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Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane Heat
In Progress : Brisbane Heat require another 190 runs with 8 wickets and 17.0 overs remaining
Sydney Thunder
( 20 overs )
Brisbane Heat
( 3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sydney Thunder 1 INN
       Gannon to Hussey       160/1

Gannon to Hussey,OUT,and Hussey falls short of his hundred, once again comes out to that shortish delivery for a pull, not to the top of the bounce as it lobs high towards the keeper, who moves to his right and finally end up sliding sideways to hold that and brings the end to that blistering knock from Mr Cricket!

Fall of wickets - Brisbane Heat 1 INN
       Sandhu to Milenko       1/1

Sandhu to Milenko,OUT,Milenko gets a ducks on his debut, that came in with the angle and pitches it full and shapes away touch, stays on the crease to defend as it passes the bat, a minimal sound of the edge which the keeper hold

       Kallis to Christian       14/2

Kallis to Christian,OUT,he drags that back onto the stumps, backs away touch, length delivery coming in as he tries to get some room. He got that on the bottom of the blade which ricochet back onto the stumps. Walks back with disappointment.

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