Live Cricket Scores
India vs Australia
Delayed : Australia won the toss and elected to field
( 16 overs )
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Starc to Dhawan       24/1

Starc to Dhawan,OUT,Dhawan's gone. A replay of a dismissal we've seen so often this tour. Dhawan stayed rooted to his crease as the ball bounced a bit extra from a good length just outside off. He dabbed at it almost as if he was trying to give first slip catching practice. Finch took it too easily.

       Marsh to Rayudu       62/2

Marsh to Rayudu,OUT,that is a sensational catch from Warner. Rayudu had charged and slashed at the ball, carving it high over the infield on the off side. Warner went after it from cover, I reckon. Running back as the ball swirled away from him but fast enough to get under it and judged it to perfection. He covered so much ground to get under that catch, and he makes a statement to the Indian fans giving him a hard time.

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