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Kolkata T20 vs Delhi T20
Finished : Delhi T20 won by 4 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Kolkata T20
( 20 overs )
Delhi T20
( 19.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Kolkata T20 1 INN
       Mohammed Shami to Kallis       1/1

Mohammed Shami to Kallis,OUT,terrific delivery, what a start for Delhi, Shami leaps as this one kicks from just back of a length around off, straightens on Kallis, he has to play at this, prods, and the thick edge flies low to Taylor at widish slip

       Coulter-Nile to Gambhir       11/2

Coulter-Nile to Gambhir,OUT,and the plan has worked to perfection, successive ducks for Gautam Gambhir, he gets a back of a length ball down the pad, around hip height, tucks it fine instinctively, and there is a leg slip waiting to accept the gift

       Nadeem to Pandey       75/3

Nadeem to Pandey,OUT,got him this time, slows it down a bit, gives it some air, the line is around off, Pandey is confused immediately, pushes weakly for some turn, there isn't any, and the stumps are rattled

       Unadkat to Uthappa       132/4

Unadkat to Uthappa,OUT,Uthappa finds deep midwicket this time, it was shortish, angled in, right in the pulling zone, he swung it from outside the crease, and into the safe hands of Ross Taylor

       Coulter-Nile to Pathan       157/5

Coulter-Nile to Pathan,OUT,Coulter Nile keeps bowling yorkers, this is outside off now, Yusuf gets down on his knee and swings, and inside-edges it into his stumps

Fall of wickets - Delhi T20 1 INN
       Vinay Kumar to Vijay       10/1

Vinay Kumar to Vijay,OUT,trouble for Vijay, there is a direct hit, superb work from Pandey at backward point, Vijay had walked too far down the pitch after getting hit on the thigh pad with an incoming ball, Pandey swooped on the ball and found Vijay well short

       Morkel to Agarwal       39/2

Morkel to Agarwal,OUT,not happening this time, Morne cranks it up to 147 kph on this short ball, Agarwal turns on one leg, trying to lift it over square leg, but he is not so lucky this time, loops straight to the man

       Kallis to Taylor       60/3

Kallis to Taylor,OUT,right through him, Kallis nips this in a mile from just outside off, on a good length, Taylor has moved across and set himself up for a forcing stroke, and there is no way he can account for so much movement, through the gate and into the stumps

       Narine to Karthik       118/4

Narine to Karthik,OUT,that's gone, Narine with the breakthrough, DK tries a reverse paddle, misses this big offspinner and is caught in front

       Morkel to Tiwary       127/5

Morkel to Tiwary,OUT,Delhi lose one more, Tiwary slashes this short of a length ball in the air and straight to Narine at third man

       Chawla to Neesham       161/6

Chawla to Neesham,OUT,this is not over yet, Neesham advances out to a flat one and lifts it straight into the hands of deep midwicket, they cross, and JP D is on strike

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