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Hyderabad T20 vs Jaipur T20
Finished : Jaipur T20 won by 4 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Hyderabad T20
( 20 overs )
Jaipur T20
( 19.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Hyderabad T20 1 INN
       Kulkarni to Finch       2/1

Kulkarni to Finch,OUT,that's a soft dismissal! But that wasn't a terribly good delivery either, this was short and wide outside off, the invitation was there for the cut but Finch could only hit it straight to Richardson at cover, didn't time it well and an easy catch in the end

       Bhatia to Dhawan       77/2

Bhatia to Dhawan,OUT,found the fielder with precision, it was the off cutter from Bhatia, Dhawan was down on his knee to slog, played it flat and found Richardson at deep square leg

       Bhatia to Warner       82/3

Bhatia to Warner,OUT,like Dhawan even Warner finds the man in the deep on the on side, this was a slower ball and bowled a bit short, Warner rocks back and pulls in front of square but finds Richardson at deep midwicket, went straight to him, Richardson has all three catches

       Kulkarni to Rahul       108/4

Kulkarni to Rahul,OUT,finds the fielder in the deep on the leg side but for a change it's not Richardson, but Rahane, this was a friendly full toss and Rahul whipped it straight to deep midwicket, the extra ball (die to the wide) producing a wicket

       Richardson to Sammy       111/5

Richardson to Sammy,OUT,Richardson removes the dangerous Sammy! This was a length ball and Sammy made room to smash this over the off side, top edge and Samson gets under the skier

       Richardson to KV Sharma       130/6

Richardson to KV Sharma,OUT,finds the fielder at long-on, makes room and it's mistimed and Hodge gets under it at long-on

Fall of wickets - Jaipur T20 1 INN
       Steyn to Nayar       4/1

Steyn to Nayar,OUT,Steyn needs only balls to strike, he has Nayar lbw, it was a delayed appeal for lbw, that was a back of length ball around off stump, Nayar tries to whip that away, pad first, a bit of doubt over whether that would have hit off, the umpire is convinced though

       Kumar to Samson       15/2

Kumar to Samson,OUT,that was a soft dismissal! This was a length ball outside off and Samson looked to clear mid-off but it went off the bottom half of the bat and as a result it went rather tamely to mid-off

       I Sharma to Watson       31/3

I Sharma to Watson,OUT,Ishant's got Watson and as if he can't believe what he's done, he turns back to Billy Bowden and waits for the crooked finger, this was pitched up on the off stump, just the right length, Watson comes forward and there's a thick outside edge to the keeper, it was very obvious, Ishant waits and waits and Bowden does the needful

       Mishra to Rahane       108/4

Mishra to Rahane,OUT,Rahane's caught in the deep but has it come too late for Hyderabad? Rahane continues to give the bowlers the charge, this was tossed up, Rahane made room for himself to free his arms as he looked to clear long-off, hit it flat and straight to Finch

       Mishra to Hodge       111/5

Mishra to Hodge,OUT,impatience gets the better off Hodge! Is there a twist? Determined to fetch a boundary he risks slogging against the turn, it was the leg break, fetches it from outside off, Sammy takes it well in front of the deep midwicket rope

       Steyn to Bhatia       121/6

Steyn to Bhatia,OUT,another wicket goes and Hyderabad are still in it! Or wait... they are checking the catch at the deep, it was the off cutter from Steyn, Bhatia was aiming to clear long-on, the ball dips as it reaches Finch who was quite in front of the rope, he falls forward and takes it inches off the ground, replays confirm that the catch was clean

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