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South Africa vs West Indies
In Progress : West Indies require another 185 runs with 4 wickets and 13.0 overs remaining
South Africa
( 42 overs )
West Indies
( 29 overs )
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Holder to de Kock       6/1

Holder to de Kock,OUT,that's gone high in the air, easy catch for point and de Kock's return lasts only seven balls. De Kock pulled the short ball which had good bounce, he didn't get in the right position and a top edge went in the air for Carter. His bottom hand came off the bat has he swiveled on the back foot to make up for the extra bounce

       Russell to du Plessis       59/2

Russell to du Plessis,OUT,the short ball does it eventually, gets Faf! This one was angled in, Faf could not get on top of it while pulling and a top edge flew high and far towards deep fine leg for Cottrell. Faf gesutres with his hand knowing the steep bounce got the better of him

       Russell to Rossouw       306/3

Russell to Rossouw,OUT,there's a wicket, some relief for WI as this one doesn't go all the way. Rossouw pulled the short ball on the leg side but didn't quite continue with the follow through and Carter took an easy high catch at deep midwicket

       Russell to Amla       330/4

Russell to Amla,OUT,oh he's dragged it onto the stumps, Russell gets another wicket. Made room as usual, wanted to slam it on off but got an edge and the ball hit the off stump. A whirlwind and classy 133 comes to and end

       Holder to Miller       345/5

Holder to Miller,OUT,he appeals for caught behind and gets the wicket! Miller tried to drive the fullish delivery outside off and get a thin outside edge which Ramdin caught easily

Fall of wickets - West Indies 1 INN
       Abbott to Gayle       0/1

Abbott to Gayle,OUT,loud appeal, all South Africans go up for caught behind but the umpire calls it a wide as it went across from short of length outside off, there was a sound for sure. SA review straightaway! Replays say the ball is legitimate, and Snicko spots the edge went the ball crossed the bat, the umpire overturns his decision. Gayle threw his bat at this wide delivery and only got an edge, what a start for South Africa

       Phangiso to Smith       77/2

Phangiso to Smith,OUT,given him, Phangiso strikes! This one came in with the angle, the arm ball, instead of turning away after pitching outside off and struck the front pad right in front of middle stump as Smith looked to defend on the front foot. That was plumb!

       Phangiso to Samuels       81/3

Phangiso to Samuels,OUT,there's confusion, there's a run out chance, he's gone! Samuels got an inside edge to short fine leg, Deonarine wanted a run but Samuels never left his crease and Amla sent down the throw to Phangiso who did well to collect the ball and hit the stumps as Deonarine lost his bat while trying to make his ground

       Abbott to Samuels       172/4

Abbott to Samuels,OUT,middle stump knocked over! Samuels made room to smash it on the off side, misses it completely and the full delivery crashes into the middle stump. Umpire wants to check the no ball - it's very very close and tough to say if there was a part of the heel behind the line for sure. From one angle it looks like it's not a no ball. Samuels has to go back

       Parnell to Ramdin       176/5

Parnell to Ramdin,OUT,that's a spectacular catch from Amla! Parnell banged in the short ball, Ramdin stayed back and took his eyes off the ball but didn't drop his hands and it lobbed off the gloves towards midwicket where Amla ran to his right and dived to catch it just inches off the ground

       Parnell to Carter       177/6

Parnell to Carter,OUT

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