Live Cricket Scores
England vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : England won the toss and elected to bat
( 13.4 overs )
Sri Lanka
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Mathews to Ali       62/1

Mathews to Ali,OUT,and a wicket from nowhere. Moeen has thrown this away. A length ball outside off, and he plays a lazy neither-here-nor-there drive. He has neither played the classic off drive along the ground looking to beat mid-off either side. Nor is this a full-blooded attempt to go over the man's head. Almost like he has changed his mind halfway through the shot and has checked that full-bloodied drive. Easy catch for mid-off. Soft dismissal from Moeen

       Dilshan to Ballance       71/2

Dilshan to Ballance,OUT,and Ballance goes. Dilshan has woken up too with a lovely catch. Ballance plays a nothing push in front of his body, the ball doesn't turn, hits the inside half of the bat, and lobs back towards the umpire. Dilshan changes direction in follow-through and dives to his left to take the catch

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