Live Cricket Scores
Leicestershire vs Essex
Finished : Leicestershire won by 34 runs
( 40.3 overs )
( 32.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Leicestershire 1 INN
       Napier to O'Brien       16/1

Napier to O'Brien,OUT

       Phillips to Smith       46/2

Phillips to Smith,OUT

       Masters to Boyce       51/3

Masters to Boyce,OUT

       Phillips to Robson       57/4

Phillips to Robson,OUT

       Masters to Thakor       58/5

Masters to Thakor,OUT

       Westley to Redfern       121/6

Westley to Redfern,OUT

       Napier to Wells       134/7

Napier to Wells,OUT

       Napier to Naik       134/8

Napier to Naik,OUT

       Napier to Ireland       140/9

Napier to Ireland,OUT

       Napier to Shreck       142/9

Napier to Shreck,OUT

Fall of wickets - Essex 1 INN
       Ireland to Pettini       3/1

Ireland to Pettini,OUT

       Ireland to Westley       6/2

Ireland to Westley,OUT

       Ireland to Smith       6/3

Ireland to Smith,OUT

       Ireland to Ryder       29/4

Ireland to Ryder,OUT

       Shreck to Bopara       33/5

Shreck to Bopara,OUT

       Thakor to ten Doeschate       70/6

Thakor to ten Doeschate,OUT

       Thakor to Napier       72/7

Thakor to Napier,OUT

       Thakor to Foster       77/8

Thakor to Foster,OUT

       Shreck to Masters       85/9

Shreck to Masters,OUT

       Shreck to Phillips       108/9

Shreck to Phillips,OUT

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