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England vs India
Stumps : India trail by 544 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 163.4 overs )
( 14 overs )
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Mohammed Shami to Robson       55/1

Mohammed Shami to Robson,OUT,Jaddu takes it now at third slip! It was back of a length and had Robson caught in the crease. He had to play and just that inch of away movement is enough for the outside edge. Comfortable grab to the fielder's right

       Jadeja to Cook       213/2

Jadeja to Cook,OUT,slides down the leg side, Cook tries to whip it away and there's a huge cry for caught behind and it's given out! Cook falls five short of a century, a great shame for him but he'll surely take the 95 after his desperate run recently. Simply complete misfortunate there for Cook, it just skidded on and he was perhaps trying to play with too square a bat, it was a faint tickle and a smart catch from Dhoni. There's a little spike on Real Time Snicko

       Sharma to Ballance       355/3

Sharma to Ballance,OUT,turn, bounce, outside edge, is it? Yes says the umpire and the part-timer has produced a dream of a ball! This was drifting in on middle and Ballance was deep in his crease to try and nudge it into the leg side again, but the ball gripped the deck and misbehaves. Ballance is squared up and pokes, Dhoni grabs a good take. Oopsy, there wasn't an edge there. The deflection was off the trousers!

       Kumar to Root       378/4

Kumar to Root,OUT,Root tries to advance and feels for a ball a foot and a half wide of off stump and nicks it behind! So the one-over spell tactic works! Root trying to force the pace ends up feathering a catch behind to a ball that just left him slightly and bounced a little too. Root seemed to struggle for his touch, as 3 runs in 25 balls suggests

       Kumar to Ali       420/5

Kumar to Ali,OUT,Ali cannot get the short-ball bogey off his back! He has seen Bhuvi dig this in early, so early that he's into a pull instinctively and realises the ball is just now reaching him. Shaves the bottom edge and lobs to the cordon where Rahane dives across from second slip in front of Dhawan at first to snap a lovely catch

       Kumar to Bell       526/6

Kumar to Bell,OUT,down the wicket comes Bell, looks to swing through the line but misjudges it and it's taken from mid-off. Completely mistimed from Bell and a simple catch taken by Pankaj. Bell walks off to a tremendous ovation, it's been a pleasure to watch and he's kicked England on very nicely

       Jadeja to Buttler       569/7

Jadeja to Buttler,OUT,flat delivery just outside off, Buttler stepped back to try and pull but he gets an inside edge onto the off stump so the fun comes to an end. A superb innings from Buttler, such clean striking but that was too full to pull and Buttler dragged it into his own timbers

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Anderson to Dhawan       17/1

Anderson to Dhawan,OUT,squares him up, takes the outside edge and Dhawan has to walk back! This new angle makes his away swinger all the more deadly, he had to play at it and his technique means he doesn't get across to cover the line. Outside edge sails to Cook at slip, who can't have a bigger smile than he did

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