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Cape Cobras vs Hobart Hurricanes
Innings break : Cape Cobras won the toss and elected to bat
Cape Cobras
( 20 overs )
Hobart Hurricanes
Fall of wickets - Cape Cobras 1 INN
       Hilfenhaus to Amla       12/1

Hilfenhaus to Amla,OUT,the stumps are in disarray, middle stump has been uprooted. Hilfenhaus bowled it really full and straight, Amla did not come as forward as he should have and drove hard from his crease. I think the ball went off the inside edge and cannoned on to the stumps

       Bollinger to Ramela       39/2

Bollinger to Ramela,OUT,bowled him! What a reply from Bollinger after a serious hiding. Ramela tried to smash the ball over midwicket again but was too early on the shot. The delivery was slightly slower from Bollinger and it hit the top of the stumps

       Laughlin to Levi       87/3

Laughlin to Levi,OUT,Levi's holed out this time! Clearly he's better at hitting slower balls with one hand. Laughlin bowls a slower ball on a good length, Levi slogs across the line and only gets as far as the fielder at deep midwicket. Mennie caught it easily

       Mennie to Ontong       106/4

Mennie to Ontong,OUT,another batsman's been bowled, the third one today. Ontong stayed in his crease and made a bit of room to try and play the ball square on the off side. The length was good and the line was too straight for such a shot. Ontong missed and Mennie hit the top of off stump

       Hilfenhaus to Vilas       119/5

Hilfenhaus to Vilas,OUT,the stumps have been hit for the fourth time! Vilas wanted to come forward but then stayed in his crease to a slightly slower ball on a good length and tried to dab it on the off side. The ball hit the face of the bat, pitched near Vilas' feet and went on to the stumps

       Laughlin to Engelbrecht       132/6

Laughlin to Engelbrecht,OUT,caught behind! Engelbrecht pulled too early and was nearly through his shot as the slower ball passed him after pitching short of a length. I think the ball grazed the bottom edge on its way through to the keeper

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