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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : Sri Lanka require another 234 runs with 7 wickets and 31.1 overs remaining
New Zealand
( 50 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 18.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Prasad to McCullum       0/1

Prasad to McCullum,OUT,138 kph, what a catch from Perera! Brendon is gone! Huge wicket for the Sri Lankans! Brendon dances down the track as he looks to clobber Prasad through the covers, and that too just second ball. Ends up miscuing this high over long off, with the fielder having to run behind to take the catch as he fell over in his attempt to balance

       Perera to Guptill       59/2

Perera to Guptill,OUT,129 kph, gets this to nip back from a length outside off as he is struck on the top of his front pad. May have got an inside-edge as the ball continued on to brush the thigh pad before finding its way to the keeper. Didn't look that affected by it, but he will have to go as the umpire reverses the decision

       Dilshan to Williamson       176/3

Dilshan to Williamson,1 run, OUT,gets down for the paddle sweep as he looks for the gap through backward square. Williamson wants two right away, but Taylor is guilty of ball watching as he has his back turned to his partner, and doesn't see how he has come all the way down to his end before deciding to go back. Sangakkara receives the throw from the deep before rattling away a throw at the non-striker's which connects. A really unlucky way for Williamson to go as he badly deserved this hundred. Big wicket for SL there

       Herath to Anderson       254/4

Herath to Anderson,OUT,and Anderson's little cameo comes to an end as he holes out high over cow corner as he looked for another heave through that favoured area of his. Was looking increasingly dangerous as his stay prolonged at the crease

       Dilshan to Taylor       281/5

Dilshan to Taylor,OUT,tossed up on middle and leg as Taylor is late on this, looking to tickle this behind through fine leg. Dilshan likes it, and the umpire acquiesces, but Taylor wants a review. Struck him on the toe with nothing on HotSpot either. It is all red so Taylor has to go, and unfortunately for him, he falls just 4 short of his century. Joins Williamson as the other 90-er in the innings

       Prasad to Ronchi       292/6

Prasad to Ronchi,OUT,142 kph, after much trial and error, the plan has come off as Ronchi departs the oval after slicing a wide, full delivery from Prasad over extra-cover, with the fielder able to take the catch comfortably

       Prasad to Vettori       312/7

Prasad to Vettori,OUT,117 kph, excellent slow bouncer from Prasad which Vettori was looking to hook but is late on. Elliott guns for his end so Vettori takes the cue, but is short of his ground as Sangakkara scrambles a throw to Prasad, who is able to reach out to knock over the stumps with Vettori short of his ground at the non-striker's

       Prasad to Elliott       315/8

Prasad to Elliott,1 run, OUT,142 kph, in the zone for the drive which Elliott does, as this one races away through extra-cover. Mills to get back for the second before the throw but is picked off with his bat on the line. Mills has to go as he was at the danger end

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Anderson to Dilshan       56/1

Anderson to Dilshan,OUT,137 kph, short of a length and Dilshan has to go as he offers up a feather of an edge which Ronchi takes gleefully from behind. Was looking to get down and bludgeon this through the line, but the extra bounce did him in. Big wicket for NZ as Dilshan has already reeled off two hundreds in the five matches prior

       McClenaghan to Thirimanne       61/2

McClenaghan to Thirimanne,OUT,133 kph, McClenaghan strikes for his captain now as he removes Lahiru from the crease after the left-hander tickled one going down the leg side which Ronchi was wise to as he got into position quickly to take the catch low to his right. Almost spilled it too upon second viewing of the catch, but safe in the end

       Anderson to Jayawardene       82/3

Anderson to Jayawardene,OUT,136 kph, fuller one outside off and Mahela is not three times lucky as he endeavours to chip Anderson over mid off, but ends up mishitting it as Brendon takes the simplest of catches. Big scalp that for NZ. Mahela furious with himself as he storms to the pavilion

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