Live Cricket Scores
Australia vs England
Innings break : Australia won the toss and elected to bat
( 50 overs )
Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Rashid to Burns       76/1

Rashid to Burns,OUT,Rashid strikes as Burns hits a full toss straight back to him! Oh dear, Burns has fizzled out, spoilt for choice and he ended up slicing the ball down the track at waist height, Rashid happily accepting the gift to break a very decent opening stand

       Rashid to Warner       133/2

Rashid to Warner,OUT,he's got the breakthrough again! Credit to Morgan, as well as Rashid. Brave enough to toss the ball up, might have been a googly, Warner went for a drive and it skews off a thick outside edge to short third man

       Rashid to Smith       164/3

Rashid to Smith,OUT,another full toss, another wicket! Would you believe it! Smith is furious with himself. Was a juicy full toss, Smith was aiming to clear the deep midwicket boundary but couldn't get it wide, or over, Ben Stokes. That's a waste from the Australian captain

       Rashid to Bailey       178/4

Rashid to Bailey,OUT,and another! Excellent stuff from Rashid. A quicker ball, skids on and just grips a little, Bailey on the back foot aiming through the leg side, misses his shot and is struck on the back leg in front of middle. Nothing flukey about that one.

       Wood to Maxwell       192/5

Wood to Maxwell,OUT,down the leg side, Maxwell flicks at it... does Buttler take the catch? Was there an edge? Joel Wilson raises his finger and, after some discussion between Maxwell, Watson and the umpires, the batsman heads off. The Big Show leaves the stage early, as replays confirm both the catch and a thin edge. Wood has a wicket, in slightly fortuitous circumstances

       Rashid to Wade       193/6

Rashid to Wade,OUT,pushed into the covers, Stokes swoops... and Watson is run out by a mile! What was Wade thinking?! Never a run there and Stokes only had to return the ball over the stumps, Buttler completed the job and Watson was barely ambling into shot

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