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United Arab Emirates vs India
Finished : India won by 9 wickets (with 187 balls remaining)
United Arab Emirates
( 31.3 overs )
( 18.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - United Arab Emirates 1 INN
       Yadav to Berenger       7/1

Yadav to Berenger,OUT,gone! Another bouncer, too quick for Berenger to hook. Top edge loops behind him and Dhoni takes a simple catch after taking a couple of steps to his left

       Kumar to Amjad Ali       13/2

Kumar to Amjad Ali,OUT,bouncer, Amjad goes for the hook, and it flies through to Dhoni, who appeals loudly for caught behind. Bowden gives it out, and Amjad walks away without complaint or review, so there must have been a thin edge on it. Glove, replays suggest.

       Ashwin to Krishna Chandran       28/3

Ashwin to Krishna Chandran,OUT,given! Ashwin dangles this slow outside off, entices Krishnan forward to defend. It dips and bounces and that hits his glove, on to thigh pad, and a simple catch to leg slip

       Ashwin to Patil       41/4

Ashwin to Patil,OUT,arm-ball does the trick! Seam pointing towards slip, and it's to that fielder that Patil edges it as he presses forward to defend. Swings away late, and Dhawan takes an excellent catch, diving to his right

       Ashwin to Khurram Khan       44/5

Ashwin to Khurram Khan,OUT,and that's number three for Ashwin. Picks the wrong length to sweep on a pitch with this much bounce, gloves it in the air over Dhoni, and Raina moved quickly to his right from slip towards a leg-slip-ish position to take a dolly

       MM Sharma to Rohan Mustafa       52/6

MM Sharma to Rohan Mustafa,OUT,fuller and straighter now, angling towards off stump, and he's been given lbw! Rohan immediately reviews. He was stuck in the crease, looking to defend, but I don't know if that pitched in line. His bat came down at an angle, a long way from the line of the ball, which straightened in off the pitch. Missed his inside edge by a long way and hit him on the back pad, and that is an excellent decision from the umpire. Pitched well in line, actually, and Hawkeye says it would have crashed into off stump

       Jadeja to Amjad Javed       61/7

Jadeja to Amjad Javed,OUT,and he strikes first ball! Angled in flat with that round-arm action, and it turns away sharply as Amjad comes forward to defend. Edges it into Raina's lap at slip

       Ashwin to Mohammad Naveed       68/8

Ashwin to Mohammad Naveed,OUT,gets him with a quicker one and that's four for Ashwin, first time in an ODI. Made room even before the bowler was into his final stride, and he fired a quick arm ball on middle and leg. Too quick for Naveed to cut

       Jadeja to Mohammad Tauqir       71/9

Jadeja to Mohammad Tauqir,OUT,bowled him! That was the falling sweep from Tauqir, but unlike Rohan Kanhai he didn't mean to fall. He plonked his front foot across a long way, and he ended up slipping, and the ball, speared in full, sneaked past his left thigh and crashed into leg stump

       Yadav to Shaiman Anwar       102/10

Yadav to Shaiman Anwar,OUT,bowled him, all over! Angled in full, late swing away, and Shaiman looks to whip it away through midwicket and the ball swerves past his outside edge and takes out off stump

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Mohammad Naveed to Dhawan       29/1

Mohammad Naveed to Dhawan,OUT,gone! That was short outside off, and Dhawan leaned back to punch, and ended up slicing it in the air wide of backward point, and Mustafa casually reached across, right arm at full stretch to his right and over his head, and plucked it out of the air

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