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Pakistan vs New Zealand
In Progress : New Zealand trail by 234 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 125.4 overs )
New Zealand
( 18.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Craig to Shan Masood       44/1

Craig to Shan Masood,OUT,and Craig breaks through, Masood had been playing spin from the crease, now he decides to comes forward, pushes tentatively, leaving a big gap between bat and pad, and Craig sneaks this length ball through the gate to rattle his stumps

       Craig to Azhar Ali       131/2

Craig to Azhar Ali,OUT,where did that come from! Nothing delivery actually, one that he would have left surely but then he pokes at this wide one and could only edge to slip. He is visibly disappointed. A waste of a good start

       Vettori to Younis Khan       160/3

Vettori to Younis Khan,OUT,Younis has been given leg before, and he is reviewing, Vettori tossed it up on middle, Younis stayed back and looked to defend, the ball drifted and carried in with the angle, brushed the left pad before hitting the right one, it has missed the inside edge of the bat, ball tracker says that is hitting middle and leg, and umpire Reiffel raises his finger again, what a strike on Test comeback for Vettori

       Southee to Misbah-ul-Haq       285/4

Southee to Misbah-ul-Haq,OUT,Misbah has gone reaching for a wide one and nicked it to the keeper, who dives to his right to complete the catch, no celebration at all from the New Zealanders, Southee completes his followthrough and walks towards the keeper, McCullum trots across too

       Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez       311/5

Sodhi to Mohammad Hafeez,OUT,Hafeez has fallen three short of the double hundred, he's played the pull so well through his innings, this is a half tracker, but he's top edged the pull, and it has swirled to the man at deep forward square leg, some of the New Zealand players pat Hafeez as he walks back

       Craig to Asad Shafiq       313/6

Craig to Asad Shafiq,OUT,another one down, Shafiq has bent for the sweep and hit it straight to backward square leg

       Craig to Sarfraz Ahmed       336/7

Craig to Sarfraz Ahmed,OUT,Sarfraz now, Watling throws up the ball immediately after taking it, Sarfraz was pushing forward to an offbreak tossed up outside off, it drifted further away and Sarfraz got a clear edge as he reached out, he turned to walk immediately, looking back at the umpire for confirmation

       Craig to Mohammad Talha       336/8

Craig to Mohammad Talha,OUT,Craig has his maiden Test five-for, Talha has picked up this flighted ball outside off and swung it straight to long on, Craig gets some handshakes and pats from his team-mates

       Craig to Rahat Ali       346/9

Craig to Rahat Ali,OUT,he has guided this straight to slip to give Craig his sixth wicket, and Ross Taylor his 100th Test catch, tossed up full, slanted across, Rahat reaches from the crease and pushes at it with an open face

       Craig to Yasir Shah       351/10

Craig to Yasir Shah,OUT,Taylor has more catching practice at slip, and that is a seventh for Craig, very full outside off, Yasir tried to run it to third man and found Taylor in the way

Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Rahat Ali to Latham       51/1

Rahat Ali to Latham,OUT,that is a fantastic catch from Sarfraz, he has had to run so much for this, Pakistan have kept trying the bouncer, Latham tries to go after this one, he has to fetch it from outside off, and it has climbed a lot, he ends up top-edging it, it flies behind square leg, Sarfraz charges after it, and tumbles to pouch it low, super take

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