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West Indies vs Bangladesh
Finished : West Indies won by 177 runs
West Indies
( 50 overs )
( 24.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Al-Amin Hossain to Edwards       5/1

Al-Amin Hossain to Edwards,OUT,the off stump is cartwheeling there! Al amin has struck, Edwards didn't look comfortable at all in the middle, he won't have to spend any more time there, a short of length ball that cuts in to hit the top of off stump, not entirely sure what Edwards was doing there, no footwork as he tries to keep that delivery out, he can't, he's on his way

       Mahmudullah to Gayle       93/2

Mahmudullah to Gayle,OUT,Gayle is gone! not the most threatening of deliveries from Mahmudullah, but it is good enough to get the big wicket, it was shortish ball that stayed a bit low, Gayle had loads of time to pick his spot and dispatch it, he picks out the man at deep midwicket though, Mahmudullah is elated, Gayle grins ruefully, knowing he has given it away

       Sohag Gazi to DM Bravo       144/3

Sohag Gazi to DM Bravo,OUT,huge lbw appeal, and Gazi has his reward after a tight over, the well-set Bravo is dismissed, it was an arm ball from Gazi, Bravo ends up playing down the wrong line, he was expecting the conventional offbreak, struck in line, Aleem Dar doesn't need much time to make up his mind, Bravo is on his way

       Al-Amin Hossain to Ramdin       171/4

Al-Amin Hossain to Ramdin,OUT,Al-Amin shows some bowling nous as he drops the pace on this delivery, bowling in the same channel as before. Simmons, who was looking increasingly fidgety outside that off stump, this time looks to blast the bowler down the ground, but only succeeds in getting a thick outside edge which carries to Mushfiqur, who takes a good, low catch

       Mashrafe Mortaza to Pollard       222/5

Mashrafe Mortaza to Pollard,OUT,and it's all over as Pollard, looking for a big hit through long on, gets an under edge which spills behind onto his stumps, rearranging them much to his chagrin. Big wicket there for Bangladesh as this is the kind of situation Pollard would have loved to be around for.

       Mashrafe Mortaza to Simmons       231/6

Mashrafe Mortaza to Simmons,OUT,this time uses his feet to get to the pitch as he lifts this high and handsome over long on, but doesn't get the distance required as this falls into the waiting hands of Mahmudullah, who ends up taking a straightforward catch. Ends a miserable stay at the crease for Simmons, who never really had the kind of fluency he craved for.

       Mashrafe Mortaza to DJ Bravo       231/7

Mashrafe Mortaza to DJ Bravo,OUT,this is just what the doctor ordered for Bangladesh as this time Bravo, looking to pull across the line of this shorter one outside off, ends up getting an outside edge which Mushfiqur snaps up gleefully. Mortaza on a hat-trick, and West Indies' hopes of quick runs looking rather grim

Fall of wickets - Bangladesh 1 INN
       Holder to Anamul Haque       12/1

Holder to Anamul Haque,OUT,length delivery just outside off which tempts Anamul into going forward, as the ball hits the outside edge on the way to the keeper. What a response from Holder after that earlier six! Anamul is not satisfied however, and has gone for the review straightaway. Replays show that there was indeed a deviation upon going past the bat, with a slight sound there as well. The original decision is out, remember. After some careful deliberation, the on-field umpire confirms that the original decision stands, and Anamul has to go. It is a pity, as he would badly have wanted to build on his hundred from the previous match.

       Rampaul to Imrul Kayes       27/2

Rampaul to Imrul Kayes,OUT,Kayes' struggle finally comes to a close as Rampaul is able to tempt him to go after a shortish length ball delivered on middle and off, with Kayes taking the bait, pulling him to the leg side, but not quite getting the control on it as it spoons high in the air and over to deep square leg, where Simmons takes a simple catch. He was looking to get going, but this is really not how you go about it. Bangladesh two down, and West Indies will be sniffing for another.

       Roach to Shamsur Rahman       42/3

Roach to Shamsur Rahman,OUT,Roach strikes in his first over! fires in a short of a length ball outside off which has Shamsur going after it with a cut, but he ends up playing onto his wicket as he was a tad early in the shot.

       Narine to Mushfiqur Rahim       57/4

Narine to Mushfiqur Rahim,OUT,Narine has struck! the Bangladesh captain is undone by the extra bounce, Mushfiqur was looking to chop that one through the off side, not much turn on that delivery, but fizzes off the pitch and rears up, top edge through to the keeper, Denesh Ramdin knows how big a wicket that is, he's off on a celebratory run, Bangladesh in deep trouble now

       Narine to Mahmudullah       57/5

Narine to Mahmudullah,OUT,bowled 'im! Narine on a hat-trick, he had no luck in the first ODI, today things falling his way, this one doesn't get up much, stays low, too low for the struggling Mahmudullah, who looks to defend that offspinner but the ball sneaks through to crash into the stumps, Bangladesh have lost half their team already, perhaps they can take heart from the Ramdin-Pollard show two days ago

       Roach to Tamim Iqbal       57/6

Roach to Tamim Iqbal,OUT,soft, soft dismissal there, Bangladesh have now lost Tamim and surely the match as well, this was a back of a length ball on leg stump, Tamim chips it off his thigh pad, straight to midwicket, bit of a leading edge there, that's their third wicket down in the previous six deliveries, no runs added, what did West Indies have for drinks?

       Narine to Sohag Gazi       60/7

Narine to Sohag Gazi,OUT,there's the wicket, Gazi decided the best way to deal with Narine is to go for his shots, he attempts a big sweep to a pitched-up ball, only connects well enough to pick out Kirk Edwards at deep square leg, Bangladesh seven down

       Roach to Nasir Hossain       66/8

Roach to Nasir Hossain,OUT,another one, Nasir's lean spell continues, Roach is dropping plenty short in this spell, Nasir looks to help that away towards midwicket, hits it well enough to make it a touch catch for Pollard, who leaps high to pluck that one, last 32 balls, 10 runs, five wickets, a sorry spectacle for Bangladesh fans at home who are staying up past midnight

       Rampaul to Mashrafe Mortaza       70/9

Rampaul to Mashrafe Mortaza,OUT,huge lbw appeal, after thinking over it the umpire raises the finger, West Indies were pleading with him before the decision came, Mshrafe has to go, he was hit on the back leg by an offcutter, hit on the thigh pad, was it too high? Mashrafe thinks so, the umpire doesn't, Bangladesh nine down, and another sorry outing for them is coming to a close

       Rampaul to Al-Amin Hossain       70/10

Rampaul to Al-Amin Hossain,OUT,it's all over, 57 for 3 to 70 all out, that is some collapse even by Bangladeshi standards, and it ends with a farcical run-out, a solid drive towards mid-on by Al-Amin, he thinks it has beaten Simmons at mid-on, but Simmons makes a diving stop, Al-Amin was midway down the pitch when he realised he has to turn back, plenty of time for Simmons to relay the ball to Ramdin, who finishes off the 177-run victory

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