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Mumbai T20 vs Bangalore T20
Finished : Bangalore T20 won by 7 wickets (with 15 balls remaining)
Mumbai T20
( 20 overs )
Bangalore T20
( 17.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Mumbai T20 1 INN
       Morkel to Hussey       20/1

Morkel to Hussey,OUT,Chahal makes up for the earlier drop. And RCB haven't paid much for it. Hussey has only wasted deliveries. He is hurried into this shovel-pull. Mostly because the ball is not short enough, and he ends up slicing it to square leg

       Aaron to Tare       52/2

Aaron to Tare,OUT,Tare's torture ends. This has been a painful innings from Tare. And he has looked completely at sea against the short ball. Aaraon gives him another bouncer, and he top-edges it to Maddinson in the deep on the leg side. Like Chahal, Maddinson also gets the man he reprieved

       Chahal to Sharma       60/3

Chahal to Sharma,OUT,Chahl's day has turned. it began with a dolly dropped, but he has come back with a catch, a near run-out and now the big wicket. Wrong'un from Chahl, on a length, just outside off, Sharma lazily drives into it. Makes no attempt to keep it down, nor is he trying to hit it out of the ground. Provides long-off a sitter. And AB won't be dropping any

       Chahal to Pollard       70/4

Chahal to Pollard,OUT,Chahal is on a roll. This is an all-Haryana wicket. Chahal, a former Mumbai Indians legspinner who never got any chances with them, is running through them here. He continues to give the ball air, pitches this up on middle and leg, drilled to long-on where Sachin Rana times his leap to perfection to take this overhead

       Starc to Rayudu       101/5

Starc to Rayudu,OUT,another catch for AB. What ground speed to make it look easy. This is a slower-ball length ball hit wide of long-off, but AB makes so much ground he doesn't even have to dive. A scratchy innings from Rayudu

       Starc to Anderson       101/6

Starc to Anderson,OUT,Starc is on a hat-trick. Too much pressure put on Anderson by the top order. Anderson gets a touch too under a length ball, lofts this towards long-off where Kohli takes it overhead

       Dinda to Khan       101/7

Dinda to Khan,OUT,and another hole-out. This is too easy for RCB. Quicksand for Mumbai. Nothing behind this shot. Caught at long-on

       Aaron to Harbhajan Singh       110/8

Aaron to Harbhajan Singh,OUT,Aaron telegraphs the slower ball with a change of action. Harbhajan slogs across the line of this offcutter, and has his leg stump pegged back. The speed gun still says 142ks. Like I believe ya, speed gun

       Starc to Ojha       113/9

Starc to Ojha,OUT,fuller, quicker, wants the leg-bye to point, but there is no run here. Malinga has given up, and this time Yuvraj doesn't miss

Fall of wickets - Bangalore T20 1 INN
       Malinga to Maddinson       16/1

Malinga to Maddinson,OUT,the quicker yorker this time. Squeezes under Maddinson's bat. Vintage Malinga. His 50th bowled victim in the IPL. Too good from Malinga

       Khan to Kohli       17/2

Khan to Kohli,OUT,Oh Kohli. What an un-Kohli-like dismissal. This is as soft as Kohli will ever get. Steers a short-of-a-length delivery straight to slip. Had he responded to PP's call last ball, Kohli wouldn't even have been on strike to do this

       Khan to Yuvraj Singh       17/3

Khan to Yuvraj Singh,OUT,Tare won't pay for that slip. The wilyold Zaheer has produced a beauty. The last delivery shaped away from Yuvraj, but this time he slips in a quick delivery - at 139ks, the fastest you are likely to see Zaheer bowl - that skids through after pitching short of a length outside off. The beauty is that it seams back in, and catches the cement-footed Yuvraj plumb

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