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Jaipur T20 vs Mohali T20
Finished : Mohali T20 won by 7 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
Jaipur T20
( 20 overs )
Mohali T20
( 18.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Jaipur T20 1 INN
       Awana to Nayar       22/1

Awana to Nayar,OUT,Rahane's gone, there was no single here, he had rushed too far up the pitch, Nayar whipped this to Bailey's left at mid on, took a couple of steps out and stopped, the captain is quick to the ball and scores a direct hit, Rahane had already given up trying to regain his ground, he had no chance

       Kartik to Nayar       54/2

Kartik to Nayar,OUT,Kartik strikes first ball, umpire Erasmus thinks awhile before raising his finger, Nayar struck in front missing a sweep to one that does not turn, but that has pitched just outside leg

       Patel to Watson       128/3

Patel to Watson,OUT,gone now, goes down for another slog sweep, misses, and Patel hits middle with a full delivery angled in

       Johnson to Binny       144/4

Johnson to Binny,OUT,Miller's 'caught' one this time, but it has still not gone to hand, Binny mishits a slog, Miller runs forward at long on, it bursts through his wrists, but he has a second line of defence, the gap between his legs, it lodges between his thighs, he puts his hand underneath to prevent it from slipping out, but all credit to the legs there

       Awana to Samson       159/5

Awana to Samson,OUT,gone now, backs away to leg, Awana hits the blockhole, and the stumps, as Samson misses

Fall of wickets - Mohali T20 1 INN
       Kulkarni to Sehwag       5/1

Kulkarni to Sehwag,OUT,Sehwag sees deep point, and Sehwag will take him on of course, he slices this widish back of a length ball straight to the man however

       Faulkner to Saha       10/2

Faulkner to Saha,OUT,they're picking out the fielders, although this is a sharp, tumbling take by Kulkarni at deep backward square leg, he's swung a short of a length ball and Kulkarni has not had to move much

       Richardson to Maxwell       126/3

Richardson to Maxwell,OUT,Maxwell departs finally, he mishits this full delivery, it goes straight and high, stays airborne for an age, but Smith at long on judges it neatly

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