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Warwickshire vs Surrey
Finished : Warwickshire won by 16 runs
( 20 overs )
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Warwickshire 1 INN
       Dunn to Bell       57/1

Dunn to Bell,OUT,down the wicket, Dunn fires it in, Bell digs it out but it runs back onto leg stump! Unlucky for Bell, the ball trickling back, cannoning leg stump and it was hard enough to remove the bail, Surrey needed that. Dunn adjusted very well it get his yorker in, Bell did well to dig out but could only watch it drift into the stumps

       Batty to Chopra       69/2

Batty to Chopra,OUT,full ball, firm drive back to the bowler and plucked out of the air! Brilliant catch with the right hand. What a time for one of those to stick. Batty instinctively shoved up his right hand and managed to cling on to a belter; a great take and another vital wicket

       Peterson to Clarke       139/3

Peterson to Clarke,OUT,oh dear, Peterson drags this down and Clarke can only chips it long-on. Cheap way to go really, easy catch for O'Brien who doesn't have to move, nowhere near the connection Clarke was looking for

       Azhar Mahmood to Evans       146/4

Azhar Mahmood to Evans,OUT,full at the stumps, Evans was going for a Dilshan, misses and loses his leg stump. Went for the stroke with long leg up in the circle but missed completed, Mahmood was on target and another wicket goes

Fall of wickets - Surrey 1 INN
       Patel to Roy       89/1

Patel to Roy,OUT,slog sweep leg side, top-edged and taken at deep-backward square. Huge wicket, easy catch straight to Woakes on the boundary and the Surrey key man Patel has made the breakthrough. Roy just didn't get the timing right and it was a high top edge

       Javid to Pietersen       108/2

Javid to Pietersen,OUT,full on the stumps, driven back at the bowler and Javid holds on! A second excellent return catch of the match. Javid gets two hands up over his right shoulders and holds on. Pietersen's poor form continues, firm strike but in the air and pays the price

       Javid to Wilson       116/3

Javid to Wilson,OUT,Wilson down the wicket aiming leg side gets a leading edge that loops into the covers and taken by Chopra! The first ball does the trick again for Javid who bags another very important wicket, this is slipping away from Surrey.

       Hannon-Dalby to O'Brien       120/4

Hannon-Dalby to O'Brien,2 runs, OUT,scrambled seam slower ball, flicked from off stump into the leg side, they can charge back for the second, the throw hits the bowler's end stumps and there's an overthrow but Davies isn't in tune with the call, a second throw comes into the striker's end and Davies is well short! What a calamity. Davies was first of all nearly run out at the bowler's end because he very nearly didn't ground his bat but is definitely out going for the third run

       Woakes to Azhar Mahmood       147/5

Woakes to Azhar Mahmood,1 run, OUT,yorker dug out down the ground, long-on charges in as the batsman try to come back for two, is O'Brien short here? You would have thought the throw was going to go to Mahmood's end but Porterfield went for the non-striker's end and O'Brien who was quite leisurely is short of his ground

       Woakes to Azhar Mahmood       147/6

Woakes to Azhar Mahmood,OUT,Mahmood steps across his stumps aiming leg side, misses and is bowled leg stump. Woakes nails his yorker and Mahmood missed is completely, the innings falling away here

       Woakes to Peterson       177/7

Woakes to Peterson,OUT,full on the stumps, Peterson steps to leg aiming towards the off side, misses completely and out goes off stump. A brief flurry from Peterson but too little too late. Woakes holds his nerve full and straight and another one goes

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