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Pakistan vs Australia
Stumps : Australia require another 379 runs with 6 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Johnson to Mohammad Hafeez       1/1

Johnson to Mohammad Hafeez,OUT,there we go! Searing yorker at 144 kph and its struck full on his toe! The inswing had him in a right tangle, he had to play around his front pad, head falling over awfully. He seemed right in line with all three stumps. Should not have gone for the review, but he has. And by all accounts, he's wasted one. Brutal pace and dangerous swing gets him. Johnson unstoppable

       Siddle to Ahmed Shehzad       7/2

Siddle to Ahmed Shehzad,OUT,oopsy, he's bowled around his legs. Both openers back in the hut! This is a good length ball angled in at him, Shehzad tries to use it and clip it away through midwicket. But he was jumped too far across outside off and exposes his sticks. Siddle locks on target and nails it

       Johnson to Azhar Ali       115/3

Johnson to Azhar Ali,OUT,he's struck! Azhar's laziness has sneaked through and he has to depart. Teases him with a fuller ball outside off and gets the uppish drive in reply. Doolan is at short cover and snaffles up a simple catch. Vents his frustration by slamming the bat down on the turf

       Johnson to Younis Khan       198/4

Johnson to Younis Khan,OUT,he's struck again! Johnson has a knack of keeping any game alive. This jagged back in, that movement surprised Younis and the pace was too quick for him, at least judging by how late he brought the bat down from that high backlift. Struck on the top flap of the back pad. The on-field up gave it out, Younis went for a review. Three reds is the reply. Brilliant innings comes to an end off a brilliant ball. Walks off with his bat raised and to generous applause. First Pakistani to hit centuries against all Test-playing nations, by the way

       Smith to Misbah-ul-Haq       291/5

Smith to Misbah-ul-Haq,OUT,there's the breakthrough Australia gambled for! Misbah eyed a flighted ball on middle and wanted to launch it over long-on again. This time though he hasn't timed it. The bat face closed on impact and limits his power so much that it lands safely in the hands of Mitch Johnson

       O'Keefe to Asad Shafiq       415/6

O'Keefe to Asad Shafiq,OUT,that's a top edge and O'Keefe has a maiden Test wicket, and Marsh gets his first Test catch as well. Gets a little too much under a good length ball on off stump and gets more height than distance. Square leg runs back and picks up the catch over his shoulder

       O'Keefe to Yasir Shah       442/7

O'Keefe to Yasir Shah,OUT,bests Warne's debut with another wicket! Another big shot is skewed away where it should not have gone. Gets the leading edge, because he was slogging against the turn, simple catch for Rogers. Flight helps out O'Keefe

       Lyon to Zulfiqar Babar       454/7

Lyon to Zulfiqar Babar,1 run,goes back and taps a good length ball towards third man. Babar's still not happy with that right hand of his

       Lyon to Sarfraz Ahmed       454/8

Lyon to Sarfraz Ahmed,OUT,goes around the wicket and pushes this good length ball with the arm. Goes for a sweep and misses completely, Haddin whips the bails off in a flash and Sarfraz, having stretched too far forward, hasn't pushed his back leg to safety. Hammers his bat onto his pad in disappointment and that means it is tea Goes back to the dressing room who are all standing and gets a hug from Misbah

       Lyon to Rahat Ali       454/9

Lyon to Rahat Ali,OUT,oy, he's slogged a length ball straight down the throat of deep midwicket. This was a good length ball pushed across Rahat from around the wicket. Played a typical tailenders slog and is caught out in the deep

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Rahat Ali to Rogers       128/1

Rahat Ali to Rogers,OUT,he's played on, he had timed almost nothing this morning on the off side, especially on the cut, he moves across to a short of a length ball that climbs sharply, is in a pretty awkward position as he tries to chop it, it comes in a tad and takes a thick inside edge onto the stumps

       Zulfiqar Babar to Doolan       151/2

Zulfiqar Babar to Doolan,OUT,Rahat is rather slow in getting to this push at mid on and letting go of the throw, but he's found the stumps direct, and replays show Doolan is just short of his ground, his bat is on the line as the bails come off, he was always struggling for that single and had to run wider to avoid the bowler, Rahat was close by but they still went for the run

       Zulfiqar Babar to Clarke       158/3

Zulfiqar Babar to Clarke,OUT,they have the big one, Clarke has to go, he's been caught in the leg trap, Babar slanted it in off a length, no turn, Clarke half forward to try and defend, bad choice, as it hurries in and bounces, takes the inside edge onto pad, and pops up to short leg

       Yasir Shah to Smith       206/4

Yasir Shah to Smith,OUT,legspinner strikes on debut, Smith has failed to keep the cut down on this short and wide ball, which has bounced and carried comfortably to point, Yasir is delighted

       Yasir Shah to Warner       207/5

Yasir Shah to Warner,OUT,but he follows that turner with a ripper, and Warner has no answer, lots of flight, huge turn and bounce, Warner tries to play it off the back foot, but it jags past the outside edge to strike middle, Warner is so disappointed he flings his gloves away as he walks past the boundary rope

       Imran Khan to Haddin       249/6

Imran Khan to Haddin,OUT,the new ball has worked immediately, and Imran Khan has his first Test wicket, Haddin has a rather loose drive at one that straightens from a good length outside off, and the inside edge sends the bails flying, the hard new ball could have been productive for Australia, but needed a better choice of stroke from Haddin

       Zulfiqar Babar to Marsh       262/7

Zulfiqar Babar to Marsh,OUT,loud shout for leg before as Marsh gets a long stride forward, umpire Erasmus says no, and Pakistan review, this did not turn, and Marsh was beaten on the inside edge, that is hitting middle and leg, and Marsh has to walk back this time

       Mohammad Hafeez to Siddle       267/8

Mohammad Hafeez to Siddle,OUT,Pakistan nip out another one, Siddle tries to sweep with the turn, misses, is hit below the knee roll, umpire Kettleborough upholds the appeal this time, Australia review, but that is hitting leg, replays say, not clipping, but hitting flush

       Rahat Ali to Johnson       299/9

Rahat Ali to Johnson,OUT,Rahat removes Johnson with the short ball, it gets really big on Johnson, who tries to hook it, but manages a nothing connection in the end, and it travels tamely to deep square leg

       Yasir Shah to O'Keefe       303/10

Yasir Shah to O'Keefe,OUT,that'll do, Yasir picks up his third, O'Keefe slogs at a length ball outside off, and the top edge is taken by Misbah running back at square leg

Fall of wickets - Pakistan 2 INN
       O'Keefe to Azhar Ali       71/1

O'Keefe to Azhar Ali,OUT,there it is! A teasing delivery, looping the ball up above the eyeline, Azhar is lured into an expansive shot. It turns to grab the outside edge. Haddin rises with the ball, follows it with his hands and grabs it with his webbing. Brilliant work, if with a little bit of luck

       O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad       239/2

O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad,OUT,oh, has he been struck in front?! The umpire reckons so, but Shehzad goes for a review. This was a nicely flighted delivery, pitching on off and keeping its line. The batsman went for a reverse sweep in hopes of upping the ante, but seems to be struck in front of off stump. Hawk Eye confirms it and says umpire's call with respect to the ball going on and hitting the stumps

Fall of wickets - Australia 2 INN
       Zulfiqar Babar to Warner       44/1

Zulfiqar Babar to Warner,OUT,oopsy! Those deliveries were always the threat, the ones that keep going on with the arm. Warner was coming down the pitch to try and ease it through the covers. But he is beaten in the flight - in that there wasn't mich - and without the turn he was looking for, Warner is stranded. Sarfraz whips off the bails to spark the celebrations

       Zulfiqar Babar to Doolan       44/2

Zulfiqar Babar to Doolan,OUT,not this time! Another slider from Zulfiqar and this time Doolan plays a little across the line. Struck on the pads as he is beaten and he looked quite dead. Asks his partner about the review, Rogers might have said why not. But Doolan's decided against it. Walks off.

       Yasir Shah to Clarke       49/3

Yasir Shah to Clarke,OUT,he's gone! Clarke stands, sighs and then walks up to wonder about the review. That means he hasn't got bat to it, or doesn't know it if has.... He's walking off! This was another slider from the young leggie, brought Clarke forward to play for the turn and is struck in front of off stump again. Terrific bowling.

       Yasir Shah to Lyon       49/4

Yasir Shah to Lyon,OUT,they're falling like flies! This was looped up on middle and leg, Lyon plays for it and is playing around the front pad. Misses it and the ball turns just enough to convince Kettleborough that it would crash into off stump

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