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Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians
Delayed : Mumbai Indians require another 113 runs with 6 wickets and 14.4 overs remaining
Delhi Daredevils
( 20 overs )
Mumbai Indians
( 5.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Delhi Daredevils 1 INN
       Malinga to Agarwal       0/1

Malinga to Agarwal,OUT,Malinga strikes first ball, Agarwal has nicked off for a golden duck! Teaser from Malinga - pitched up and nibbling away outside off, Agarwal has a wishy-washy poke at it away from the body and offers a dolly catch to Parthiv off an outer edge

       Harbhajan Singh to Iyer       43/2

Harbhajan Singh to Iyer,OUT,Bhajji takes a leaf from Malinga's playbook and takes a wicket of his first ball. Vinay pouches the leading edge at short third man. Pandya and Suchith would heave a sigh of relief. The slog goes all wrong for Iyer, Bhajji held this one back. Popped to Vinay

       Suchith to Duminy       50/3

Suchith to Duminy,OUT,good riposte from Suchith after being hit for a four first ball, sharp return catch. Duminy's knock has been cut short. This was pushed through flatter, Duminy looks to punch it away but ends up chipping it to the left of Suchith. The bowler moves across, takes it and tumbles onto the ground

       Harbhajan Singh to Jadhav       78/4

Harbhajan Singh to Jadhav,OUT,Harbhajan befuddles Jadhav. The batsman chips down the track, Harbhajan pushes a slider outside off. Jadhav can't connect with the cut, Parthiv whips the bails off

       Pandya to Mathews       102/5

Pandya to Mathews,OUT,Mathews holes out. On a length and outside off, Mathews hunts for an encore. He does not get hold of it, slicing it straight down the gullet (not literally) of Suchith at long-off. Maiden wicket for Pandya in the IPL and he is mobbed by his team-mates

       Malinga to Yuvraj Singh       143/6

Malinga to Yuvraj Singh,OUT,Simmons pulls off a stunner! He takes flight. Malinga has his man now. Its a legal ball. Back of a length and outside off, Yuvraj carves it in the air off the back foot. Simmons flies to his right at backward point and completes a ripper of a catch; one-handed too. Simmons is mobbed by his team-mates. Jonty Rhodes applauds from the Mumbai dug out

Fall of wickets - Mumbai Indians 1 INN
       Khan to Simmons       1/1

Khan to Simmons,OUT,Zaheer strikes, Simmons has to depart for a duck. This was the inswinger from Zaheer, he controls it. Simmons' balance is shot as he falls over the flick and is smacked on the pad in front of middle. It would have grazed leg, I reckon. The forefinger goes up

       Coulter-Nile to Pandya       8/2

Coulter-Nile to Pandya,OUT,Mumbai reduced to 8 for 2. Banged in short and hurries on with extra bounce at 136ks, too quick for Pandya. He hunts for a pull but has to settle with a top edge. Tahir comes in from mid-on, calls for it (midwicket was also in the picture). Tahir holds on

       Mathews to Patel       29/3

Mathews to Patel,OUT,Parthiv picks out Mishra. Back of a length and outside off, slowy in pace. Parthiv attempts another flashy cut and miscues it to Mishra at the covers. Mishra hops up and takes it

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