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India vs England
In Progress : England trail by 285 runs with 6 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 161 overs )
( 59.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Anderson to Dhawan       33/1

Anderson to Dhawan,OUT,superbly taken by Prior! Whatever happened to that hamstring? Anderson pushes the length up, gets it to deviate just enough to catch the edge of Dhawan's bat.. He was looking to push tentatively.. The edge would have gone to first slip but Prior dives to his left to pluck out a one-hander. Anderson's 50th wicket in Trent Bridge

       Anderson to Pujara       106/2

Anderson to Pujara,OUT,whoa!! That is an awesome catch and an awesome trap! Ian Bell you beauty, he takes a screamer at silly mid-on, diving full length to his right to pluck a one-hander! It held on to the wicket a bit and Pujara pushed it in the air tentatively. Super strike just after lunch.

       Broad to Kohli       107/3

Broad to Kohli,OUT,pitch! What pitch! England have had some magic potion during lunch. He bowls an absolute gem outside off, it straightens after pitching, Kohli has to play at that, it catches the shoulder of the bat and lands in second-slip's palms.. Two in two overs.

       Plunkett to Rahane       178/4

Plunkett to Rahane,OUT,Cook has taken it this time! Well done for keeping his eyes on the ball! Short ball on off, Rahane, who was flustered by that short ball earlier, goes for the pull and he is too early into the shot, he gets a toe and the ball ricochets straight to Cook at silly point. Picture that. The pull, the ball going to silly point off the toe. Strange dismissal, but that is reward for some smart bowling here. It falls into Cook's lap

       Anderson to Vijay       304/5

Anderson to Vijay,OUT,angling back in and struck high on the pad... given by Bruce Oxenford! Vijay immediately resorts to DRS looks rather forlornly at the umpire and then drags himself away for a magnificent 146. That looked high to me at first glance, actually hit the thigh pad - though Oxenford could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that no delivery was going to pass over the stumps on this pitch

       Stokes to Jadeja       344/6

Stokes to Jadeja,OUT,the lunch break has brought a wicket for England! This is a poor shot from Jadeja who looks to whack it through covers without ever moving his feet. It's another thing that there was no width on that either. All he could manage was a thick outside edge to the keeper. More of a T20 shot there.

       Stokes to Dhoni       345/7

Stokes to Dhoni,OUT,he is dead here! Dhoni has been found out by a direct hit from mid-off. Dhoni looked for a quick single with a soft push and he is a quick man, but Anderson is quick himself. He fires it on to the non-striker's end to wake up everyone.. No one was expecting that run out till it hit the stumps

       Stokes to Binny       345/8

Stokes to Binny,OUT,and another! This is unravelling rather quickly! Stokes serves it up full and wide, Binny goes after, gets a solid connection on that but unfortunately for him, it's aimed straight at Root at point.

       Broad to Sharma       346/9

Broad to Sharma,OUT,Ishant's judgment has got the better of him! He shoulders arms to a straight one and loses his off stump..No celebrations from Broad this time

       Ali to Kumar       457/10

Ali to Kumar,OUT,tries to repeat the shot but he has holed out to mid-on this time, bringing an end to England's misery, just before the new ball was due

Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Mohammed Shami to Cook       9/1

Mohammed Shami to Cook,OUT,he is got him! Cook's horror run continues! He loses his leg stump. Smart bowling from Shami as Cook was repeatedly exposing his stumps in the previous over, walking too far over to the off side. Shami keeps it straight and simple, targets the stumps, gets it to wobble just enough to beat the batsman's attempted push to the leg side, hits the pads along the way and then bingo..

       Sharma to Robson       134/2

Sharma to Robson,OUT,nip back again, rapped in front - and given! He was stuck a little on the crease, good ball from Ishant and India have the traditional post-lunch breakthrough! Robson purses his lips, maybe thinks he got some bat on it... There was a faint sound, though looked a good appeal first up. There's no option to review but Robson will doubtless be told back in the changing room that Hot Spot picked up an inside edge

       Sharma to Ballance       154/3

Sharma to Ballance,OUT,pitched up, pinned in front again, Ishant gets his man! Oxenford nods his assent, definitely no bat involved this time, Ishant does a dance of delight - he's done it again, both of England's set batsmen sent back to the changing room. This was a cracker of a ball to Ballance, who is a little uncertain on that line, it straightened enough to beat the inside edge and hit halfway up the front leg

       Sharma to Bell       172/4

Sharma to Bell,OUT,shortish, outside off... and Bell dabs it through to Dhoni!

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