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South Africa vs West Indies
Finished : South Africa won by an innings and 220 runs
South Africa
West Indies
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Roach to Petersen       57/1

Roach to Petersen,OUT,game over for Petersen! Roach has been threatening that outside edge repeatedly, now he catches it. Petersen is stuck in the crease and this one straightens just enough to takes the outside edge and fly at nice height straight to first slip. Properly squared up there

       Cottrell to Elgar       57/2

Cottrell to Elgar,OUT,he has thrown it away! Elgar has thrashed it straight into the hands of gully. This was short and wide, going away, Elgar could have hit it anywhere but he picks out the fielder. Visibly upset he is. Cottrell goes for the 'salute'

       Roach to du Plessis       57/3

Roach to du Plessis,OUT,now Faf has to go! This is beautiful bowling. This one straightens on Faf, like the way it did on Alviro. Not much he could have done with it as this was around off stump and he had to play. The ball takes a faint edge through to the keeper. Roach is on fire here.

       Benn to de Villiers       365/4

Benn to de Villiers,OUT,where did that come from! Big Benn gets a wicket. This is tossed up outside off and AB goes for an inside-out drive but gets a thick outside edge as it just turns a bit, that flies straight to point.

       Benn to Amla       520/5

Benn to Amla,OUT,he perishes at long-on! Amla comes out of the crease but is not to the pitch of the delivery, he goes ahead with the shot anyway and is caught at the edge of the boundary. He gets a big round of applause from the Centurion crowd. What an innings that was! Effortless and a treat to watch

Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Philander to Smith       72/1

Philander to Smith,OUT,loud appeal for caught behind, turned down and Amla asks for review. It was right on middle stump as Smith pulled awkwardly, ABD took a diving catch to his right. Looks like the ball got some of the thigh pad or trousers from Smith's left leg, doesn't look like bat. There's something on the Snicko, but not when the ball is close to the bat. Oh, he's been given OUT, the SA players rejoice, Smith is surprised but he has to go back. No clue how that was out, looks like a poor decision

       Philander to Brathwaite       73/2

Philander to Brathwaite,OUT,game over for Brathwaite, no doubt about this one! He pushes forward but this one darts away just enough to catch the outside edge and Amla is not going to miss those.. This is low to his right and picks it up nicely. West Indies have lost both their openers

       Abbott to Johnson       117/3

Abbott to Johnson,OUT,that's a poor shot! He has been driving and flicking in the air but this time, he plays it straight to cover. Never really tried to keep it down and the fielder takes a good low catch

       Morkel to Samuels       162/4

Morkel to Samuels,OUT,he has chopped it on! Samuels hops on the crease to this short of length delivery, but this was just a touch slower and does come in after pitching.. His bat comes down a little early and a bit outside the line.. the inside edge takes it to the middle stump. West Indies lose one of their rocks. That round the wicket line has done the damage

       Philander to Chanderpaul       169/5

Philander to Chanderpaul,OUT,he makes the big dent in the scorecard! Chanders falls in the 20s. This is full outside off, moves away just a touch to fly low to Alviro at second slip

       Philander to Blackwood       184/6

Philander to Blackwood,OUT,and another one! The batsman comes forward and gets a thick outside edge, fielder at second slip dives in front of Amla at first, gets his hands under it in time. Blackwood wants to wait for the third umpire though. Superb delivery, awesome catch though. This is a superb catch by Alviro!! .. I hope the replays don't go against him like they always do.. Excellent catch. I think he has fingers under it well and truly.. Please please, this deserves a wicket. The front angle always goes against the fielder as you never see the fingers under the ball..Superb call.. he gives him out. Well done to Reiffel on that

       Elgar to Ramdin       193/7

Elgar to Ramdin,OUT,another one! Elgar gets a share too.. He sticks to his plan of tossing it up full and wide outside off.. But Ramdin stretches out eventually and drives it in the air.. straight to the man at cover. He is distraught with himself. That's a bonus wicket

       Morkel to Taylor       193/8

Morkel to Taylor,OUT,and another one! This is wrapping up very very quickly. Taylor comes forward to push a length delivery down the pitch.. good idea .. but Morkel gets that awkward bounce.. so not such a good idea afterall. It hits him high on the bat and the ball lobs back to the bowler for a simple catch.

       Morkel to Cottrell       201/10

Morkel to Cottrell,OUT,Timberland!!!! off stump has been taken out. This is fuller length and it straightens on the batsman, beats the outside edge and flattens the stump. Cottrell is squared up completely. The innings is over as Roach won't be batting

Fall of wickets - West Indies 2 INN
       Philander to Smith       8/1

Philander to Smith,OUT,this is gone! He has been given caught in the slips.. The first shout was for lbw, but this was swinging in too much.. however, the ball had lobbed up towards the cordon where Bavuma, from point, takes a simple catch. Aleem Dar raises the finger and says it's caught. Smith wants to review but it's more in hope as there was a thick inside there. Two noises definitely. The third umpire agrees with Dar and this is gone.

       Morkel to Brathwaite       52/2

Morkel to Brathwaite,OUT,what a catch! Alviro on fire at second slip. Morkel pushes this full and draws a big outside edge but the fielder is not able to grab on to this on the first go.. He is falling backwards but sticks his right hand out to catch in the second try. Brathwaite would be really disappointed with that shot. He pushed hard as soon as he saw the fuller length. Amla at first slip was ready to catch the rebound too

       Steyn to Johnson       87/3

Steyn to Johnson,OUT,that's it! First wicket for Steyn in this Test and first one of the morning. This gets big on Johnson from short of length, moves away a touch and Johnson is not able to get his bat out of the line.. Gets a faint nick to the keeper

       Steyn to Chanderpaul       91/4

Steyn to Chanderpaul,OUT,and Chanders is gone now! Steyn on fire here. This is a nasty short one that doesn't get up much at all.. Chanders had crouched right down but he is not able to get his gloves out of the way.. this lobs up for AB to complete a simple catch. Nasty one from Steyn

       Steyn to Samuels       101/5

Steyn to Samuels,OUT,Steyn is the man! A nasty one for Samuels. This is on a fuller length on off but bounces extra.. Samuels was looking to flick it to the leg side but it gets the leading edge and lobs up for the cover fielder. The batsman was arching back like he had been punched it the face.. it was that nasty

       Steyn to Ramdin       105/6

Steyn to Ramdin,OUT,oh wow! They are falling like loose rocks... This is short of length and takes the shoulder of the bat.. it was flying towards Amla at first slip but AB flies full length to his right to snap it with one hand.. What a stunner that is!! That's how you dive for the edges.

       Morkel to Blackwood       117/7

Morkel to Blackwood,OUT,Ba Vu Ma!! Smart catch at short leg and another wicket.. Le Morne joins in for the party.. This is the usual Morkel length but it jags back in sharply into the batsman and he doesn't have time to get away.. His bottom hand comes off the handle as he looks to fend it, but this hits the glove on the hand that is coming off.. just before it actually came off.. and Bavuma was alert.. snaps this low chance at backward short leg..

       Steyn to Taylor       121/8

Steyn to Taylor,OUT,and how quickly has he done this! 25th five-for Steyn. This is regulation one. Fuller, swinging away, takes the outside edge and straight to Amla at first slip. What a legend this guy.. No wickets in the firs tinnings for him, didn't bowl much yesterday due to tight groin.. and now this

       Steyn to Cottrell       131/10

Steyn to Cottrell,OUT,game over! Cottrell can only manage a leading edge as he looks to clip this short one to the leg side.. this lobs up for the fielder at midwicket

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