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India vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to field
( 7.1 overs )
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Prasad to Rahul       2/1

Prasad to Rahul,OUT,he has left it! Loads of nip in! It pitched well outside off, on an uncertain length, making Rahul wonder if he had to push fully forward or hang back. In the end, he went about half way and thinks it will not threaten the stumps. But the ball hits the seam and jags back quite a long way. Should have covered the stumps if he wanted to leave like that. The front foot at fault there

       Pradeep to Rahane       14/2

Pradeep to Rahane,OUT,very full and he has missed it! That means he is a goner, according to Nigel Llong. Having looked rather comfortable, Rahane doesnt measure up when Pradeep slips in a full, fast one targeting middle and leg. Seemed rooted to the crease, should have been on the front foot, a touch late on his shot even if he was playing with a straight bat and he was falling over a tad too. Struck in line with leg and should have hit leg

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