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Kolkata T20 vs Mumbai T20
Finished : Kolkata T20 won by 41 runs
Kolkata T20
( 20 overs )
Mumbai T20
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Kolkata T20 1 INN
       Malinga to Gambhir       4/1

Malinga to Gambhir,OUT,what a yorker! Gambhir was so late on it and he throws a little look back at the stumps. That slingy action brought the ball back in at him and his jittery stay in the middle ends in the most emphatic fashion

       Malinga to Pandey       135/2

Malinga to Pandey,OUT,that stumps are in disarray again! Another Malinga yorker finds its mark. He was making room to try and open up the off side which made it all the more complicated for him to intervene with the ball's trajectory and off stump is knocked back

       Khan to Uthappa       144/3

Khan to Uthappa,OUT,safely taken! The knucke ball brings Mumbai back into the game. Uthappa was lured into playing an expansive drive on the up and he was an age too early into the shot. Gets a leading edge and perishes in quite a tame fashion

       Malinga to Kallis       145/4

Malinga to Kallis,OUT,taken at long-off! Anderson, you beaty! This was full on middle and Kallis made a little room to blast it down the ground. Didn't get as much bat as he would have liked as the fielder rushes in and dives forward to pick up a neat, low catch! That was plucked inches off the ground. Asked the fielder if it was a clean catch, Anderson nods and off he walks

       Malinga to Shakib Al Hasan       149/5

Malinga to Shakib Al Hasan,OUT,caught at the edge of the circle at cover! Fuller delivery on off stump and Shakib tries to force the pace by shoveling it over the infield. The ball was too full to get under as well as he would have liked. Mumbai stringing some quiet and successful overs in the death here

Fall of wickets - Mumbai T20 1 INN
       Narine to Hussey       24/1

Narine to Hussey,OUT,castled! Skids on after pitching and sneaks through his bat and pad. Huss' feet fail him once again as this one is pitched on a good length and deviates in at him. He looked all at sea trying to keep that out and by the time he played his shot the middle stump was knocked back

       Shakib Al Hasan to Tare       40/2

Shakib Al Hasan to Tare,OUT,goes straight up in the air and Shakib himself takes the catch, albeit after a bit of a juggle. Deceived in flight as he charged down the pitch and swung across the line without getting to the pitch. Leading edge spells his doom

       Morkel to Sharma       101/3

Morkel to Sharma,OUT,143kph, off the bottom of the bat and his luck runs out this time. It was full and angled in at him. Rohit was looking to clear the midwicket boundary this time but Kallis had to make a bit of ground to his left and he overran it initially. But a timely little dive helps him hold it safely. Strategic time out now

       Narine to Rayudu       106/4

Narine to Rayudu,OUT,he has it on the second time, Uthappa is seriously chuffed with that. This was the one that goes the other way and like the last time the batsman misread it. Keeper does though and in his excitement he missed the bails the first time, but Rayudu was so far down the track he has enough time to remedy his mistake

       Narine to Anderson       113/5

Narine to Anderson,OUT,off stump is knocked back and Anderson's much awaited debut in the tournament ends up an anti-climax. Flighted on off stump and it turns back in. The slog over midwicket fails again and this time it signals the end of his innings

       Narine to Harbhajan Singh       113/6

Narine to Harbhajan Singh,OUT,how much did that turn! Pitched on leg stump and turned right across the tail-ender's slog to disturb the off stump. A legspinner would be proud of that

       Chawla to Gautam       122/7

Chawla to Gautam,OUT,that's emphatic. Misreads the googly as he races down the track. Misses wildly and Uthappa breaks the stumps. Kolkata beat the defending champions by 41 runs, their biggest win over Mumbai

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