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Hobart Hurricanes vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Finished : Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Hobart Hurricanes
( 20 overs )
Kolkata Knight Riders
( 19.1 overs )
Fall of wickets - Hobart Hurricanes 1 INN
       Russell to Michael       4/1

Russell to Michael,OUT,beauty! Russell abandons his followthrough, dives to his right and plucks out a smart catch. He'd forced a mistake from the batsman with a shortish ball on off stump, Michael was looking to nudge it into the midwicket region, was too quick on it again, and lobs a leading edge back to the bowler

       Pathan to Blizzard       13/2

Pathan to Blizzard,OUT,first-ball duck! Blizzard's luck runs out! There was no turn for Yusuf, it simply skidded on after pitching on middle. The batsman was waiting on the back foot and is forced to hurry on the flick. Struck on the pads, rather low. Umpire S Ravi reckons that would have hit leg stump. But there was a big inside edge!

       Kuldeep Yadav to Dunk       46/3

Kuldeep Yadav to Dunk,OUT,another cut, this time it is not off the edge. But Dunk has not bothered to keep it down again and point has snagged a simple catch over his head. He was always looking to be aggressive it the ball was short, but Kuldeep's turn has done him in there

       Narine to Birt       77/4

Narine to Birt,OUT,runs down the track and slogs. This ball turned in, having gripped the pitch to ruin his timing. Birt went through with the shot, even if he knew he wasn't to the pitch, and offers a simple take to deep midwicket

       Chawla to Wells       91/5

Chawla to Wells,OUT,looked for point when he should have been aiming at long-on! This was fuller and quicker, Wells stays put in his crease and tries to slice it and ends up with his middle stump pegged back

       Russell to Gulbis       135/6

Russell to Gulbis,1 run, OUT,slapped away into the off side and they're going for a second. It's the last over, they need every run they can get but this one's too risky. Gulbis is not quite quick enough

Fall of wickets - Kolkata Knight Riders 1 INN
       Bollinger to Gambhir       20/1

Bollinger to Gambhir,OUT,flicked to short midwicket! He's been absorbing several deliveries, he's been bothered by a few short ones. And now he's picked out the fielder off a good length ball that was angled on the pads

       Doherty to Uthappa       44/2

Doherty to Uthappa,OUT,ouch, cries the middle stump! A little too much improvisation from Uthappa as he moves outside leg to loft the ball over extra cover, but Doherty is wise to the ploy and fires it into the blockhole. Batsman misses, Bowler hits and roars

       Laughlin to Pandey       107/3

Laughlin to Pandey,OUT,full and outside off, Pandey has launched it down the throat of long-on. He's used that region to profit in this innings but that's become his end this time

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