Live Cricket Scores
Yorkshire vs Somerset
Day 4 : Yorkshire lead by 220 runs with 4 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Yorkshire 1 INN
       Trego to Lees       55/1

Trego to Lees,OUT

       J Overton to Rhodes       79/2

J Overton to Rhodes,OUT

       Trego to Gale       118/3

Trego to Gale,OUT

       C Overton to Bairstow       211/4

C Overton to Bairstow,OUT

       C Overton to Maxwell       211/5

C Overton to Maxwell,OUT

       Thomas to Rashid       225/6

Thomas to Rashid,OUT

       Trego to Leaning       342/7

Trego to Leaning,OUT

       Thomas to Plunkett       343/8

Thomas to Plunkett,OUT

       Trego to Patterson       437/9

Trego to Patterson,OUT

       C Overton to Brooks       438/10

C Overton to Brooks,OUT

Fall of wickets - Somerset 1 INN
       Patterson to Trescothick       84/1

Patterson to Trescothick,OUT

       Rashid to Abell       163/2

Rashid to Abell,OUT

       Patterson to Myburgh       165/3

Patterson to Myburgh,OUT

       Rashid to Hildreth       294/4

Rashid to Hildreth,OUT

       Plunkett to Thomas       311/5

Plunkett to Thomas,OUT

       Patterson to Allenby       369/6

Patterson to Allenby,OUT

       Patterson to Trego       387/7

Patterson to Trego,OUT

       Patterson to Barrow       389/8

Patterson to Barrow,OUT

       Plunkett to Cooper       409/9

Plunkett to Cooper,OUT

       Rashid to J Overton       485/10

Rashid to J Overton,OUT

Fall of wickets - Yorkshire 2 INN
       Trego to Lees       5/1

Trego to Lees,OUT

       Myburgh to Rhodes       82/2

Myburgh to Rhodes,OUT

       C Overton to Leaning       108/3

C Overton to Leaning,OUT

       C Overton to Gale       109/4

C Overton to Gale,OUT

       C Overton to Maxwell       117/5

C Overton to Maxwell,OUT

       Thomas to Bairstow       234/6

Thomas to Bairstow,OUT

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