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India vs Sri Lanka
Finished : India won by 117 runs
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Prasad to Rahul       2/1

Prasad to Rahul,OUT,he has left it! Loads of nip in! It pitched well outside off, on an uncertain length, making Rahul wonder if he had to push fully forward or hang back. In the end, he went about half way and thinks it will not threaten the stumps. But the ball hits the seam and jags back quite a long way. Should have covered the stumps if he wanted to leave like that. The front foot at fault there

       Pradeep to Rahane       14/2

Pradeep to Rahane,OUT,very full and he has missed it! That means he is a goner, according to Nigel Llong. Having looked rather comfortable, Rahane doesnt measure up when Pradeep slips in a full, fast one targeting middle and leg. Seemed rooted to the crease, should have been on the front foot, a touch late on his shot even if he was playing with a straight bat and he was falling over a tad too. Struck in line with leg and should have hit leg

       Mathews to Kohli       64/3

Mathews to Kohli,OUT,does him in! Captain takes captain and Kusal pouches it this time. Reaching too far outside off, he does that, he always does that and when there is away movement, it is too much of a liability. Mathews hits a lovely length, draws him outside off. The most Kohli can do with this is a block, straight into the covers at best, or at worst, an edge behind.

       Prasad to RG Sharma       119/4

Prasad to RG Sharma,OUT,there it is! He has the edge! it has been his morning! Just back of a length, but Rohit was lunging forward again. Because of the ball being in the fifth stump line. Then he gets it to seam away and the batsman pushing with hard hands perishes on the stroke of lunch

       Prasad to Binny       119/5

Prasad to Binny,OUT,what a bowler. What control! Struck him on the front pad, then the back leg as well. First ball back, Dhammika stamps Sri Lanka all over the SSC Test. Hits a lovely, fuller length on fifth stump, then jags it back to hit him low enough on the front pad and in front of off stump. Dhammika on a hat-trick

       Kaushal to Ojha       173/6

Kaushal to Ojha,OUT,picks out long-on! A little over-attacking, although he might have wanted to send this flatter delivery a lot wider, into the midwicket region. Went for a slog sweep of sorts and ends up flat batting the ball to the man on the boundary. Sri Lanka were happy just holding things on until their strike bowlers could come back, now they have got a bonus. That is drinks as well...

       Prasad to Ashwin       180/7

Prasad to Ashwin,OUT,first-ball wonder! A widish delivery, but Ashwin has been sucked into pushing at it with half a bat. Poor decision from him, and his punishment is that he edges it through to the keeper. Dhammika just has a smile on his face, like he wakes up and does this every day. Just a hint of the ball holding its line, thats all needed

       Herath to Mishra       284/8

Herath to Mishra,OUT,got im! Beaten in flight. Lots of it. Mishy was racing down the track, but got too close to the ball, gets an inside edge while he was trying to drive. Took the inside edge, deflects off his pad towards Kusal Perera, who grabs the ball, had the time to juggle as well, and threw himselt at the stumps before Mishy knew what was happening. Excellent innings considering the circumstances. Didnt get bogged down, he was the greater contributor in this partnership, even

       Herath to I Sharma       298/9

Herath to I Sharma,OUT,away goes the middle stump! This is not his game, so why is he trying to be like Afridi? Races down the track again with those long limbs and swipes at the ball. Nowhere close to it and with Herath being as accurate as he is, takes his chance

       Herath to Yadav       312/10

Herath to Yadav,OUT,bowled im! The arm ball does the trick, and this time when Umesh is late on the ball, it hits pad and deflects onto the stumps

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       I Sharma to Tharanga       11/1

I Sharma to Tharanga,OUT,Rahul has his redemption! They might be checking the front foot, Ishant is worried, is he? He might be on the line! Thick outside edge, somewhere near the top of the bat, as a result of his natural bounce. Lovely length to pull him forward, and then the angle across tempts the left-hander. Tharanga is usually tempted there. And Rahul dives forward and takes a fine grab. His front foot was on the line but the third umpire has judged it out. Ishant must be thanking his lucky stars

       Yadav to Silva       11/2

Yadav to Silva,OUT,has dragged on a short ball! He was looking to block first, then he wants to pull his bat away, in the end it takes the inside edge and it crashes into the stumps. India have two in four balls and they can thank their bowlers maintaining a strict line just outside off. Plus the bounce, he got it to lift sharply from just short of a length

       Binny to Chandimal       40/3

Binny to Chandimal,OUT,inswinger gets him! Chandimal is so not amused. He is staring at the umpire, after beind struck on the back leg. It hit a good length outside off, the batsman had it covered for that, but it seams in late and sharp enough to hit him in front of the stumps. Hit high on the thigh pad of the back leg, which may have figured into umpire Rod Tuckers calculations in giving him out. The naked-eye call seems half and half. Side-on angle makes it look a bad call, though.

       I Sharma to Mathews       45/4

I Sharma to Mathews,OUT,they are checking the no-ball. But it seems like there is an edge here. Kohli is looking up and the screen, nervously. But Ishant is safe and Mathews is gone! First catch for Ojha, and Mathews looking back immediately gave it away. Top delivery from Ishant too, going wide of the crease to hit a good length and get the ball to straighten. The batsman was shuffling across, then was squared up and poking away from his body just a bit. But that was just enough. Good bowling, good bowling change

       Binny to Karunaratne       47/5

Binny to Karunaratne,OUT,Binny has another, Rahul has another and Dimuth has played an awful shot. Its the teaser, very full and rather wide outside off. This should have been left alone, especially with lunch only two minutes away. But no, Dimuth flays at it and invites the break that bit sooner.

       I Sharma to Thirimanne       47/6

I Sharma to Thirimanne,OUT,taken in the slips, an excellent catch by Rahul diving across in front of first slip and taking it low! Beautiful bowling from Ishant, and he yelps in delight. Thuds in back of a length and catches the left-hander in his crease, and then Thirimanne makes the mistake of pushing at the ball. It is true, he had to play it, but this pitch calls for soft hands. The ball seams, as it was threatening to do all Test, edge taken, all done

       I Sharma to Perera       127/7

I Sharma to Perera,OUT,straight up! Kohli takes it at mid-off, and kicks it high into the air. And amid all that, Kusal has got himself into a volley of words with someone. Seems like Ishant has needled the batsman. It was length, it was wide, it was kind of like those he would hammer away. But here he strikes it a bit too high on the bat, and now when the face turns, the ball goes too far up instead of far enough long

       Mishra to Kaushal       156/8

Mishra to Kaushal,OUT,straighter one gets him and the leggie has broken through. But replays show there has been an inside edge. Tight line on middle and off, and it holds that line to hit the back pad. But before all that, as Kaushal was lunging forward, there was a nick. Umpire Llong though has not picked it

       I Sharma to Herath       183/9

I Sharma to Herath,OUT,five for!. Another lovely delivery from Ishant, sends a couple of kisses into the air after the hard work. It pitched on middle and off, then veered off the straight, had Herath poking again and this time the edge is taken. Ojha makes it all worthwhile by diving away to his left and grabbing a good, low catch

       Mishra to Prasad       201/10

Mishra to Prasad,OUT,races down the track and is stumped! Dhammika has been worried about his hand, both hands really. So hitting out was his only option. Charges down the pitch, does not reach the pitch, swings for all he is worth, is nowhere near it and Ojha completes a good stumping

Fall of wickets - India 2 INN
       Prasad to Pujara       0/1

Prasad to Pujara,OUT,you beauty! That is an aboslute corker and Pujara loses the top of middle! This was angled in, shaping to come in as well, Pujara covers for that line and gets squared up. But the ball pitches and moves away, clipped his thigh pad to tickle the stumps. Cant do much about that except admire the ball. Great start, much needed start. (Just like the first innings, when Rahul was bowled second ball)

       Pradeep to Rahul       2/2

Pradeep to Rahul,OUT,leaving the ball again! Fuller delivery outside off, he might as well be within his right to want to leave the ball, but again he has not covered the off stump by getting across in time. Shoulders arms and leaves a free path for the ball to seam back in a decent distance and hit its mark

       Pradeep to Rahane       7/3

Pradeep to Rahane,OUT,off you go! Rahane caught in the crease! A little bit of inswing does him in, but he might have done better had he stepped forward. Defended down the wrong line, underestimating the seam. Struck him on the back leg, which was bent. That looked out

       Pradeep to Kohli       64/4

Pradeep to Kohli,OUT,a little juggle at first slip, but he has it under control. Fuller delivery on sixth stump has Kohli again! Pushing forward, playing a defensive stroke with an angled bat that would not have fetched him much runs, and at worse takes the edge as it does here. Exactly how he got out in the first innings as well

       Prasad to RG Sharma       118/5

Prasad to RG Sharma,OUT,taken at long leg! Rohit has thrown it away just before lunch again! And he knows it. Looked very morose as he saw the man getting under it. The short ball has him, a strength for Rohit usually, he is a pretty good puller of the ball. Only here he is a bit late on the shot, gets a top edge and it settles in Pradeeps hands nicely.

       Prasad to Binny       160/6

Prasad to Binny,OUT,be wary of the first over of his spell. He produces these peaches, they are checking the no-ball before confirming the wicket. Looks okay(ish), about three millimeters behind the line. One run short of fifty, he edges a good length away swinger on sixth stump. And Tharanga, who was wide at first slip, dives to his left and plucks a low catch. Made it look so easy, but it was actually, you know, so tough.

       Herath to Ojha       179/7

Herath to Ojha,OUT,ugly way to go. But it could well be because India want quick runs right now. Takes a leading edge as he was looking to swipe at a flighted delivery on leg stump. Winds up for a slog, gets a leading edge which skews straight up in the air and lands in the hands of cover

       Kaushal to Mishra       234/8

Kaushal to Mishra,OUT,has he got him!? Kaushal Silva has pulled one out of the hat. Mishy had come down the track for a whip through the leg side, and it might well have come off the middle. So he thought there were runs there, but Kaushal has stayed low, not flinched in the face of being in the firing line, picked up the ball and underarmed it back to catch Mishra short, and Mishy was going for a full length dive too

       Pradeep to Yadav       269/9

Pradeep to Yadav,OUT,has he taken it? Herath had been tracking it for the longest time, neck craned up repositioning himself precisely, and then he takes the ball cleanly and holds it against his chest. Pradeep, the bowler, just grins and clutches his head, looking utterly bemused. The reason is that, this was a wacky shot, Yadav just ran away outside off and scooped the ball up, it was a steepler, but Herath has held on, just about

       Prasad to Ashwin       274/10

Prasad to Ashwin,OUT,there is the outside edge, and that is all there is. Prasad barely celebrates, just takes his cap and races off to the dressing room. Chasing after Ishant, who is a few yards in front. Just back of a length on fourth stump, Ashwin pokes and does not miss

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 2 INN
       I Sharma to Tharanga       1/1

I Sharma to Tharanga,OUT,outisde edge! Ishant on fire! Beautiful delivery, he has his man soon after the change goes begging. And it is another peach. Pitched back of a length on off stump, nips away off the seam, squares the left-hander up and sends him packing. Literally, there is a vociferous send-off!

       Yadav to Karunaratne       2/2

Yadav to Karunaratne,OUT,another outside edge! Yadav roars in delight! Sri Lanka 2 for 2 from 1 for 1. Uses the angle across the left-hander to great effort, and Dimuth playing with hard hands, and staying put at the crease works to Indias favour. Good, accurate, pressure bowling paying off

       I Sharma to Chandimal       21/3

I Sharma to Chandimal,OUT,Ishant is going absolutely bonkers! Lovely bowling to take out Chandimal, it was shortish and on fifth stump. Chandimal is pushing far away from the body with an open face and hard hands. Thick edge flies to third slip, where Rahul misses another catch, but Kohli at second slip takes the rebound. After which, Ishant celebrate by banging on his own head while looking at the departing Chandimal. Remember, Chandimal had made a little physical contact with Ishant during that little incident with Prasad

       Yadav to Silva       74/4

Yadav to Silva,OUT,bounced out! He has been going for the pull instinctively, struck a few for boundaries last evening, but here Yadav is fresher after a nights sleep and he is quicker. He has got the ball to bounce around his shoulder, and Kaushal was dragging it from outside off. Gets a top edge that becomes an easy catch for Pujara at short midwicket. There is the early strike India wanted, and pace does the trick again at the SSC

       Ashwin to Thirimanne       107/5

Ashwin to Thirimanne,OUT,leading edge, taken by Rahul. Brilliant grab at silly point! This was going high, nearly ready to lob him. He was leaping up, his left hand was stretched up as high as it could go and created the rebound for him, which he was alert enough to take. Lovely, loopy delivery on middle, Thirimanne lunges forward and closes the face, playing against the turn, and there is turn. He might have gotten away with it, seeing as the ball seemed set to soar over the fielder, but Rahul did so well there

       Ashwin to Perera       242/6

Ashwin to Perera,OUT,he has had a brainfade just before tea! A little altercation between Kusal and the Indians. Ashwin is trying to broker peace and calm the batsman down. Bowled well, looping the ball up. It was on leg stump so the threat was not as much, Kusal goes for a reverse sweep, connected well but has popped the catch to Rohit at point.

       I Sharma to Mathews       249/7

I Sharma to Mathews,OUT,very full, very straight and Mathews misses it. That is his 200th Test wicket and it might well win the Test for India. Good choice of ball having realised that the batsman wanted to keep back in his crease and negotiate the seam movement off the pitch. Stuck on the crease with his hands pushing in front of his body, like Ajinkya Rahanes lbw. Misses with the bat, Ishant hits his target

       Ashwin to Herath       257/8

Ashwin to Herath,OUT,another really full delivery that the batsman plays around and off he goes. Tossed up and angled in, but it is the length that makes Herath fall over himself. Did not think it would be that full, and yorks himself. Struck on the front toe, I think, but might it have been going down?

       Ashwin to Prasad       263/9

Ashwin to Prasad,OUT,goes straight up, and Binny takes the reverse cup at mid-off, I think. This was always on the cards, with the tailending trying to hit every ball into the neighboring country. This time he gets under it a little too much. Handsome height, but no distance at all

       Mishra to Pradeep       268/10

Mishra to Pradeep,OUT,that is it. India have an overseas series win after West Indies 2011, first series win in Sri Lanka in 22 years. And only the third time India have come back from 0-1 down in Test history! Also Virat Kohlis first series win as captain. The googly finishes it off, with Kaushal playing from the crease and playing down the wrong line. Hit in front and then celebrations all around

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