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West Indies vs Australia
Stumps : Australia trail by 63 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
West Indies
( 53.5 overs )
( 30 overs )
Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Hazlewood to Brathwaite       23/1

Hazlewood to Brathwaite,OUT,Hazlewood strikes... Good length and nips away off the seam outside off with some extra bounce at 136ks. Brathwaite is crease bound as he has a lazy waft at it and feeds an outer edge to Haddin. Easy take and Australia draw first blood.

       Lyon to Bravo       63/2

Lyon to Bravo,OUT,taken at slip. Sharp, sharp catch.. Tossed up, drifting in and turning away outside off, Bravo hangs on the back foot and pushes at it. All he manages is a thick edge, which is grasped by Clarke, diving low to his left and plucking it inches from the turf. One-hander! Perhaps, Bravo should have been forward to it..

       Johnson to Hope       75/3

Johnson to Hope,OUT,superb catch, Marsh pulls this off. Good length and outside off from round the stumps, Shai Hope chases it with a drive and nicks it. Marsh dives to his right from gully and snaffles it. The umpires check for a possible no ball, it is a legal one and West Indies have been reduced to 75 for 3

       Hazlewood to Dowrich       85/4

Hazlewood to Dowrich,OUT,Dragged on! Back of a length and swerves in a touch off the seam on off. Dowrich, perhaps was aiming to force it through the off side. But he does not move his feet much and ends up inside-edging it back onto the stumps. Hazlewood gets the debutant in the second over after lunch..

       Hazlewood to Blackwood       87/5

Hazlewood to Blackwood,OUT,Hazlewood reaps more reward for disciplined bowling. He probes away outside off. The one is wider, seduces Blackwood into pushing away from the body. Outside edge taken, third slip - Clarke - dives across in front of Watson at second slip and completes another terrific catch

       Starc to Samuels       91/6

Starc to Samuels,OUT,the short ball does the trick! Hazlewood snaps it up near the long-leg boundary. Banged in short and hurries on outside off, Samuels mis-controls a pull. He manages a top edge that balloons in the air. Hazlewood (you can't keep him out of action) runs to his right and pouches it safely. Excellent judgement

       Johnson to Ramdin       121/7

Johnson to Ramdin,OUT,knocked em' over, West Indies continue to tumble. Full and hurled in on off, Ramdin sits back, this Johnson offering keeps a bit low as it slider under his bat and clatters into the off stump. Timberrrrrrr! Johnson leaps and exults

       Starc to Holder       133/8

Starc to Holder,OUT,caught at gully! Angled in outside off from round the stumps, Holder throws his bat at a drive and nicks it off to gully, where Marsh takes it around chest-height

       Smith to Taylor       144/9

Smith to Taylor,OUT,rank long-hop and another top catch, time time from Adam Voges. Taylor lines up for a pull after rocking up, gets a top edge. Voges runs back from short midwicket and snags it over his shoulder with both hands, tumbling onto the ground.

       Johnson to Gabriel       148/10

Johnson to Gabriel,OUT,Clarke snaps it up now, Johnson has his man now. West Indies have been rolled over for 148. Full and outside off, Gabriel backs away, pushes with firm hands and nicks it to second slip

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Taylor to Warner       13/1

Taylor to Warner,OUT,leading edge and popped to point. Warner perishes for 8. Banged in short, on a leg-stump line near the rib-cage area, Taylor derives extra bounce as well. Warner seeks to turn to leg but is tucked up for room and is undone by the extra zip. He can only spoon it to point, where Blackwood reverse-cups his hands around it

       Holder to Marsh       38/2

Holder to Marsh,OUT,Marsh has nicked off. Dominica finds its voice again. Back of a length and outside off, Marsh pushes with firm hands and edges it through to first slip for a comfortable catch. He has thrown away a solid start.. Marsh shakes his head as he walks back

       Bishoo to Clarke       61/3

Bishoo to Clarke,OUT,Clarke walks off. He edges it behind. Pushed through close to 88ks, slides on outside off, Clarke sets up for a cut through the off side. He can't connect properly, nicking it to the keeper. Ramdin claims his 200th dismissal.. The umpires check for a no ball, it is a legal delivery

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