Live Cricket Scores
New Zealand vs England
Stumps : England won the toss and elected to field
New Zealand
( 65 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Anderson to Guptill       2/1

Anderson to Guptill,OUT,full length angled in towards off stump, Guptill plays forward and edges to second slip! There it is, James Anderson's 400th Test wicket, becomes the 12th man to reach the mark and the eighth quick bowler. Classic Anderson, a little bit of movement to take a thick outside edge that flew quickly above head height to Ian Bell who shelled a couple of chances at Lord's but there's no mistake here and he clings on well, England have an early breakthrough and Anderson has his milestone, what an achievement

       Anderson to Williamson       2/2

Anderson to Williamson,OUT,got him! Similar line, Williamson has a nibble and edges behind! A huge wicket to take so early. An inch or so outside off, Williamson forced to play at it and got a little touch through to Buttler who took an easy catch. What a start for Anderson. Just enough away movement yet again to take the outside edge. Williamson was desperately trying to keep the bat inside the line but couldn't do so in time

       Broad to Taylor       68/3

Broad to Taylor,OUT,padding up! Won't be reviewing that! Full, outside off, nips back off a length, Taylor is shouldering arms very early and gets taken right in front of off stump. Considerable seam movement, but was always a dodgy leave

       Stokes to McCullum       123/4

Stokes to McCullum,OUT,oh goodness me. Full just outside off and this slapped straight to mid-off! A dolly catch to Wood. Live by the sword, die by the sword but this is silly. Full length just outside off, McCullum greedily leans in for a big off drive but doesn't time it all and pops up a simple catch

       Wood to Watling       144/5

Wood to Watling,OUT,oh I say, what a beauty! Bowled him with a corker! Nips away past the outside edge and trims off stump, the perfect delivery for the seam bowler. Watling defending in the crease can do little about this, some seam movement has beaten his stroke and rattled the top of off stump. Deliveries don't come too much better than that

       Broad to Latham       264/6

Broad to Latham,OUT,caught this time! No hundred for Latham. And it's Cook's stand-in, Root, who snaffles the catch at first slip. Full outside off, lured him into the drive. Blimey, how England that. Ends an important innings, but he struggled for the last half hour

       Broad to Ronchi       265/7

Broad to Ronchi,OUT,it's worked! He could not have picked out fine leg any better if he had 10 more attempts. A short ball, on leg stump, and Ronchi just hooks it straight to the man.

       Wood to Southee       281/8

Wood to Southee,OUT,another wicket for a short ball! Lyth takes a catch on his home ground in front of the Western Terrace. Banged in short by Wood, the trap was set, and Southee couldn't resist. Neither could he keep it down, or get the distance to clear the boundary at deep square leg

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