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England Under-19s vs Namibia Under-19s
In Progress : Namibia Under-19s require another 212 runs with 3 wickets and 25.4 overs remaining
England Under-19s
( 48 overs )
Namibia Under-19s
( 22.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - England Under-19s 1 INN
       W van Wyk to Lawrence       26/1

W van Wyk to Lawrence,OUT,gone! Fuller on off stump, drew him forward for the big booming drive and has been undone by the lovely away swinger. Nicked back to the keeper.

       Coetzee to Moores       196/2

Coetzee to Moores,OUT,length ball on off, goes for the pull and dragged it on

       Olivier to Burnham       198/3

Olivier to Burnham,OUT,that's unfortunate! Fuller ball on off stump, drilled back. Talyor was backing a long way an Olivier gets his hand onto the ball as it ricochets to the stumps.

       Burger to Donald       212/4

Burger to Donald,OUT,saw him coming and bowled it slow on off. It gripped and turned and foxed him as it snaked through his defence.

       Olivier to Curran       243/5

Olivier to Curran,OUT,saw him advancing and shaped it across the leftie. Curran on the move tries to give it a tonk but only manages a faint nick to the keeper

       Coetzee to Burnham       257/6

Coetzee to Burnham,OUT,Shuffled across and slapped straight into the hands of Warren at fine leg

       Coetzee to Davies       269/7

Coetzee to Davies,OUT,slower ball on off stump and chipped straight into the hands of deep mid-wicket fiedler.

       Jacobs to BJ Taylor       286/8

Jacobs to BJ Taylor,OUT,down the track, looks to heave but he has been undone by the lack of pace. Beaten and an east=y stumping

       Jacobs to Crane       286/9

Jacobs to Crane,OUT,slower delivery again and the new man tries to heave it over mid wicket but only manages a thick outside edge to short third man

Fall of wickets - Namibia Under-19s 1 INN
       Mahmood to Davin       7/1

Mahmood to Davin,OUT,short delivery and Davin could not get under the delivery and pull it, mistimtes it high in the air and Donald comes in from square leg to take the catch.

       Mahmood to Green       9/2

Mahmood to Green,OUT,full delivery driven to the right of mid-off and takes off for a tight single, Taylor does well to pick up the ball and score a direct hit, Loftie is well short of the crease.

       Garton to Green       31/3

Garton to Green,OUT,full and right in the block-hole, shattered stumps.

       Garton to E van Wyk       31/4

Garton to E van Wyk,OUT,goes past the bat and kisses the pad and knocks the stumps.

       BJ Taylor to Linde       32/5

BJ Taylor to Linde,OUT,hits the pad in line with the stumps, pitches and straightens, loud appeal and given.

       Crane to Louwrens       71/6

Crane to Louwrens,OUT,tossed up and Louwrens reverse sweeps and it lobs up behind point and Green the sub, dives forward to take the catch.

       Lawrence to Olivier       75/7

Lawrence to Olivier,OUT,pitches in line and goes past the bat and hits the pad through to the stumps.

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