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Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh
In Progress : Bangladesh trail by 230 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 75.5 overs )
( 5.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       Shahadat Hossain to Sibanda       6/1

Shahadat Hossain to Sibanda,OUT,outside edge, and it's taken by the keeper! Shahadat takes off on a celebratory run all the way to the edge of the circle at fine leg. Swings just enough to catch the outside edge as the batsman was looking to defend

       Shakib Al Hasan to Masakadza       31/2

Shakib Al Hasan to Masakadza,OUT,got him! Shakib tosses it up again, and Masakaza goes after it, looking to hit high and down the ground. He doesn't get to the pitch of it, and sends it swirling in the air. Taijul backpedals at mid-off and takes a well-judged catch

       Jubair Hossain to Taylor       83/3

Jubair Hossain to Taylor,OUT,and that's Jubair's first Test wicket. Lovely delivery, tossed up outside off and dipped on Taylor who looked to hit it over the top. The ball dropped shorter than he expected, hit him high on the bat and looped straight into the hands of Taijul at mid-off

       Jubair Hossain to Sikandar Raza       128/4

Jubair Hossain to Sikandar Raza,OUT,what was he doing there? That was tossed up outside off, and he came forward and scooped it straight into short cover's hands. Again he got some dip on it, and it may have stopped on the batsman as well, and Raza simply froze. He was caught between defending and driving and ended up doing neither.

       Shakib Al Hasan to Chigumbura       142/5

Shakib Al Hasan to Chigumbura,OUT,and now Shakib gets his man. He nearly had him caught at silly point in the previous over, and this time there's no nearly. Again he spears it in from wide of the crease and Chigumbura pushed his hands out way in front of his body as it turned and bounced. The ball hit high on the bat and Mominul took a superb low catch tumbling forward and to his right

       Taijul Islam to Ervine       192/6

Taijul Islam to Ervine,OUT,gone! The change has worked almost immediately. Ervine has been letting the ball come on for most of his innings but now he stretches forward and pushes his bat out in front of his pads to try and work it into the leg side. It turns in from outside off, takes the inside edge onto pad and it's a simple catch to the man at short leg

       Shakib Al Hasan to Chakabva       200/7

Shakib Al Hasan to Chakabva,OUT,got him! That was a monstrous delivery, bouncing disconcertingly from an off-stump line and he fended at it and it hit the shoulder of his bat and looped up at a comfortable height to the man at slip

       Shakib Al Hasan to Nyumbu       221/8

Shakib Al Hasan to Nyumbu,OUT,given! that was the arm ball and Nyumbu had no clue, prodding outside the line, playing for turn. It hit his back pad in front of middle stump, and I don't see why he reviewed that. That's the plumbest lbw of all time, hitting middle stump halfway up. That's Shakib's fourth.

       Shakib Al Hasan to Panyangara       230/9

Shakib Al Hasan to Panyangara,OUT,and Shakib has five on his comeback. The crowd goes wild, as Panyangara goes for the sweep and top-edges it straight to the man on the deep backward square leg boundary

       Shakib Al Hasan to Kamungozi       240/10

Shakib Al Hasan to Kamungozi,OUT,all over, and it's six for Shakib. It's tossed up wide outside off, and he looks to sweep and gets a top edge that goes high towards short square leg. Shamsur runs to his left from slip and takes a good running catch

Fall of wickets - Bangladesh 1 INN
       Panyangara to Tamim Iqbal       10/1

Panyangara to Tamim Iqbal,OUT,got him, and that was a super delivery. It was short and rising and very close to Tamim, who fended at it, gloved it, and Masakadza stretches high to his left to catch that with both hands

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