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Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
Finished : Pakistan won by 7 wickets (with 96 balls remaining)
( 38.5 overs )
( 34 overs )
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       Bilal Asif to Chibhabha       89/1

Bilal Asif to Chibhabha,OUT,closes the face too early! It's the slower pace from Bilal again that does the trick. As does the slight lack of turn on this occasion. It was tossed up, a good way outside off, Chibhabha was well forward and was looking for a little tuck through midwicket. Only as he looks up, he watches the ball lob back to the bowler. Two short of fifty for Chibhabha and he knows it. Walks off banging a fist onto his helmet

       Imad Wasim to Chari       100/2

Imad Wasim to Chari,OUT,traps him! Poor decision to go back in his crease. Struck on the back foot, in line with leg stump, simple call for the umpire. It was full, it was a dart. Hardly an spin there. Chari has just misjudged this

       Bilal Asif to Williams       111/3

Bilal Asif to Williams,OUT,another caught and bowled! Seemed like Williams was in two minds - whether to whip the ball away or curb the instinct and in the end he does neither. Lunged forward to a flighted delivery outside off and pops a leading edge back to the bowler

       Bilal Asif to Chigumbura       111/4

Bilal Asif to Chigumbura,OUT,two in the over and Chigumbura bags a duck! Zimbabwe are faltering badly here. This was a simple, good length delivery just a shade outside off stump. The batsman is uncertain again. Should I play, should I leave? He plants an open face down with no conviction behind it and the ball just slides off the inside half and onto the stumps

       Bilal Asif to Sikandar Raza       121/5

Bilal Asif to Sikandar Raza,OUT,bowled while playing the sweep! Going outside off to put the lbw out of the way is good, but you can't lunge that far across. Showed off almost all three stumps and once he failed to make contact, he was a goner. Flatter delivery skirts past him and clatters into middle and leg

       Bilal Asif to Mutombodzi       127/6

Bilal Asif to Mutombodzi,OUT,there is his fifth! This may have stayed a touch low, because it was short and asking to be cut. Mutumbodzi was going for it. Even backed away in case there was some turn. And there was. Just that it did not bounce as high enough, perhaps took a little inside egde and clatters into the stumps

       Mohammad Irfan to Mutumbami       133/7

Mohammad Irfan to Mutumbami,OUT,caught behind going for the pull. Mutumbami walks back slapping the turf with his bat. This is the short ball's doing, Pakistan have been trying that for a while now. Having once tried an upper cut, this time he looks to drag the ball into the leg side and pays for his misjudgment. Another mistake in shot selection, and that means it is also drinks

       Imad Wasim to Waller       144/8

Imad Wasim to Waller,OUT,another one goes to a spinner, Imad Wasim comes back and strikes immediately, Waller tries to turn this slanted delivery to leg with the incoming angle, he does not keep it down though, and Hafeez tumbles forward to take a low catch at midwicket

       Imad Wasim to Panyangara       144/9

Imad Wasim to Panyangara,OUT,plumb this time, Wasim darts it in on a good length, Panyangara is pinned on the crease, and is struck in front of middle and leg before his bat can come down

       Shoaib Malik to Nyumbu       161/10

Shoaib Malik to Nyumbu,OUT,Rizwan ends the innings with a superb take at backward square leg, Nyumbu went for the lap sweep to a full ball on middle, got it in the air to Rizwan's right, he went flying to take it with both hands

Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Nyumbu to Bilal Asif       58/1

Nyumbu to Bilal Asif,OUT,change of angle works right away, Bilal puts front foot out and has a swing again, Mutombodzi makes good ground to his left at long-on and dives to take it

       Panyangara to Mohammad Hafeez       74/2

Panyangara to Mohammad Hafeez,OUT,caught down the leg side, dug in short, angled in, Hafeez has a go at it, and gloves it to the keeper

       Williams to Ahmed Shehzad       104/3

Williams to Ahmed Shehzad,OUT,Shehzad's struggle is over, he's charged out looking to whip it to leg, but Williams has found some turn, Shehzad is stranded so far down he knows attempting to come back is futile, simple stumping

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