauty from Taylor, just short of driving length outside off. Rohit went for the drive away from his body, and it swung away late and kissed his edge through to Ramdin

       Russell to Kohli       63/3

Russell to Kohli,OUT,gone! That was a better short ball on this pitch. Batsmen have struggled to pull from outside off on this pitch, and Kohli's no exception, had to meet it at shoulder height, top-edges it and he spoons it straight down the throat of the man at long leg

       Roach to Rahane       78/4

Roach to Rahane,OUT,given! Made room to dab it down to third man, and the ball slipped past (or off) his edge very quickly through to Ramdin. Rahane reviews it. Replays look inconclusive. It straightened a touch and went very close to the outside edge. The bat, as it came down, hit the flap of his back pad. Seam position remained the same as the ball passed the bat. There's a bit of a spike on Snicko, but it's hard to say if that was ball on edge or bat on pad. In the end, the third umpire upholds the decision. Interesting one, this.

       Smith to Raina       107/5

Smith to Raina,OUT,gone! Smith has struck! It isn't the greatest ball anyone has bowled today, it's short, a reasonable amount of width outside off, but Raina can only top-edge his slash through to the keeper

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