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Zimbabwe vs South Africa
Finished : South Africa won by 7 wickets (with 136 balls remaining)
( 39.5 overs )
South Africa
( 27.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       Abbott to Masakadza       4/1

Abbott to Masakadza,OUT,this is an early strike here, catches the batsman plumb in front! Abbott fires another fuller delivery and Mazakazda doesn't lean into it, tries to push it to cover. This one comes in a touch and beats the inside edge to hit him right in front of off and middle. Poor technique there by the batsman. Not much doubt there was the umpire, the bat was miles away from the ball

       de Lange to Mutumbami       4/2

de Lange to Mutumbami,OUT,this is too easy for de Lange, what is all the fuss about! He gets the wicket off his first ball - Mutumbami had no chance there. Short of length just over off stump, climbing on the batsman and moving just a touch away, enough to catch the shoulder of the bat and deflect to second slip.

       McLaren to Sikandar Raza       55/3

McLaren to Sikandar Raza,OUT,now this is a poor shot! He has been playing the pull shot with comfort and therefore, Faf had placed a deep square leg. He gets a short ball that comes a touch slow of the surface, Raza goes for the pull but drags that a touch too square. I get a feeling he was trying to target that mid-on area again, but this settles comfortably in the hands of Phangiso in the deep. That's a bonus wicket, blame it on Jacques

       Phangiso to Williams       89/4

Phangiso to Williams,OUT,bowed 'im! He was looking to sweep that from outside off, and the ball turned in, beat his bat and crashed into off stump. Bit of an inside-edge, maybe

       de Lange to Waller       104/5

de Lange to Waller,OUT,he picks up yet another wicket! It was heading down the leg side and initially looked like it was off the thigh pad.. QdK was the only one who appealed but it looked like a normal keeper's appeal - to prevent the wide call. The umpire though raised the finger after a few seconds. Replays show the ball did come off the gloves there. Strange one there as I thought de Lange was least interested in that. It looks like that the batsman had started walking there..

       Abbott to Jongwe       109/6

Abbott to Jongwe,OUT,another one goes down! Jonwe shuffles across the crease and comes right in front of the line of the ball, gets hit high on the back pad and that would have crashed on the top of leg. Easy decision for the umpire

       Parnell to Utseya       114/7

Parnell to Utseya,OUT,he has fallen over to the off side to see his leg stump flattened! This was full and targetted at that leg stump, and Prosper went too far across.

       Parnell to Nyumbu       114/8

Parnell to Nyumbu,OUT,Nyumbu comes Nyumbu goes! That was a sharp shot ball from Parney and there was no time for the batsman to get away.. He takes his eyes off and fends, the ball takes the glove and lobs up for the point fielder

       Shezi to Kamungozi       119/9

Shezi to Kamungozi,OUT,appeal for lbw and now Kamungozi has to go.. This is on a length and swung back into the batsman, who was down the wicket too.. That pitched outside leg.. Shezi won't care - he has his first international wicket.

       de Lange to Chigumbura       165/10

de Lange to Chigumbura,OUT,slower delivery does the job! The batsman was looking for the long on area but plays the shot too early. He had exposed the stumps anyway and that hits the top of the middle. No hundred for Chigumbura

Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Panyangara to Rossouw       1/1

Panyangara to Rossouw,OUT,he could be gone! He could be gone here. This is suicidal from Rossouw. He dabs this length delivery to mid-off and sets off immediately. The fielder gets to the ball quickly and releases it with one quick wrist action to hit the stumps direct. This is one story he wouldn't want to tell his grandkids.. Maybe he will .. Great work though by Waller. Rossouw would be gutted..

       Williams to du Plessis       74/2

Williams to du Plessis,OUT,bowled 'im! through the gap, between bat and pad, middle stump is on the ground, zips through after pitching, Faf was expecting it to turn away, it doesn't and goes straight on, Zimbabwe have their second wicket

       Panyangara to de Kock       144/3

Panyangara to de Kock,OUT,whack! slapped straight to the fielder! Oh Quinton..He came down the pitch and was looking for another six, but hits it flat and hard. QdK gets it off the middle of the bat but hits it straight to the fielder at deep midwicket.. the lone fielder.. a metre here, a metre there and that could have been one of the flattest sixes of the millenium.. His record keeps on getting worse.. five hundreds.. two fifties now.. that's bad... that's too bad

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