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Sri Lanka vs South Africa
Stumps : South Africa trail by 323 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
Sri Lanka
( 121.4 overs )
South Africa
( 52 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Steyn to Tharanga       16/1

Steyn to Tharanga,OUT,Dale Steyn has given South Africa the breakthrough for the zillionth time in his career, he pounds in and digs it in short of a length, Tharanga arches away from it, but his gloves are in line, and the ball hits them to pop up behind to the keeper, probably not the line and length to be attempting to sway away, did not get up as much as he anticipated too

       Steyn to Sangakkara       16/2

Steyn to Sangakkara,OUT,Sangakkara bounced out first ball, they have had him jumping to snorters in Galle, and this time have taken him out immediately, Steyn goes short, just outside off, it climbs up rapidly, and Sangakkara responds with a pull, but succeeds only in top-edging it tamely to square leg, it did not even get up to chest height, but Sangakkara was keen to dismiss it

       Duminy to Silva       115/3

Duminy to Silva,OUT,what a crazy session this has been, after all the pressure spin released, now a part-time slow bowler has struck, Silva looking for the drive to a pitched up delivery slanted wide across him, a thick edge is earned, and AB is too good at slip to miss a second catch on the trot

       Duminy to Mathews       246/4

Duminy to Mathews,OUT,JP Duminy plays partnership breaker again, this is there to be cut, starting wide and spinning in a tad, but Mathews has nicked it behind, bounced a touch more, and just like that South Africa have the breakthrough

       Morkel to Vithanage       285/5

Morkel to Vithanage,OUT,Vithanage is gone, he was looking like falling any moment, and he has now, Morkel has him hopping with a lifter, Vithanage fends, and the ball pops up off the shoulder of the bat to third slip where AB takes it

       Duminy to Jayawardene       385/6

Duminy to Jayawardene,1 run, OUT,completely against the run of play, we have a wicket, through a direct hit, probably the only way these two could have been separated, Mahela took it on the full from outside off and paddled it fine, they came back for the second, the throw arrived from Alviro and hit the stumps even as Mahela fell short on the dive

       Imran Tahir to Perera       404/7

Imran Tahir to Perera,OUT,Tahir has a wicket after going for 110 runs, Perera wanted to launch it down the ground but found himself too close to the pitch and unable to get any sort of elevation, picks out mid on tamely

       Morkel to Herath       409/8

Morkel to Herath,OUT,South Africa seem to have cracked the SSC pitch, direct hit is the secret, here is another one, Herath hoped to avoid this shortish ball apparently headed down leg, it pinged him before rolling away fine, they went for the single, and Dickwella, like Mahela earlier, was well short, although he was not diving in, not the way you want your debut innings to end, especially when you have batted with so much confidence

       Philander to Mendis       415/9

Philander to Mendis,OUT,umpire Llong raises the finger as South Africa appeal for caught behind, Philander produces extra bounce, and Mendis cannot get hold of the cut yet again, Sri Lanka review this, but there is a noise as ball passes bat, that is the only thing the third umpire has to go on in the absence of Hot Spot and Snicko, and Mendis will have to go

       Philander to Lakmal       421/10

Philander to Lakmal,OUT,that is the end of the innings, Lakmal flashes at a widish length ball and snicks it through to the keeper

Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Herath to Petersen       3/1

Herath to Petersen,OUT,and South Africa lose their first wicket in the first over of spin, nothing shot from Petersen, this is bowled full on the stumps from round the wicket, and he has pushed it straight back to the bowler

       Perera to Elgar       13/2

Perera to Elgar,OUT,and another spinner strikes in his first over, Perera now, tossed up on middle, straightens, bounces, Elgar again not sure whether to go forward or back, pushes uncertainly forward, by then the ball has gained plenty of height, an inside edge pops up in front of short leg, and he dives forward to take a sharp catch

       Lakmal to du Plessis       71/3

Lakmal to du Plessis,OUT,and after nearly 30 overs of blocking, South Africa lose a wicket to a super take down the leg side, Dickwella can do no wrong on debut, this came in full down Faf's pads and moved further away, he tickled it fine, managed some distance to the keeper's left, but Dickwella went flying and came up with a one-handed take inches from the turf

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