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India vs South Africa
Stumps : South Africa trail by 204 runs with 8 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 78.2 overs )
South Africa
( 9 overs )
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Elgar to Dhawan       50/1

Elgar to Dhawan,OUT,and again, there is that wicket. Dhawan comes down and looks to drive but the ball pitches, spins and takes the inside half of the bat and Dhawan can only skew a lob straight back at Elgar who takes a good diving catch in front of the stumps. Only a matter of time before that came, there is just too much turn in this wicket. A puff of dust exploded too as that pitched.

       Morkel to Vijay       69/2

Morkel to Vijay,OUT,unplayable delivery. 142 kph. Morkel does it with a terrific delivery. Pitches on a fullish length and swing away just a little, Vijay looks to play through the leg side but misses and is struck right in front of middle. Absolutely plumb. Just reward for an excellent spell from Morkel, albeit just 8 balls.

       Harmer to Pujara       94/3

Harmer to Pujara,OUT,absolutely plumb if he did not get bat on that. And the umpire raises the finger. Dead in front. Short on off and the ball spins towards middle and leg. Pujara plays back and is struck in front of middle. But did he get an inside edge? replays are inconclusive. He has to walk off though. Tried to play that late but the ball spun well past his inside egde

       Morkel to Rahane       115/4

Morkel to Rahane,OUT,what a delivery! What a comeback. What variation. Set him up with that previous delivery, gets this one to jag back in and cuts Rahane in half who plays a very loose drive. Takes a bit of pad on the way to removing off stump from the ground. Kept pushing deliveries away from the batsmen and now gets some prodigious inswing to rattle the stumps.

       Morkel to Kohli       116/5

Morkel to Kohli,OUT,Morkel has done it finally to Kohli. Gets the ball to pitch and move away from Kohli who can't do anything but get a thin feather to Vilas. That plan has worked yet again. All credit to the SA think tank. Stuck to their guns despite the amount of turn. And Morkel has more reward, a discernible effort to bowl fuller too. Just a hint of away movement claims that wicket

       Harmer to RG Sharma       125/6

Harmer to RG Sharma,OUT,massive edge and Rohit has to go. There is that bat-pad dismissal. Loopy delivery on leg, Rohit plays outside the line and the ball has been spinning all day, and continues to do so. Takes the inside edge and then on to pad and then lobs up, AB comes in from leg slip and takes it. Classical offspinners dismissal on a turning pitch. He did not look happy but there was a massive edge

       Rabada to Jadeja       173/7

Rabada to Jadeja,OUT,huge wicket this. Rabada is pumped and why not? Fullish length and wide, Jadeja clears one foot and looks to cream a drive through the cover but hasn't learnt from the previous deliveries where the ball has seamed back in regularly. This one is no different and takes that inside edge and then onto the stumps.

       Harmer to Saha       201/8

Harmer to Saha,OUT,what a catch from JP Duminy. Just when it was looking like SA were down, Duminy does that. Tossed up again on middle, after 105 balls of concentration, Saha runs down and plays a loose flick to midwicket. Duminy runs to his left and takes a wonderful catch, even as the ball looked like it had passed him.

       Imran Tahir to Ashwin       215/9

Imran Tahir to Ashwin,OUT,this time he gets through. The googly this time does the trick. Ashwin wants to play against the turn again but the ball goes through that gap between bat and pad and takes out off stump. Important wicket for SA but they may have to play out an awkward session now.

       Harmer to Mishra       215/10

Harmer to Mishra,OUT,and he is given! Flatter on middle and Mishra hangs back and is struck right in front, but where did that pitch? Doesn't matter because Umpire Gould is quick to signal the end of the innings. Not a bad wicket for India, they will have nine overs to bowl at a tentative SA top order

Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Ashwin to van Zyl       4/1

Ashwin to van Zyl,OUT,and there is the first! Ashwin strikes. And he has struck relatively early in this session. Fullish length on off, van Zyl looks to defend but gets a thick outside edge which easily carries to Rahane at first slip. Nicely bowled, pitched and that one spun

       Jadeja to Imran Tahir       9/2

Jadeja to Imran Tahir,OUT,all at sea and Tahir is cleaned up. Pitches on middle and spins a touch with the angle, takes out off stump. Not much turn but he is a tailender for a reason. Misses completely. And the off stump is taken out.

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