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Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kings XI Punjab
In Progress : Kings XI Punjab require another 90 runs with 6 wickets and 60 balls remaining
Sunrisers Hyderabad
( 20 overs )
Kings XI Punjab
( 10 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sunrisers Hyderabad 1 INN
       Johnson to Dhawan       10/1

Johnson to Dhawan,OUT,Johnson strikes early, gets Dhawan off the edge at slip! This was not the typical Dhawan dismissal outside off, he pulled the short ball from around off, got an edge that hit his shoulder and helmet and looped towards first slip where Vijay took a simple catch

       Anureet Singh to Vihari       56/2

Anureet Singh to Vihari,OUT,the slower ball foxes him! It was short and slightly wide outside off, Vihari pulled the ball early and it went high towards square leg for an easy catch to be taken near the umpire

       Patel to Warner       76/3

Patel to Warner,OUT,the big wicket has fallen - Warner holes out to long on! He came down the track and whipped the ball from leg stump in the air down the ground and Miller took a good catch while running in

       Patel to Ojha       121/4

Patel to Ojha,OUT,it is difficult to go after Axar, Ojha tries swinging this with the incoming angle over long-on, fails to clear the fielder, he takes it some way inside the boundary

       Johnson to Bopara       123/5

Johnson to Bopara,OUT,edged again, and this time straight to the keeper! This was short at 135kmh, closer to the batsman as he tried to nudge it over the keeper but only handed Saha a simple catch to his right

       Sandeep Sharma to Henriques       136/6

Sandeep Sharma to Henriques,OUT,block hole it is on the stumps, he's fallen over and the stumps have been rattled! He shuffled across well outside off and tried to paddle the ball fine but got an inside edge and the ball got the base of middle stump

Fall of wickets - Kings XI Punjab 1 INN
       Boult to Vohra       10/1

Boult to Vohra,OUT,the inswing has done it, inside edge onto the stumps! Vohra went down on a knee for the fullish delivery outside off, drove away from the body but the ball swung in and hit the leg stump after the inside edge

       B Kumar to Marsh       13/2

B Kumar to Marsh,OUT,another inside edge, another wicket! Bhuvi angled the ball across Marsh outside off, he played the wrong line, trying to nudge the ball towards third man but got an inside edge and that uprooted the leg stump!

       Henriques to Bailey       45/3

Henriques to Bailey,OUT,big strike, Bailey has mishit to mid off, went after this full delivery, launched it to the left of the man in the position but could not clear him, easy catch

       Sharma to Miller       53/4

Sharma to Miller,1 run, OUT,what a waste of a wicket, it was worked in front of square, there was only one in it as deep midwicket came in, they wanted a second, Miller started and stopped, Vijay had come a long way out before he turned back, the throw was accurate on the bounce to the keeper, and he is comfortably short

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