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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Finished : New Zealand won by 8 wickets
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Lakmal to Rutherford       37/1

Lakmal to Rutherford,OUT,that's through! What a sight for the bowler, the off stump went flying. Change of ends worked or not, change of length worked for sure. It was fuller on the off stump, Rutherford drove for the angle but the ball nipped in after pitching on length and crashed into the off stump

       Eranga to Latham       60/2

Eranga to Latham,OUT,leading edge, that's an easy catch for Kaushal at point, Latham is gone! It wasn't a wicket-taking delivery really, swinging down the leg side, Latham played it early trying to tuck it to the leg side and the edge looped towards point. The ball had actually cut in after pitching, inducing the edge

       Eranga to Taylor       88/3

Eranga to Taylor,OUT,oh Taylor's run out, that was a mix up and Taylor slipped on top of that! He tucked the incoming delivery off the pads towards backward square leg and set off for a quick single, KW responded initially but stopped after a couple of steps, and just when Taylor turned back to get back in the crease, he slipped and was fell short as Kaushal Silva got a direct hit

       Prasad to Williamson       214/4

Prasad to Williamson,OUT,that's gone through, Williamson is bowled! That was a beautiful delivery, nipping in from outside off, KW leaned forward to defend but the ball sneaked through the bat and pad gap to hit the top of the stumps

       Kaushal to McCullum       367/5

Kaushal to McCullum,OUT,he's gone! No double-hundred, no more records! Gets down to reach the ball on the full, had moved outside leg as well to carve it wide of long-off again, but the fielder was quick to move to his left, dive forward and pouch a good catch to give Kaushal his maiden Test wicket. Christchurch gives the New Zealand captain a standing ovation as he walks back. What a treat after eight years without Test cricket in the city

       Mathews to Neesham       420/6

Mathews to Neesham,OUT,gone, superb catch from Sanga at slip! The ball was angled across the batsman outside the off stump, Neesham played it late and wanted to run it down to third man bu the thick edge went wide of the keeper and Sanga dived low to his right for a very good and quick catch he completed with both hands

       Mathews to Watling       429/7

Mathews to Watling,OUT,another loud appeal for lbw, another one given out, but Watling doesn't review it. This was a sharp swinging delivery coming in from outside off, Watling looked to defend but missed and was struck in front of middle and leg. Watling spoke to Craig once he was given out, and decided not to review it. Replays show that was missing leg stump, though. And that's stumps

       Mathews to Southee       431/8

Mathews to Southee,OUT,that's a good catch at second slip, Mathews has struck again! He drew the outside edge by pitching the good-length delivery outside off, Southee drove tentatively and Thirimanne dived to his right to complete the low catch with both his hands. Bit of extra bounce as well

       Lakmal to Wagner       440/9

Lakmal to Wagner,OUT,straight to point, Wagner has given it away! It was a short delivery well outside off, Wagner played it on the up and handed a simple catch to Kaushal's left. Second wicket for Lakmal

       Lakmal to Boult       441/10

Lakmal to Boult,OUT,that's the last wicket, he's caught behind and the SL players are celebrating but the umpire is unmoved, Boult's reaction also showed as if nothing had happened. Short of length delivery outside off with some outswing, he tried to defend on the back foot and was beaten, SL review it! Replays confirm there was an edge and HotSpot confirms it too. Decision overturned, NZ are all out

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Boult to Karunaratne       0/1

Boult to Karunaratne,OUT,gone gone, loud appeal for lbw and given immediately! This one came in instead of swinging away from off stump line, Karunaratne defended on the wrong line and was struck on the back pad in front of the stumps. 100th Test wicket for Boult!

       Boult to Silva       8/2

Boult to Silva,OUT,another loud appeal, another one given! Silva hardly had time to play the shot for that one. It was a length delivery on middle stump and it swung in sharply, hardly giving Silva any time to react, hitting him in front of leg. Silva reviews it but ball-tracking says that's hitting leg stump, he has to go back

       Boult to Sangakkara       15/3

Boult to Sangakkara,OUT,edged and Boult gets the big fish - Sanga! Beautiful away-swinging length delivery outside off making him drive, he does that on the up and thick edge flies to Southee's left at third slips where he takes a good diving catch. Sanga falls short of 12k runs by six runs

       Southee to Thirimanne       58/4

Southee to Thirimanne,OUT,edged this time and another good catch in the slips! Thirimanne had poked in the last delivery as well and does it again to edge the length delivery outside off towards the slips and Craig dives to his right from second slip to complete an impressive catch. Southee gets his reward for his persistent bowling

       Southee to Dickwella       60/5

Southee to Dickwella,OUT,another edge, another wicket for Southee! It was outside the leg stump and Dickwella played early to tuck it on the leg side and the ball took a leading edge as the face of the bat had closed by the time it reached the batsman. Simple catch for the captain at short cover

       Wagner to Jayawardene       88/6

Wagner to Jayawardene,OUT,another good catch, another wicket and SL reeling now! It was a fullish delivery well outside off, Jayawardene reached out for it and drove away from the body, producing a thick edge and Williamson dives to his right to take a good low catch. Sixth wicket down

       Wagner to Mathews       105/7

Wagner to Mathews,OUT,his attacking mode costs him the wicket. caught at third man easily. Charged down again for the length delivery outside off, got a thick leading edge which went high in the air and Latham got under it easily. Second wicket for Wagner

       Wagner to Kaushal       118/8

Wagner to Kaushal,OUT,make it one more - for another great catch behind square! Kaushal pushed at the length delivery that was angled across him, thick edge went in the air and KW at gully dived to his right again, but to catch it with only one hand this time

       Neesham to Prasad       128/9

Neesham to Prasad,OUT,in the air again and this one's taken easily at mid off! It was on length and angled in, Prasad wanted to loft it over the in field but didn't middle it at all. The bat turned in his hand as he drove it in the air and McCullum took an easy catch

       Neesham to Lakmal       138/10

Neesham to Lakmal,OUT,wicket number 10 and Sri Lanka are all out for 138! Lakmal made room and slogged the length delivery from outside off, it went high and McCullum ran back a bit at mid off to take the high catch, and that should be tea

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 2 INN
       Southee to Silva       85/1

Southee to Silva,OUT,gone, Southee strikes in the first over! Moved one way, brought one in and this one was bowled with a scrambled seam just outside off, Silva poked for the ball and it just took the outside edge for an easy catch to the keeper. Great start for New Zealand straightaway

       Boult to Sangakkara       94/2

Boult to Sangakkara,OUT,Boult has struck, he gets Sanga again with the outside edge! Accurate delivery just outside off on length, Sanga played inside the line again as the ball moved away and the outside edge was flying to first slip's right but Watling got there just in time with both hands for a nice catch

       Neesham to Thirimanne       181/3

Neesham to Thirimanne,OUT,whattay catch, Watling's a star, as good a catch as the one taken by Haddin at the MCG some time back! Neesham angled it across the batsman, Thirimanne drove and the thick edge was flying towards first slip but Watling leapt to his left to grab the ball with both hands

       Boult to Karunaratne       277/4

Boult to Karunaratne,OUT,bowled him, that's the big wicket with a peach of a delivery! Boult angled the ball in by pitching it on length on off, Dimuth played for the angle with a straight bat but the ball moved away and struck off stump. Wicket-taking delivery, no doubt

       Boult to Dickwella       287/5

Boult to Dickwella,OUT,Boult's on fire! He produces another edge from Dickwella's bat, with a short of length delivery this time, he pokes and the outside edge goes around chest height to Neesham at third slip

       Southee to Kaushal       307/6

Southee to Kaushal,OUT,can't keep it down this time, Southee's short stuff has worked! It was just outside off, Kaushal wanted to leave it but couldn't get his bat out of the way in time and a thick edge flew to second slip where Craig took the catch to his right over the shoulders

       Southee to Mathews       320/7

Southee to Mathews,OUT,another one for Southee, he's got the captain caught behind! It was bouncer angled in a little bit, Mathews stayed in the crease and pulled and the ball took a faint top edge for an easy catch for Watling. Big wicket for NZ

       Southee to Prasad       325/8

Southee to Prasad,OUT,he takes it this time, Taylor at slip! Southee's producing edges so often here Taylor gets another chance and he grabs it. Full delivery outside off, Prasad drove without any footwork and the edge went over Taylor's head but he held on to it this time

       Craig to Jayawardene       348/9

Craig to Jayawardene,OUT,the bowling change has done it - that's an easy catch for Southee at long-off. Craig pitched it around length outside off, Jayawardene came on the front foot and lofted it high in the air to hand an easy catch to Southee

       Boult to Lakmal       407/10

Boult to Lakmal,OUT,that's it, that's the last wicket and SL are all out. Lakmal swung his bat at this short of length ball outside off, got a leading edge high in the air and Southee pouched it at cover

Fall of wickets - New Zealand 2 INN
       Kaushal to Latham       23/1

Kaushal to Latham,OUT,he's got a wicket, beautiful flighted delivery on off, making Latham play and the ball turned away to take the outside edge for a catch to slip

       Eranga to Rutherford       43/2

Eranga to Rutherford,OUT,the angle works with the help of the extra bounce and Rutherford's gone! He banged in the short ball outside off, Rutherford had to defend awkwardly as the ball rose on him and the ball looped to Dickwella at gully

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