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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka
Stumps : Sri Lanka trail by 10 runs with 5 wickets remaining
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

  , Boult to Kaushal, FOUR, low full toss outside off and Kaushal drives the ball nicely through the vacant cover region for four to end the day. And that's stumps
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, touch short of length outside off, he pushed it past point and ran halfway down the pitch but Mathews didn't move at all. He doesn't want strike
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, angles this one across too, Kaushal pushes at it tentatively to send it to point
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, fuller outside off, steers it straight to gully
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, 137kph, bangs this one short with the angle, Kaushal sways out of the line and lets it go
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, angled across outside off, solid defence on the front foot from Kaushal
  , Southee to Kaushal, 1 run, right on the off stump, Kaushal blocks it with the straight bat and Southee has to chase it towards mid off. They take a run so Kaushal will be on strike again
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, takes it away again from the batsman who pokes and doesn't get close to it
  , Southee to Kaushal, no run, swings the ball away from the bat from just short of length as he pokes at it
  , Southee to Mathews, 1 run, angled in this time and it's steered to fine leg for one
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, outswinger on length well outside off, left alone as it swings away further
  , Southee to Mathews, no run, loud appeal for lbw, turned down! The ball pitched around off was going pretty straight but there was an inside edge onto the pads
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, errs down the leg side past the pads and Watling takes it
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, doesn't move much this time, waits for the delivery that's angled across and blocks it
  , Boult to Kaushal, no run, beaten first ball! Angled it across the batsman with a length delivery, the batsman drove and missed
  , Boult to Dickwella, OUT, Boult's on fire! He produces another edge from Dickwella's bat, with a short of length delivery this time, he pokes and the outside edge goes around chest height to Neesham at third slip
  , Boult to Mathews, 1 leg bye, towards the pads again and Mathews clips it behind square on the leg side again
  , Boult to Mathews, 2 leg byes, around the leg stump and that's glanced down to fine leg for two
  , Southee to Dickwella, no run, beats him outside the off stump by bowling it with the angle, Dickwella poked and missed
  , Southee to Dickwella, 2 runs, inswinging delivery towards the pads, clipped wide of deep fine leg for two
  , Southee to Dickwella, no run, bangs in a short ball with the angle, he ducks under it
  , Southee to Dickwella, no run, leans forward and pushes the length delivery to cover
  , Southee to Dickwella, no run, angles the ball across the batsman on off, he steers it to cover point
  , Southee to Dickwella, 2 leg byes, errs down the leg side and it goes off Dickwella's pads fine down the leg side
  , Boult to Dickwella, 1 run, edged and falls short of the slips! Boult draws another edge, making Dickwella poke outside the off stump, outside edge goes between second and third slip but doesn't carry to either of them
  , Boult to Dickwella, no run, swinging delivery on the stumps, Dickwella drives it down to mid on
  , Boult to Mathews, 1 run, short ball coming in with the angle, pulled to deep square leg for one
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, back of length and angling in, defends on the back foot again
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, short ball angled across, Mathews sways out of the line
  , Boult to Mathews, no run, angles across the length delivery and Mathews defends solidly on the back foot
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