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Pakistan vs United Arab Emirates
Finished : Pakistan won by 129 runs
( 50 overs )
United Arab Emirates
( 50 overs )
Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Guruge to Nasir Jamshed       10/1

Guruge to Nasir Jamshed,OUT,for the third time in four innings, Nasir has to tuck his bat under his arm and head to the pavilion after yet another mistimed pull gets him into trouble. Was not at all in control of this as he looked to deposit this slightly short delivery over midwicket, but ends up bottom-edging it high to the fielder on the ring, who is able to take it quite comfortably

       Mohammad Naveed to Haris Sohail       170/2

Mohammad Naveed to Haris Sohail,OUT,Haris, looking to bludgeon Naveed over long on, ends up mishitting this one completely to lob up a chance to the man at mid-on, who doesn't have to move to far off his mark to pluck this in the air. Quite a soft ending to what was looking a promising knock from the left-hander

       Mohammad Naveed to Ahmed Shehzad       176/3

Mohammad Naveed to Ahmed Shehzad,1 run, OUT,short of a length outside of off which is cut away just behind square. The pair run hard to come back for the second, with a low, flat throw from the man at deep backward point doing enough to rush the batsman into a dive, but it looks like he may have just got home here. Wait a minute though, Shehzad, who is in the 90s, has turned his bat as he attempts to make his ground at the striker's end. It looks like it may have bounced, with the bat failing to ground itself on the all-important white crease. He won't like the end decision, but he has to go. Unfortunate end to what most likely looked like a first World Cup century from a Pakistan bat this tournament

       Guruge to Sohaib Maqsood       251/4

Guruge to Sohaib Maqsood,OUT,on the fourth attempt of his juggling act, Rohan Mustafa at backward point is able to snaffle the chance as an errant slice from Maqsood spells his demise. Played an important hand of 45 off 31 as Pakistan look to accelerate at the tail-end of this innings

       Guruge to Umar Akmal       312/5

Guruge to Umar Akmal,OUT,gets nicely under this full delivery on middle, which he gracefully flicks away aerially, but straight to the man at deep square-leg, who does well to catch this just steps from the boundary rope. Umar looked bewildered after realising his fortune, and departs the field soon after

       Guruge to Misbah-ul-Haq       312/6

Guruge to Misbah-ul-Haq,OUT,shifts over to the off side, as he looked to clear the man at long on with another lusty blow, but this time he doesn't get enough under it as Rohan Mustafa, waiting in the deep, is able to take this, despite having to get down on one knee to support himself after. Ends another vital knock from the Pakistan captain, who did his best to get his team over the hump and into a formidable position

Fall of wickets - United Arab Emirates 1 INN
       Rahat Ali to Amjad Ali       19/1

Rahat Ali to Amjad Ali,OUT,and Rahat makes the first breakthrough as Amjad, who was feeling for deliveries outside his off stump, ends up chopping on this back of a length onto the stumps. Rahat exults as he picks up a wicket in his very first over

       Sohail Khan to Berenger       19/2

Sohail Khan to Berenger,OUT,and Sohail now adds to his wicket tally as he gets Andri to play at this fuller delivery, offering a thick outside edge to the keeper, who completes it with aplomb. UAE now 19 for 2 in the eighth over, and still facing a massive chase

       Sohail Khan to Krishna Chandran       25/3

Sohail Khan to Krishna Chandran,OUT,Sohail picks up another as Krishna's eleven-ball vigil comes to a swift end as he offers a straightforward outside edge to Akmal, who is able to complete the catch with an acrobatic dive to his right. Was really struggling to get the ball away as he departs the oval for an ignominious duck

       Sohaib Maqsood to Khurram Khan       108/4

Sohaib Maqsood to Khurram Khan,OUT,and finally a wicket falls as Khurram Khan ends up flicking straight to Wahab Riaz at backward square, as he looked for some space on the leg side. Khan is livid as he walks away to the pavilion

       Shahid Afridi to Shaiman Anwar       140/5

Shahid Afridi to Shaiman Anwar,OUT,and the new leading World Cup run-scorer finally departs as he looks to take on long off with a big hit over his head, but doesn't get enough on this to go the distance, with Nasir Jamshed able to get settled under it. Pakistan will be dearly happy to see the back of Shaiman, but they still need five more wickets to wrap this one up in a hurry

       Shahid Afridi to Rohan Mustafa       140/6

Shahid Afridi to Rohan Mustafa,OUT,and Rohan's stay comes to a premature end as he whacks this next ball, looking to reverse sweep, on the full to backward point, who didn't even have to move an inch as this landed straight in his lap. Rohan Mustafa leaves with a silver duck under his name

       Wahab Riaz to Amjad Javed       208/7

Wahab Riaz to Amjad Javed,OUT,and Javed's jolly good time comes to a suitable end as he attempts yet another club over midwicket, with this one finally falling to a Pakistan fielder in the deep as Sohail Khan steadies himself under the catch. Leaves McLean Park with a host of good memories I am sure

       Wahab Riaz to Patil       210/8

Wahab Riaz to Patil,OUT,where was that all this time? delivers a vicious yorker from round the wicket which is just too good for the batsman as he backed away to try and create space to get under it. Far too late in the contest to really matter though...

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