Live Cricket Scores
Australia vs England
Innings break : England won the toss and elected to field
( 50 overs )
Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Anderson to Finch       0/1

Anderson to Finch,OUT,terrific stuff from Anderson, and he needs three balls to strike, excellent delivery again, short of a length, bouncing and straightening just outside off, Finch is hopping as he prods from the crease and the ball carries nicely to first slip

       Anderson to Warner       33/2

Anderson to Warner,OUT,uh oh, this has jumped from a good length, Warner was half forward looking to punch on the up and he had no time or room to adjust, only manages to awkwardly pop a dolly to point

       Broad to Bailey       46/3

Broad to Bailey,OUT,and he's gone next ball, that short leg coming into play for Broad, who bangs it in short, Bailey is hopping and fending in hope, eyes off the ball, no that it has bounced too much, but he is completely taken by surprise, and short leg is in the right place at the right time

       Ali to Smith       60/4

Ali to Smith,OUT,has Buttler recovered in time to make the stumping? Smith walked out looking to work it to the leg side, missed, but it also popped out of Buttler's gloves, the keeper picked it up on the bounce, Smith seemed to think it was a lost cause trying to make his ground, then saw some hope, but it was too late to ground his bat in, out by some inches as Buttler broke the stumps, yet again, Moeen Ali produces a massive wicket

       Broad to Maxwell       201/5

Broad to Maxwell,OUT,oh dear, whatever the format, he seems to have a thing for the 90s, backs away to leg and swings at a short ball, the top edge is taken safely by the keeper as he moves a few steps to his left, 95 off 98 on this pitch, take a bow Glenn Maxwell

       Finn to Haddin       217/6

Finn to Haddin,1 run, OUT,gone trying to sneak in the second, and it is the big wicket of Marsh, Haddin guided this shortish ball to third man, Anderson is there, they try to take him on for the second, not a wise decision, the throw is fired straight at the keeper, who scores a direct hit at the non-striker's, catching Marsh way short

       Broad to Haddin       224/7

Broad to Haddin,OUT,and after that run out, Haddin has slapped this straight and loopy to midwicket on the edge of the circle, wanted to pull, had to really drag it as it came off slowly and bounced, ends up as a simple catch

       Finn to Johnson       269/8

Finn to Johnson,OUT,Johnson departs, backs away and swings hard, the length ball soars way up and comes down at extra cover

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