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Northern Districts vs Cape Cobras
Finished : Northern Districts won by 33 runs (D/L method)
Northern Districts
( 20 overs )
Cape Cobras
( 7.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Northern Districts 1 INN
       Philander to Williamson       140/1

Philander to Williamson,OUT,Direct hit, and Devcich is short! It's another yorker, and this time Williamson squirts it away straight to Peterson, who rushes in from point, and it comes to his natural left hand at a nice hand, and he fires in a flat throw that catches Devcich well short of the crease. They shouldn't have run for that

       Philander to Flynn       140/2

Philander to Flynn,OUT,length ball on the stumps, and he looks to make room to hit it over mid-off but he can't clear the fielder. Didn't time that at all

       Langeveldt to Watling       191/3

Langeveldt to Watling,OUT,low full-toss on the stumps, and he hits this well, across the line, but he finds the man on the leg side at a squarish deep midwicket, or is that a straightish deep square leg?

       Langeveldt to Styris       192/4

Langeveldt to Styris,OUT,another wicket, Charl Langeveldt has turned in a superb penultimate over, Styris is gone for a golden duck, the bouncer once more, edged on to the helmet, the ball loops over the keeper Dane Vilas, who steadies himself after sprinting to get under that one, too late though these wickets

       Philander to Mitchell       192/5

Philander to Mitchell,OUT,and that is another golden duck, full ball is thumped towards extra cover, an overhead catch is taken and Mitchell is gone

Fall of wickets - Cape Cobras 1 INN
       Boult to van Zyl       0/1

Boult to van Zyl,OUT,what a delivery! That was the outswinger, going from middle to off on a good length, and it beats van Zyl's outside edge as he looks to work it leg side, and crashes into the top of off stump. What a start!

       Kuggeleijn to Amla       38/2

Kuggeleijn to Amla,OUT,they have the big wicket! It's on the pads again, not the best ball he'll ever bowl, but he's flicked it airily and picked out the man at deep midwicket

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