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South Africa vs Australia
In Progress : Australia require another 57 runs with 7 wickets and 11.0 overs remaining
South Africa
( 50 overs )
( 37 overs )
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Maxwell to Amla       54/1

Maxwell to Amla,OUT,gone! Maxi's done it as he lures Amla to nick off! This was a fuller delivery drifting further and further away from him, but is tempted by the gap at midwicket. Closes the face in hopes of picking it, but ends up edging to the keeper. Wade pulls off a pretty good take there

       Cummins to Rossouw       161/2

Cummins to Rossouw,OUT,and Rossouw cannot capitalise! It was back of a length and outside off, he was looking to baseball-whack it into the leg side. Gets it off the bottom of the blade to present a simple catch to mid-on. One of the first false strokes he has played today, was it because of the powerplay?

       Cummins to du Plessis       164/3

Cummins to du Plessis,OUT,first ball after the break and Faf's gone! It was a slower ball just outside off length, Faf pushed the ball back, but played early and had to check it in the end, the ball went slow and lobbed towards mid off where Bailey had to dive low and in front to his right for a good catch

       Smith to Miller       187/4

Smith to Miller,OUT,down the throat of deep fine leg! He's out off a full toss, would you believe it? Goes into a sweep way too early, gets a top edge that is easily pouched by Cummins. South Africa are slipping now, that powerplay has thrown their innings out of balance

       Cummins to de Kock       206/5

Cummins to de Kock,OUT,howzzat, they ask and de Kock walks as he nicks and upper cut to the keeper. The umpire wasn't willing to give him out, but eventually has to. It was the glove, reveals snicko as the short ball was slid across him. South Africa lose a vital wicket. End of one of those innings de Kock might look back and say, "this was a turning point"

       Faulkner to Behardien       279/6

Faulkner to Behardien,OUT,length and Behardien goes for the hoick again! He had nailed it, but Steven Smith skirts the rope and picks up a lovely catch to his left and over his shoulders. Top innings, this. The kind that will decide a match

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Parnell to Warner       37/1

Parnell to Warner,OUT,and one of 'em's gone! What a catch from Peterson at mid-on! It was swirling, he had to run to his left, then has to move back and then dive even further to pluck a smashing catch over his shoulder! It wasn't quite the best length to come forward and go for that lift over the leg side. Hits a little too high on the bat and he lost control of it, judging by how his bottom hand came off it

       Peterson to Finch       137/2

Peterson to Finch,OUT,tossed up on off stump as Finch lifts it. He's struck this really welll, which is why it carries as far as Faf on the edge of the extra cover boundary. Takes it with a reverse cup, but his momentum was taking him back, so he throws it to team-mate Rossouw who completes the catch. Needed a bit of brilliance like that to dislodge Finch

       Morkel to Watson       218/3

Morkel to Watson,OUT,caught at deep midwicket! It was just back of a length but Watson want forward anyway and hits it off the bottom of the bat. Checks it as he walks off the field. Finally South Africa have a breakthrough

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