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Chennai T20 vs Rajasthan T20
Finished : Chennai T20 won by 7 runs
Chennai T20
( 20 overs )
Rajasthan T20
( 19.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Chennai T20 1 INN
       Faulkner to McCullum       35/1

Faulkner to McCullum,OUT,Smithy, you absolute sensation! Three men were hunting down that catch, it was about to land just out of reach but he dives and sticks out both hand and plucks it out of it's trajectory! It was length but Baz hit it a little too high on the bat. It was a very difficult skier somewhere beyond the circle in the midwicket region but he was quick enough and athletic enough to pull it off

       Binny to Smith       59/2

Binny to Smith,OUT,that's instant revenge and Smith throws his head back! He's spliced a slower, back of a length ball down the throat of mid-off. He was trying his best to make some room to lash it quite a bit squarer than where it ended up but the ball struck him a little too high on the bat and he wasn't able to instill any power into the shot

       Bhatia to Raina       64/3

Bhatia to Raina,OUT,and finally the slower ball has him! It's not a short one though. Raina backed away to flay the good length offcutter through the off side and gets a thick outside edge that lobs to short third man. Kulkarni dives forward and plucks a pretty neat take

       Bhatia to Dhoni       71/4

Bhatia to Dhoni,OUT,This would have been a catch, but now it might well be a run-out. It was another legcutter and Dhoni was looking to force it down the ground. But the punch had no power in it. Bhatia dives to his right and gets the very tip of his fingers on it and luckily for Royals it strikes the stumps

       Tambe to Dhoni       74/5

Tambe to Dhoni,OUT,he's picked out deep square leg! Faulkner hardly had to move! Dhoni looked quite dangerous skipping down the track and he connected pretty cleanly as well. But he forgot all about the placement. A terribly soft dismissal considering the situation

       Bhatia to Manhas       101/6

Bhatia to Manhas,OUT,who needs pace when he can keep snapping batsmen up like that. Another leg cutter and I bet it was still well under 100ks. Manhas was looking to cut it into the gap behind point but the ball gained just a little more bounce and he steered it straight into the hands of the square fielder

Fall of wickets - Rajasthan T20 1 INN
       Pandey to Nayar       10/1

Pandey to Nayar,OUT,fullish and curling in again as Nayar swings across the line. There's a big leg before appeal and the batsman has absently wandered down the pitch. McCullum swoops down on the ball from short cover and races over to the keeper's end and flicks the bails off. Terrific presence of mind from the NZ captain

       Ashwin to Rahane       37/2

Ashwin to Rahane,OUT,goes for the slog sweep and he's picked out the man in the deep! He had to drag a good length ball that went on with the arm, which hampers his timing and Manhas at deep square leg holds on easily

       Jadeja to Watson       44/3

Jadeja to Watson,OUT,slowed it up this time and the extra flight dupes him. Watson doesn't hold back as he goes over the top again. This time it's the leading edge that gains more height than distance. Hilfy was at long-off and leaps up to hold down a pretty good catch. Think he was very worried about the rope, but it was well behind him

       Jadeja to Samson       44/4

Jadeja to Samson,OUT,that's two in two! Jadeja gets reward for floating it up in the air. Samson is forward and looks to clip through midwicket, closes the face too early and gets a leading edge that is pouched by the bowler himself. Punches the air and screams in triumph

       Sharma to Binny       63/5

Sharma to Binny,OUT,right down Faf's throat at long-off. Binny chooses a very bad shot there as he looks to smite it down the ground. Gets it off the bottom of the bat, which turns in his hands, and Faf controls a simple catch

       Jadeja to Smith       75/6

Jadeja to Smith,OUT,Faf has been put at long-off and it goes straight to him! Jaddu pulled his length back a little but Smith still went after it. But he picked out the fielder. Punches his bat in disgust

       Pandey to Faulkner       80/7

Pandey to Faulkner,OUT,he's nicked off! There wasn't much of an appeal from the keeper but Ishwar knew it straight away. Fullish delivery nibbling away outside off, Faulkner chases after it and gets a pretty thick edge. That's the strategic time out as well

       Jadeja to Southee       85/8

Jadeja to Southee,OUT,off stump is pegged back and Jaddu is on a roll! It was flat, it skidded off the deck and it sneaked below Southee's intended cut

       Hilfenhaus to Bhatia       113/9

Hilfenhaus to Bhatia,OUT,shortish again and Bhatia goes for a pull. Only succeeds in getting a top edge that soars into the night sky before settling in the hands of Ashwin in the covers

       Ashwin to Kulkarni       133/10

Ashwin to Kulkarni,1 run, OUT,low full toss outside off, Kulkarni has thumped it down to long-on.Kulkarni has racing to retain strike, Tambe has to go for the two but he just camped at the strikers and said no. Kulkarni was the only man who could have got those runs, no matter how much Tambe explains after being out by yards

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