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West Indies vs Bangladesh
Stumps : Bangladesh trail by 276 runs with 3 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
West Indies
( 124 overs )
( 42 overs )
Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Shafiul Islam to Brathwaite       143/1

Shafiul Islam to Brathwaite,OUT,short, wide, and that was an absolutely rubbish delivery, but those often get you wickets, and Brathwaite reached for this, didn't get over the bounce, and scooped a simple catch to the man at point

       Taijul Islam to Johnson       145/2

Taijul Islam to Johnson,OUT,he gestures to review this after consulting Edwards, and the umpire says he's taken too long, and I think that's a good thing for West Indies, because this looked out. It turned in sharply from outside off as he plonked his front foot halfway forward. It beat his inside edge and hit his front pad on the line of off stump, I think. The umpire's finger went up straight away. Ah. Here are the replays. Whoa. Hawkeye says it hit him in line with middle and was turning down leg!

       Mahmudullah to Edwards       185/3

Mahmudullah to Edwards,OUT,and out of the blue Bangladesh manage to pluck another one as Edwards hits this tossed up delivery outside off from Mahmudullah, straight to the man at cover, who dives slightly forward to take the catch. Edwards walks off dismayed, and the locals give out a cheer as Shivnarine Chanderpaul heads to the middle

       Robiul Islam to Bravo       251/4

Robiul Islam to Bravo,OUT,Bangladesh may have just unearthed their first wicket this morning as Bravo, whose patience is being severely tested, goes after a full delivery outside off, with the ball appearing to get a top edge on the way to the keeper. The umpire gives this one out but Bravo asks for the review straightaway. Replays show that there is indeed a big nick off the bat as the ball travels through to Mushfiqur. And the on-field umpire confirms the decision to send Lara 2.0 back to the shed

       Al-Amin Hossain to Blackwood       268/5

Al-Amin Hossain to Blackwood,OUT,and Al-Amin responds to the previous indiscretion with a beauty of a ball which finds the outside edge of Blackwood's bat as this flies high to Anamul Haque at slip, who takes it safely. Just what the doctor ordered as far as Bangladesh are concerned. Blackwood will be furious with himself as he trudges back to the pavilion

       Al-Amin Hossain to Ramdin       268/6

Al-Amin Hossain to Ramdin,OUT,Al-Amin is on a roll! Ramdin didn't even get a chance to settle as the pacers draw the right-hander forward with a back of a length ball which catches the outside edge as Mushfiqur accepts the chance gleefully. Bangladesh are over the moon as they celebrate out in the middle, as Ramdin could have proven a major thorn in the side for the visitors

       Shafiul Islam to Roach       269/7

Shafiul Islam to Roach,OUT,and there's another! It's the full, wide tempter that just shapes away as Roach drives away from his body, and the edge goes through at a nice waist height to Mushfiqur

       Taijul Islam to Taylor       323/8

Taijul Islam to Taylor,OUT,aaaand they finally hold on to one. It's tossed up outside off, and he looks to clear the long-on fielder but can only hit it straight down his throat

       Al-Amin Hossain to Benn       375/9

Al-Amin Hossain to Benn,OUT,its a wonder how these rubbish deliveries get a wicket. Benn, enticed by the short ball on a leg-stump line, ends up hooking the fast bowler straight to deep fine leg, who takes the catch on the second chance after bobbling the initial take just in front of him. West Indies nine down, and Bangladesh look to wrap them up in a hurry

       Robiul Islam to Gabriel       380/10

Robiul Islam to Gabriel,OUT,and Robiul cleans up Gabriel as Chanderpaul is left high and dry (remember the last Test anyone?) as he misses out on another century with yet another 80-odd score. Gabriel was woefully late on this length ball on off as he only brings down the bat just as the timber falls over

Fall of wickets - Bangladesh 1 INN
       Roach to Shamsur Rahman       14/1

Roach to Shamsur Rahman,OUT,and he's gone! It was sliding down the leg side, poor ball really, and Shamsur looked to flick and only got a little tickle on it. Ramdin was already moving towards the leg side, and then he threw himself further in that direction to take the catch one-handed

       Roach to Anamul Haque       43/2

Roach to Anamul Haque,OUT,Roach earns a well-deserved reward but Anamul will be kicking himself in the manner in which he was dismissed. Bowls in that same fourth/fifth stump line outside off as Anamul, who was trying to withdraw the bat, ends up being a tad late as the ball hits the bottom of it to spoon a chance to the slip fielder, who was only too willing to grab at it

       Roach to Tamim Iqbal       62/3

Roach to Tamim Iqbal,OUT,Roach is simply world-class as he is paid for his perseverence outside off, as Tamim, just two runs shy of a well-earned fifty, ends up chasing after this back of a length ball which tails away, pushing at it feebly before Ramdin completed the take

       Taylor to Mominul Haque       65/4

Taylor to Mominul Haque,OUT,what a catch that is! That was short, and he was looking to punch that square on the off side, with the angle, but it came back into him, and flew off his inside edge to the right of short leg, and Blackwood dived full-length and took a simply magnificent one-handed catch. He would have had no idea the ball was coming his way, considering where Mominul was looking to hit it, so to react that quickly was just unearthly

       Taylor to Mushfiqur Rahim       68/5

Taylor to Mushfiqur Rahim,OUT,timber! This one cuts in from outside off, and removes the off stump from its mooring after finding the gap between Mushfiqur's bat and pad. Lovely length, had him pinned to the crease to open up that gap

       Roach to Nasir Hossain       69/6

Roach to Nasir Hossain,OUT,and another. This one straightens just outside off, and Nasir pokes away from his body and nicks it through to the keeper. Roach now has four

       Roach to Taijul Islam       89/7

Roach to Taijul Islam,OUT,they had a third man two-thirds of the way back, and Taijul has dumped this straight into his hands. Was always coming, considering the length Roach was bowling, and considering how uncomfortable he was looking against that length. Slashed at this, and it went straight to the man placed there for that very shot. Five wickets for Roach

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