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Bangladesh vs West Indies
Finished : West Indies won by 3 wickets (with 62 balls remaining)
( 50 overs )
West Indies
( 39.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Bangladesh 1 INN
       Holder to Tamim Iqbal       41/1

Holder to Tamim Iqbal,OUT,caught at short midwicket this time! Pollard did not catch the previous one that was a little to his right but this time the catch is straight at him and he holds it. It was a short one from Holder and Tamim pulled firmly, so that's a smart catch

       DJ Bravo to Anamul Haque       69/2

DJ Bravo to Anamul Haque,2 runs, OUT,drama in Grenada! Anamul might have thought it was a free hit because he charged down the pitch and slogged the ball to deep midwicket. The single was easy, the second was easy, but the wasn't so straightforward. The batsmen began to run the third and then they collided in the middle of the pitch. Kayes scrambled to try and make it but he was well short at the time the stumps were broken by Ramdin. The collision took place somewhere near short midwicket, that is ridiculous running, both batsmen might have been watching the ball.

       DJ Bravo to Shamsur Rahman       80/3

DJ Bravo to Shamsur Rahman,OUT,I thought that appeal was initially to persuade the umpire not to call a wide down leg side but it looks like Shamsur has tickled an ordinary delivery straight to Ramdin. Umpire Kettleborough took an age to raise his finger. The delivery from Bravo was fairly innocuous, on a length and sliding down leg, the batsman should have glanced that for four

       Gayle to Mushfiqur Rahim       117/4

Gayle to Mushfiqur Rahim,OUT,caught by a tumbling Narine behind the keeper! Down on one knee, Mushfiqur attempted the powerful sweep but top edged it. The ball lobbed directly over Ramdin's head but Narine was able to move quickly enough to his right from short fine leg and take the catch, he fell to the ground and rolled as he did so. Narine surprised me with that effort

       DJ Bravo to Mahmudullah       141/5

DJ Bravo to Mahmudullah,OUT,and he has bowled him! Bravo has produced the goods as he gets Mahmudullah playing all around this one going down the leg side, with the ball going off his thigh pad onto the leg stump. Unfortunate dismissal there for Bangladesh, but they all count

       Rampaul to Nasir Hossain       194/6

Rampaul to Nasir Hossain,OUT,and West Indies finally manage to pickup a wicket as Nasir, looking to heave this over the bowler through the leg side, ends up mishitting the length delivery from Rampaul straight into the air, with Ramdin coming around to complete an easy catch. But before we get to that, the umpires are asking to check for a front foot no-ball, and it looks very tight. It would be harsh for the umpire to rule against the bowler there. But they decide all is good, and that Nasir is indeed out. He was just having a wild swing at that one, which is to be expected at this point of the innings.

       Rampaul to Sohag Gazi       201/7

Rampaul to Sohag Gazi,OUT,Gazi drives the ball firmly to cover where Gayle makes the stop. There's no single on offer but Anamul has run too far down the pitch so Gazi sacrifices his wicket to let Anamul bat through to the end. Bonus there for West Indies, but a little bit too late I think.

       DJ Bravo to Mashrafe Mortaza       217/8

DJ Bravo to Mashrafe Mortaza,OUT,this time Mortaza is able to connect with one of Bravo's well-crafted slower balls, but this one was hit higher than farther, with Pollard, who is at deep midwicket, timing his run to complete the catch safely

       DJ Bravo to Anamul Haque       217/9

DJ Bravo to Anamul Haque,OUT,Bravo manages to secure a fortuitous wicket as Anamul stretches out on the off side, looking to flick this one off middle stump behind square, but instead succeeds in getting himself out leg before in the process

Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Mashrafe Mortaza to Gayle       9/1

Mashrafe Mortaza to Gayle,OUT,and Bangladesh have got their man as the pressure sustained by Mortaza and Gazi has finally paid off. Gayle, who looks like he may have just ran out of patience, decides to go into overdrive as he looks to clear the off side to a fuller ball delivered outside off. Gayle succeeds in spooning this one high over to third man, who is able to get under it and take the catch comfortably. Big blow for the West Indies as they would have been keen to have Gayle stick around for a little while longer.

       Al-Amin Hossain to DM Bravo       20/2

Al-Amin Hossain to DM Bravo,OUT,and Al-Amin strikes in his first over as he gets Bravo to have a whiff at one just outside off, with Bravo getting an outside edge which almost seems to steer itself into Mushfiqur's waiting hands. Bravo will be kicking himself as he looked to get on after that initial boundary. Bangladesh truly on top at the moment.

       Mahmudullah to Edwards       20/3

Mahmudullah to Edwards,OUT,you just knew this was going to happen eventually as Edwards' miserable stay at the crease comes to an acrimonious end as he looks to sweep Mahmudullah in front of square, but completely misses the ball entirely, as it proceeds to spin onto his stumps behind him

       Al-Amin Hossain to Simmons       22/4

Al-Amin Hossain to Simmons,OUT,Al-Amin strikes again as Simmons' stay ends prematurely. Al-Amin gets this one to shape away at the last second upon pitching, as the batsman looked to play away from the body. Mushfiqur is able to collect an easy take from behind as West Indies slump to 22 for 4 inside of 12 overs. A rather bleak-looking Richie Richardson looks on...

       Al-Amin Hossain to DJ Bravo       34/5

Al-Amin Hossain to DJ Bravo,OUT,it is not very often a lousy ball gets a wicket, but this is definitely one of those cases as Bravo, who really should have deposited this short ball from Al-Amin which was begging to be hit, but instead hits this straight down square leg's throat, who is not going to miss such an offering. Another soft dismissal from West Indies, and they are truly capitulating with just a quarter of the innings through

       Sohag Gazi to Ramdin       179/6

Sohag Gazi to Ramdin,OUT,and Sohag gets a much-deserved reward as Ramdin, looking to create room once more, is unable to find the space needed and ends up playing on to the base of his off stump. Ends a terrific fightback from the West Indian wicketkeeper, whose 145-run partnership with Pollard has helped change the nature of this contest

       Al-Amin Hossain to Pollard       201/7

Al-Amin Hossain to Pollard,OUT,and Pollard's whirlwind innings comes to an end as he looks to clobber yet another one over the long on boundary, but doesn't quite time this one as well as the others before, with this one going very high into the air, before returning down, with Mahmudullah making an excellent diving catch

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