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Sri Lanka vs Pakistan
In Progress : Sri Lanka lead by 86 runs with 8 wickets remaining
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Rahat Ali to Silva       15/1

Rahat Ali to Silva,OUT,he's nicked off! If there was an issue with his batting so far, it was his footwork when the ball wasn't quite so full. That's because Pakistan have been darting the ball both in and out to him. This time Rahat simply slants it away off back of a length. Kaushal is committed into playing at first, then tries to pull the bat inside the line. But he isn't quite quick enough. Faint edge taken and Sarfraz pouches an easy take. This is Rahat's wicket. Beautiful line

       Yasir Shah to Tharanga       106/2

Yasir Shah to Tharanga,OUT,done him in flight. Loads and loads of it to pull the batsman into the drive. And then suddenly it dips, a result of all the revolutions he puts on the ball. Googly, I think, Turns a touch away, takes the outside edge, hits the keeper and then balloons over the slip. Younis has done well to keep his eye on it and dive forward to pouch it. Good strike, well worked out by Pakistan, from both ends

       Yasir Shah to Thirimanne       133/3

Yasir Shah to Thirimanne,OUT,got 'im! Awful shot from Thirimanne, he's succumbed to dot-ball pressure. Races down the track - which has admittedly been the ploy - and tries to lift a tossed up delivery over mid-off. Doesn't get the elevation he wanted. Simply offers a dolly to the substitute Babar Azam

       Yasir Shah to Mathews       137/4

Yasir Shah to Mathews,OUT,he's got another big one! Yelps and cries from Pakistan. Head tossed back in disgust from Mathews. Awful shot. The advantage they had cultivated in that morning session is slipping away courtesy these few minutes of recklessness. Mathews charges down the track, hits against the turn, concentrates on power more than placement and picks out Babar Azam at mid-on again. Inside edge, as the bat turns on contact. Its all well and good to attack the leggie, but the execution has been sorely wanting

       Yasir Shah to Mubarak       204/5

Yasir Shah to Mubarak,OUT,has he done him in?! Magnificent bowling from Yasir! Bat's in the air and Sarfraz has whipped the bails off! Another batsman racing down the track to the legspinner and losing his wicket. Appeared to be the googly? Not sure. Think it was just the legspinner that didn't turn. Beats his jittery defensive push. Had a bit of bounce to it too so the wicketkeeper did well to rise with the ball and then bring it onto the stumps

       Azhar Ali to Karunaratne       248/6

Azhar Ali to Karunaratne,OUT,the part-timer strikes with a big spinning googly! And Dimuth's brilliant innings is undone by a brilliant ball. Loop to make the batsman overbalance, then dip to fool him and then substantial turn as well to seal his fate. A little fumble from the keeper, but that he had the time to recover must tell you how far Dimuth had charged and how well he was hoodwinked

       Azhar Ali to Prasad       248/7

Azhar Ali to Prasad,OUT,phew! crazy scenes at Pallekele! Rank long hop (googly gone wrong) has been sent down backward square leg's throat. Perhaps that's simplifying things a bit, because Yasir had to run in and dive forward. Always a tricky proposition in cricket. A lovely stroke of luck for Pakistan

       Rahat Ali to Chandimal       264/8

Rahat Ali to Chandimal,OUT,review from Pakistan. Big shout for leg before as Rahat gets the inswinger going again! Seems to have pitched in line, hits Chandimal on the knee-roll of the front pad. Bat is nowhere near the ball. Looks terribly close but umpire's call is not out, remember. So it needs to crash into the stumps and crash it does. Three reds, Pakistan have their man

       Rahat Ali to Kaushal       277/9

Rahat Ali to Kaushal,OUT,gone, lbw this time. Given out on-field but the batsman reviews. full and quick, hitting the stumps. It looks like the bat hits the pad. And is out on all counts this time, good decision. Early success for Pakistan. Rahat gets it to swing back into his pads, but is fuller and Kaushal was late on the shot

       Yasir Shah to Pradeep       278/10

Yasir Shah to Pradeep,OUT,Out again, lbw again. Flat and quick, and again Pradeep reviews. Hits him in front, hit in-line and hitting the stumps. Another five-for for Yasir, a five-for in each Test of the series. 22 in the series for Yasir! Pradeep half-prods on the front-foot, and the ball skids on, and is plumb. Didn't try to spin that, out of the front of the hand

Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Prasad to Shan Masood       32/1

Prasad to Shan Masood,OUT,took umpire Gould ages to get the finger up. Prasad has the Murali eyes going (wide and nearly popping out of the sockets), and most of that was in disbelief. until the finger came up. It was almost a yorker, hits him on the full on the boot, barely on leg stump. Might be umpire's call here. Double umpire's call - on impact with the pad and clipping leg stump. It was a good set up, a few short balls, the odd one going away and then the rapid one beating Masood for pace. But the batsman has cause to feel slightly unlucky there

       Pradeep to Ahmed Shehzad       40/2

Pradeep to Ahmed Shehzad,OUT,does him in! Indecision from Shehzad, and reward for the bowler for keeping the ball closer to off stump. The batsman was sucked into playing at first, then alarm bells ring, so he decides to pull it away. In the end, the ball kisses the face and goes through to the keeper. Didn't move that front leg across to get himself into any position to play that ball

       Mathews to Younis Khan       45/3

Mathews to Younis Khan,OUT,direct hit, Sri Lanka are ecstatic! Younis goes for a quick single after blunting a good length ball into the leg side. Short midwicket races in, picks it up with one hand and whirls in a dead eye throw. Younis is a few inches short. What a way to go to lunch! Kaushal's hairstyle has been completely ruined as he gets mobbed. That's Younis Khan's first run out in nine years...

       Prasad to Asad Shafiq       91/4

Prasad to Asad Shafiq,OUT,pinned him! Shafiq doesn't bother going for the review. Accurate bowling from Prasad. Hits a good length, threatens the stumps with some movement in. Loves that the batsman being a little stuck on the crease and plays a little across the line. Hit low enough on the pads and would have crashed into middle and leg

       Pradeep to Azhar Ali       135/5

Pradeep to Azhar Ali,OUT,gone, this time he has to go, huge edge. Fishes at one outside the off stump and takes the outside edge and good catch by Karunaratne. Good testing stuff has worked, Azhar looked at the huge gap between cover and the sweeper and throws his hands at it only to find the edge

       Pradeep to Misbah-ul-Haq       151/6

Pradeep to Misbah-ul-Haq,OUT,that's huge! Pinned lbw, Misbah's checking with his non-striker and up he goes for a second opinion. Pradeep went wide of the crease and bowls a very full delivery, angled in at him. Misbah falls over as he looks to flick it away. He is struck in front of middle, and that is clipping leg. Umpire's call stands. Pakistan are fading away

       Kaushal to Ehsan Adil       152/7

Kaushal to Ehsan Adil,OUT,that's a grubber! It hits a good length outside off stump, Ehsan was justified in staying back. But the ball keeps dreadfully low and it hits his pads right in front of the stumps

       Prasad to Yasir Shah       197/8

Prasad to Yasir Shah,OUT,has he nicked it? Umpire Gould thinks the edge was there, but the soft signal to the third umpire is it has bounced. It was a fuller delivery, pulling Yasir to play away from the body. It seems a foregone conclusion that the outside edge had been taken. No one's bothering to check that. And the magnifier shows the catch has been taken cleanly by Chandimal diving forward

       Kaushal to Rahat Ali       202/9

Kaushal to Rahat Ali,OUT,another rain break, another Pakistan wicket. This was pushed through on middle, Rahat is too far across with his front foot and plays outside the line. Easy decision for the umpire

       Kaushal to Imran Khan       215/10

Kaushal to Imran Khan,OUT,beaut! bamboozles the No. 11 with a straighter delivery. Imran plunges down the wrong line to try and block. The ball skirts away past the outside edge and crashes into off stump

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 2 INN
       Rahat Ali to Karunaratne       12/1

Rahat Ali to Karunaratne,OUT,there it is! Top of off takes the gentlest little tap. The bouncer has done its bit, shortcircuits Dimuth's footwork. Good length ball, angled in. Then the little seam away from the defensive poke shaves the off stump. Terrific bowling

       Ehsan Adil to Silva       22/2

Ehsan Adil to Silva,OUT,the captain claims it! The batsman isn't sure. The umpires are getting together. Third umpire called in and the soft signal is not out. It's a probing delivery outside off and Kaushal goes forward to block. Outside edge taken and as soft as he makes his hands, this time the edge seems to have carried. Misbah, at first slip, dives low to his right and has grabbed a good one, I think. Gone

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