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Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers
Finished : Adelaide Strikers won by 1 wicket (with 2 balls remaining)
Perth Scorchers
( 20 overs )
Adelaide Strikers
( 19.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Perth Scorchers 1 INN
       Botha to Harris       40/1

Botha to Harris,OUT,that's a screamer..! Tossed up on off stump, lunges forward and chips to long-on region. Ross sprints in, times his dive to perfection and takes fine low catch

       Laughlin to Carberry       84/2

Laughlin to Carberry,OUT,Carberry's painful innings comes to an end...! Full on off stump, shuffles across and tries to drives, gets a thick outside edge to Ludeman

       Zampa to Voges       87/3

Zampa to Voges,OUT,Voges has gone too..! Tosses' one up on off stump, took on the full and tried to slog it over mid-wicket, it's Ross again, settles underneath this and swallows a fine catch

       Richardson to Turner       119/4

Richardson to Turner,OUT,quicker short one and the ball follows Ross again, makes room and tries to a tennis forehand shot, miscued and straight the man at long-on

       Richardson to Klinger       119/5

Richardson to Klinger,OUT,short pitch deliveries are working, banged in short, might be a slower bumper and Klinger mistimes his pull to Lawford at fine leg

       Richardson to Whiteman       132/6

Richardson to Whiteman,OUT,perfect..! Makes room for a fuller delivery, misses and Richardson blows the candles out.! Yorker

       Laughlin to Tye       137/7

Laughlin to Tye,OUT,full and wide, misses the ball and Agar call for the run. Ludeman roll the ball back to the bowler and nowhere on earth he could have made in time

Fall of wickets - Adelaide Strikers 1 INN
       Behrendorff to Simmons       27/1

Behrendorff to Simmons,OUT,down the track for the ambitious strike, it was a back of a length ball and he spoons one towards cover, Muirhead runs and takes a fine catch to send the big man packing

       Behrendorff to Ludeman       39/2

Behrendorff to Ludeman,OUT,you can see it was coming..! Back of a length ball on off stump, tried to pull but JP hurried him with his pace as he gifts a dolly to Tye at short mid-wicket. Giving him an extra over has paid-off

       Turner to Head       65/3

Turner to Head,OUT,down the track, tried to punch to vacant on side, missed the ball, yorked himself and bowled

       Behrendorff to Pollard       92/4

Behrendorff to Pollard,OUT,peach of a delivery..! Full on off stump, KP tried to turn towards on side, misread the script completely and played all around this one as it cannons onto the stump

       Behrendorff to Botha       96/5

Behrendorff to Botha,OUT,and another snorter..! Full and straight, in the right channel, Botha gets smallest inside edge and ricochet onto the stumps

       Yasir Arafat to Ross       109/6

Yasir Arafat to Ross,OUT,length ball on off stump, makes good connection but straight to Carberry at mid-wicket. Six down now..!

       Agar to Lawford       119/7

Agar to Lawford,OUT,tossed up on off stump, makes room and whacks straight to Behrendorff at long-on

       Muirhead to Hodge       126/8

Muirhead to Hodge,OUT,full on off stump, makes room and clobbers it straight. Turner runs across and takes a diving catch

       Yasir Arafat to Zampa       139/9

Yasir Arafat to Zampa,OUT,full on leg stump, Zampa misses the ball and Richardson scampers for a suicidal run, Whiteman cracks at the stumps and he's out by a long way

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