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Kolkata T20 vs Bangalore T20
In Progress : Bangalore T20 won the toss and elected to field
Kolkata T20
( 20 overs )
Bangalore T20
Fall of wickets - Kolkata T20 1 INN
       Starc to Gambhir       1/1

Starc to Gambhir,OUT,no he can't! Gambhir is gone first ball. That is some record to have.. Three ducks in a row for Gambhir. This is full, fast and hitting middle and leg stump. Gambhir is too slow to bring his bat down and is caught plumb in front. He falls over as he tries to flick it

       Morkel to Pandey       10/2

Morkel to Pandey,OUT,leading edge to cover point now! It's RCB's bowlers who are making all the positive moves. This is so much better than the first delivery - fuller on off, with some shape on it. Pandey looks to play a loose push towards mid-on but closes the face too early.. Kohli takes a simple catch

       Aaron to Lynn       90/3

Aaron to Lynn,OUT,that's the end of Lynn as he slaps a length delivery straight to AB at long-off. Lynn had slowed down a bit in the last few overs and he didn't really time it as well as he would have liked.

       Aaron to Pathan       90/4

Aaron to Pathan,OUT,and that's two in three balls for Aaron! Just like Lynn, Yusuf tries to hammer the ball towards long-on, but he fares even worse.. He could only get it as far as Kohli at mid-off. The investment on Yusuf keeps going sour... When will they divest their stocks on him? He has scored a solitary fifty for them in 46 innings

       Chahal to Kallis       107/5

Chahal to Kallis,OUT,there seems no end to Knight Riders' troubles! Now it's Kallis' turn, who seemed alone in doing all the scoring.. He tries to whack this inside out, with the spin, to the stands. The idea was right, the execution wasn't as he failed to get distance on this.. The catch is comfortably taken at deep extra cover

       Aaron to Uthappa       129/6

Aaron to Uthappa,OUT,Whoa! how far has that gone! not too far unfortunately for Uthappa. he made room, got a slower ball, lifted it towards deep midwicket and looked like he made a good connection... But that went straight into the bucket hands of Starc

       Starc to Vinay Kumar       150/7

Starc to Vinay Kumar,OUT,tries to be cheeky but pays the price... He moves across the stumps to flick the full delivery fine, but only lobs it to short fine leg fielder

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