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Sri Lanka vs New Zealand
In Progress : New Zealand require another 243 runs with 7 wickets and 36.3 overs remaining
Sri Lanka
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 13.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Anderson to Thirimanne       71/1

Anderson to Thirimanne,OUT,133 kph, Lahiru is struck on front by this inswinging delivery from Anderson, and looks dead plumb. Doesn't even bother to review it as Dilshan agrees rather grimly..

       Southee to Dilshan       175/2

Southee to Dilshan,OUT,and Dilshan's innings comes to an unlikely end as he offers up an edge outside off to Ronchi, who completes the take gleefully to make Sri Lanka two down. Good innings from the right-handed opener as he looked set for what would have been his third century of the series

       Southee to Jayawardene       203/3

Southee to Jayawardene,OUT,135 kph, and Southee is rewarded for persisting in that fourth/fifth stump channel as he gets Mahela to nick at one outside his off, with the right-hander looking for the glide to third man, but ends up edging instead to Ronchi who is able to complete the take to his right with a dive. Was starting to look settled out there was Mahela, but unfortunately he has to depart from the middle

       Mills to Prasanna       209/4

Mills to Prasanna,OUT,full delivery which looked to be nipping down leg as Prasanna doesn't get into any sort of position to get this away as he plants his front foot across the line. NZ have requested the review as they are sure they have got his man. Looks like this may have struck in line with leg stump. Prasanna in no position there to play the flick to the leg side. No inside-edge or deviation. Although if was given not out initially, three reds means it will be reversed. Good decision that from NZ as Prasanna is given his marching orders

       Anderson to Chandimal       231/5

Anderson to Chandimal,OUT,139 kph, and Chandimal's stay comes to a premature end as he chases after this short of a length delivery outside his off stump. Little aimless from the right-hander as he simply looked to stand his ground and bludgeon across the line. Offers an outside edge to Ronchi, who has been peerless today

       Anderson to Perera       253/6

Anderson to Perera,OUT,139 kph, the Perera experiment comes unstuck as Anderson entices to have another go outside his off, as Perera miscues a slice, this time getting the ball high over third man, with the fielder doing well to dive forward to take the catch

Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Kulasekara to Guptill       0/1

Kulasekara to Guptill,OUT,119 kph, begins with a dream delivery just outside off which nips in as Guptill plants his foot, with the ball curling into the pad. This looked dead as gone as soon as it struck, and the umpire confirmed the decision soon after. What a start for the tourists as NZ are 0 for 1!

       Eranga to Latham       11/2

Eranga to Latham,OUT,138 kph, NZ's opening conundrum continues as Latham's middle peg is knocked back after playing down the wrong line to this length ball which straightens, before the left-hander inside-edges onto the timber to make NZ 11 for 2

       Chameera to Taylor       42/3

Chameera to Taylor,OUT,146 kph, and Chameera has got a dream start to his limited-overs career as he succeeds in getting Taylor to chop one onto the stumps off the bottom edge as he went searching after this slightly fullish length outside off. Taylor has to go after putting up 11. Chameera is over the moon as he celebrates with his team-mates. That was also the fastest ball of the day too!

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