Live Cricket Scores
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Stumps : Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
New Zealand
( 80.3 overs )
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Lakmal to Rutherford       37/1

Lakmal to Rutherford,OUT,that's through! What a sight for the bowler, the off stump went flying. Change of ends worked or not, change of length worked for sure. It was fuller on the off stump, Rutherford drove for the angle but the ball nipped in after pitching on length and crashed into the off stump

       Eranga to Latham       60/2

Eranga to Latham,OUT,leading edge, that's an easy catch for Kaushal at point, Latham is gone! It wasn't a wicket-taking delivery really, swinging down the leg side, Latham played it early trying to tuck it to the leg side and the edge looped towards point. The ball had actually cut in after pitching, inducing the edge

       Eranga to Taylor       88/3

Eranga to Taylor,OUT,oh Taylor's run out, that was a mix up and Taylor slipped on top of that! He tucked the incoming delivery off the pads towards backward square leg and set off for a quick single, KW responded initially but stopped after a couple of steps, and just when Taylor turned back to get back in the crease, he slipped and was fell short as Kaushal Silva got a direct hit

       Prasad to Williamson       214/4

Prasad to Williamson,OUT,that's gone through, Williamson is bowled! That was a beautiful delivery, nipping in from outside off, KW leaned forward to defend but the ball sneaked through the bat and pad gap to hit the top of the stumps

       Kaushal to McCullum       367/5

Kaushal to McCullum,OUT,he's gone! No double-hundred, no more records! Gets down to reach the ball on the full, had moved outside leg as well to carve it wide of long-off again, but the fielder was quick to move to his left, dive forward and pouch a good catch to give Kaushal his maiden Test wicket. Christchurch gives the New Zealand captain a standing ovation as he walks back. What a treat after eight years without Test cricket in the city

       Mathews to Neesham       420/6

Mathews to Neesham,OUT,gone, superb catch from Sanga at slip! The ball was angled across the batsman outside the off stump, Neesham played it late and wanted to run it down to third man bu the thick edge went wide of the keeper and Sanga dived low to his right for a very good and quick catch he completed with both hands

       Mathews to Watling       429/7

Mathews to Watling,OUT

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