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India vs Australia
Stumps : India trail by 26 runs with 9 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       MR Marsh to Dhawan       56/1

MR Marsh to Dhawan,OUT,short and wide and Mitchell Marsh has his first Test wicket. Dhawan went after it, looking for the slash away from his body, and maybe there was some extra bounce to take his top edge through to the keeper

       Hazlewood to Pujara       100/2

Hazlewood to Pujara,OUT,Gone, and that's a poor decision from Ian Gould! bouncer, and that followed Pujara. He swayed away and then his hands went up to shield his face as it came in off the pitch. It popped to the keeper, and the umpire immediately gave it out. Pujara stood there for a while, and you can see why, because it went straight off his helmet, the right side of his grille. First Test wicket for Hazlewood.

       Hazlewood to Kohli       137/3

Hazlewood to Kohli,OUT,gone! That was short outside off, not wide enough to cut. Kohli went for it and the extra bounce caused him to edge it thickly to the keeper

       Lyon to Vijay       261/4

Lyon to Vijay,OUT,... and it's paid off. Vijay comes down the track and goes for the big hit again. Was making room to go over mid-off and it went with the angle past his outside edge and Haddin makes the easy stumping. Hang on, they've had another look at it, and there was a thin edge through to the keeper, so it's a caught behind and not a stumping.

       Hazlewood to Rahane       321/5

Hazlewood to Rahane,OUT,that is the best ball of the Test match. Lovely length, caught Rahane on the crease, angling in towards off stump and curling away late. Rahane had to play at it, and it kissed his edge through to Haddin, who takes his fifth catch of the innings

       Watson to RG Sharma       328/6

Watson to RG Sharma,OUT,got him, Smith's taken a beauty! Watson's struck with a good ball, but Rohit will wonder if he needed to play that shot. It was the wide outswinger, not quite up there for the drive. Rohit drove on the up, it curled away and took his outside edge, and Smith took a super catch diving low to his right at second slip

       Hazlewood to Ashwin       385/7

Hazlewood to Ashwin,OUT,got him! That was a beautiful length outside off, a bit of movement away off the pitch. Ashwin's bat comes down at an angle as he looks for the drive, and Watson takes a waist-high catch at first slip

       Hazlewood to Dhoni       394/8

Hazlewood to Dhoni,OUT,that's five on debut! A bit of inward movement from a good length. Dhoni was looking to leave, made the decision late, and the ball clipped his inside edge as the bat went up and Haddin takes a sixth catch

       Lyon to Aaron       407/9

Lyon to Aaron,OUT,that's a stunner at short leg! Classic offie's dismissal, loop and dip, turn and bounce from outside off as he pushes forward to defend. Pops up into the leg side, and the substitute fielder at short leg, Marnus Labuschagne, moves in in a flash and dives forward to take it with his right hand, inches off the ground. I'm not sure whether it was bat-pad or bat tucked behind pad and simply off the pad. There was a hotspot on the inside edge, but I'm not sure if it was the impact of bat on ball or bat on pad. Also, it looks like he may have grazed the ball on the ground after taking the catch.

       Lyon to Yadav       408/10

Lyon to Yadav,OUT,And that is that. Umesh goes for the slog-sweep from outside off, and he picks out Rogers at deep midwicket

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Yadav to Warner       47/1

Yadav to Warner,OUT,gone! Warner looks to pull, but it wasn't quite short enough for that. He was cramped for room and tried to close his bat face and work it around to long leg, and it went off the top edge, looped up behind the stumps and first slip took a few steps back and pouched a simple catch

       Ashwin to Watson       98/2

Ashwin to Watson,OUT,whatacatch! Watson came down the track and looked for the big hit over mid-on, gets too close to the pitch of it and hits it low to the right of the fielder, and Dhawan dives to his right to take an excellent low catch

       Yadav to Rogers       121/3

Yadav to Rogers,OUT,gone! And that is a very soft dismissal. It's shortish, angling down the leg side, and Rogers looks to tuck it away around the corner, and ends up gloving it down the leg side to the keeper

       Yadav to SE Marsh       208/4

Yadav to SE Marsh,OUT,taken! That was back of a length, angled across and it bounced extra. Marsh went at it with an angled bat and it flew over first slip's head and Ashwin timed his jump perfectly and grabbed it two-handed, over his head

       I Sharma to MR Marsh       232/5

I Sharma to MR Marsh,OUT,bowled him! That is a super delivery! Marsh shouldered arms and it came back a long way to take the top of off stump. They're checking for no-ball but he's fine. The angle from wide of the crease exaggerated by movement off the pitch and the length probably wasn't as short as Marsh judged it to be

       Aaron to Haddin       247/6

Aaron to Haddin,OUT,got him, first ball after the break. The bouncer, and it's perfectly directed. India's plan works, as Haddin gets his hands in front of his face to shield himself and pops a simple catch to Pujara at short leg

       I Sharma to Johnson       395/7

I Sharma to Johnson,OUT,a wicket! The tactic of bowling slanting it across Johnson has worked. He goes after it, looking to drive away from his body, and top-edges it through to Dhoni. They check for the no-ball, but Ishant's foot is fine. End of a game-changing innings. Wonder what impact it will have on his bowling now.

       I Sharma to Smith       398/8

I Sharma to Smith,OUT,chopped it on! Smith is out. SMITH. IS. OUT. First time in the series. Big angle in again, back of a length, and he looks to stab at it with an angled bat to run it down to third man and inside-edges it into his stumps

       Aaron to Lyon       454/9

Aaron to Lyon,OUT,gone. It was a length ball on middle stump and Lyon looked to loft down the ground. Bounced up, hit him high on the bat, and he lobs a simple catch to mid-on

       Ashwin to Starc       505/10

Ashwin to Starc,OUT,and that, finally, is that. Tossed up outside leg and he goes for the big slog again, on one knee. He misses, and the ball turns to hit leg stump

Fall of wickets - India 2 INN
       Starc to Vijay       41/1

Starc to Vijay,OUT,bowled him! The line did him there. It was angling across, and so close to off stump that Vijay was in two minds about whether to play or leave. By the time he chose the latter option and raised his bat to leave, it had only gone up far enough for the ball to strike it and cannon onto the stumps

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