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Chennai Super Kings vs Dolphins
Finished : Chennai Super Kings won by 54 runs
Chennai Super Kings
( 20 overs )
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Chennai Super Kings 1 INN
       Maharaj to Smith       8/1

Maharaj to Smith,OUT,and there he goes! Smith tried to smack Maharaj over the long-on boundary again but this time he got a leading edge that flew towards deep mid-off. Zondo back-pedalled and judged the catch well, after initially mis-judging it. He managed to hold on to the ball as he tumbled backwards after catching it. Maharaj had cramped Smith for room by darting the ball into the right-hander

       Zondo to McCullum       99/2

Zondo to McCullum,OUT,McCullum has finally mis-timed one and he's been caught at deep midwicket. He tried to slog sweep Zondo but didn't get under the ball and only hit it as far as Smit, who was well inside the rope

       Frylinck to Raina       164/3

Frylinck to Raina,OUT,Raina's been caught at point! He tried to hit a full ball from far outside off stump on the leg side and got a top edge that flew high in the air and settled in Delport's hands. He's gone after playing a blinder

       Frylinck to Dhoni       174/4

Frylinck to Dhoni,OUT,bowled him first ball! Dhoni loses his middle and leg stumps to a yorker, hands on heads in the stands! He was caught in his crease and tried to close the face to play on the leg side, wasn't properly balanced either

       Alexander to du Plessis       190/5

Alexander to du Plessis,OUT,Faf's been caught at long-on now, he wanted to hit it straighter than that I think, but ended up dragging it to the fielder on the edge of the boundary. Van Jaarsveld ran to his right and took the catch

       Abbott to Bravo       222/6

Abbott to Bravo,OUT,caught at long-on! Bravo plays a flicky-loft down the ground. He timed it well but didn't get enough height on the shot, van Jaarsveld took the catch at head height

Fall of wickets - Dolphins 1 INN
       Ashwin to van Wyk       34/1

Ashwin to van Wyk,OUT,how has that been given lbw? Surely it pitched outside leg from round the wicket? Looked that way at first glance. Van Wyk attempted the sweep and missed this time, Ashwin appealed and the umpire K Srinath was quick to raise the finger. That ball pitched several inches outside leg stump, a really lousy decision

       Sharma to Delport       56/2

Sharma to Delport,OUT,bowled him! Delport's blaze of glory has come to an end via a slower ball that cut into him from outside off, he played too early and aimed for point and missed. CSK players - some look a bit shell shocked - converge in celebration. Delport's made some IPL owners sit up and take notice for sure.

       Sharma to Maharaj       90/3

Sharma to Maharaj,OUT,Maharaj's chancy innings is over. He stepped out and slogged wildly across the line. Mohit pitched on a good length and a straight line and beat the bat to hit the stumps

       Bravo to Chetty       115/4

Bravo to Chetty,OUT,caught at deep square leg! Another slower ball, on a good length, Chetty is cramped for room as he short-arm pulls it in the air ... Mohit Sharma takes the catch

       Bravo to van Jaarsveld       138/5

Bravo to van Jaarsveld,OUT,it's all over for van Jaarsveld, he was unable to do much against Bravo's slower balls and this time he slogs one straight to Smith at long-on, is that the end of the Dolphins challenge?

       Bravo to Smit       139/6

Bravo to Smit,OUT,that's happened there? Smit moved across his stumps to sweep a slow ball but missed. The ball lobbed up towards Dhoni's left, and Smit ran out of his crease before turning back after his partner said no. Dhoni got to the ball quickly and had an easy direct hit to make. He did not miss

       Nehra to Zondo       139/7

Nehra to Zondo,OUT,Dolphins are falling over now, Zondo slogs a length ball straight to long off, mis-timed it completely

       Nehra to Frylinck       152/8

Nehra to Frylinck,OUT,off stump has been knocked over. Nehra's had a tough day but it's getting better. He bowled a yorker and Frylinck missed it, he was trying to hit down the ground

       Sharma to Abbott       165/9

Sharma to Abbott,OUT,short of a length delivery, Abbott tries to pull but gets a bottom edge that goes on to his pad and then on to his stumps. That didn't just hit the pad once, the ball went from one leg on to the other and then on to the boot and then on to the stumps

       Sharma to Phehlukwayo       188/10

Sharma to Phehlukwayo,OUT,full and straight, the batsman swings across the line and misses, Mohit hits the stumps to bring an end to this run fest

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