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New Zealand vs Australia
Stumps : Australia trail by 148 runs with 8 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
New Zealand
( 65.2 overs )
( 22 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Hazlewood to Guptill       7/1

Hazlewood to Guptill,OUT,seam movement for Hazlewood, pins Guptill on the back leg - given! That looked pretty plumb, the ball nipping past the inside edge as he looked to drive, hit him on the thigh but that's because he was coming forward with a bent leg. Discusses the review with Latham but decides against. Australia - and the pink ball - have their first victim

       Starc to Williamson       59/2

Starc to Williamson,OUT,lbw! Williamson has been bogged down for a while now and Starc's taken him out with a yorker. That is plumb. Williamson had moved a long way across his crease and was in an awkward position to play the yorker. He tried to defend but the ball beat his outside edge, as he was squared up, and crashed into his back pad.

       Lyon to Latham       94/3

Lyon to Latham,OUT,attempts to cut, slightly too close - and Nevill catches it right in the fingertips of his gloves! There was an appreciable connection off the toe of the bat but the keeper did superbly to follow the ball and hold on to it. Latham is chiselled out and that will tip the scales back Australia's way

       Siddle to Taylor       98/4

Siddle to Taylor,OUT,the nip-backer and that's got him! Siddle moves on to 199 Test wickets, NZ are four down... Taylor had looked fidgety, eager to get bat on ball, slightly loose drive and the pinkie came back at home to flick the inside edge

       Starc to McCullum       98/5

Starc to McCullum,OUT,short and McCullum cuts hard, top-edges through to Nevill! That was pretty reckless, although we know how effective he can be when it comes off... Done for pace and bounce and Starc has his second

       Starc to Santner       142/6

Starc to Santner,OUT,bowled him! What a comeback from Starc ... he hit a good length around off and angled it into the left-hander at speed. Santner tried to drive again but the length wasn't full enough. He was beaten on the inside edge and the ball brushed his front pad before going on to hit his stumps. Starc gives Santner a bit of a send-off

       Lyon to Craig       164/7

Lyon to Craig,OUT,he's bowled him with a superb delivery! Lyon has flighted this on middle stump line from round the wicket, pitched on a good length, and turned it away from the left-hander past his outside edge, to clip the top of off stump. Craig should have been forward to this, but he went right back into his crease, giving the ball plenty of time and space to do its thing

       Hazlewood to Watling       184/8

Hazlewood to Watling,OUT,drives on the up, thick-edged, taken! That's a bingo! Watling's doughty knock is over and Australia are closing in on an interesting little session of batting under lights... Wasn't quite there for the stroke and, after showing so much patience, he tried to force it through the covers

       Siddle to Bracewell       194/9

Siddle to Bracewell,OUT,flicked off the legs... and pouched brilliantly at short midwicket! That's the 200 up for Siddle in Tests, he points to the darkening skies as Bracewell heads off with NZ still shy off the 200 mark (runs) themselves

       Hazlewood to Southee       202/10

Hazlewood to Southee,OUT,slapped into the sky and taken by Warner it mid-off - he hurls the ball away in celebration and then runs off to get padded up. Southee didn't get hold of another filthy slog and Hazlewood wraps up the innings

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Boult to Warner       6/1

Boult to Warner,OUT,slashes at a full ball, taken at third slip! NZ have their breakthrough and it is the dangerous Warner to go... He was reaching for the shot, chasing the pink with the kitchen sink, Southee took a sharp catch in front of his face

       Bracewell to Burns       34/2

Bracewell to Burns,OUT,bowled him! Bracewell just keeps it on a good length around off, giving the batsmen nothing to work with, Burns is neither forward nor back as he pokes at the ball coming back at him, he gets an inside edge that goes on to his stumps, clipped the top of leg stump

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