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South Africa vs West Indies
Finished : South Africa won by an innings and 220 runs
South Africa
West Indies

  , Steyn to Cottrell, OUT, game over! Cottrell can only manage a leading edge as he looks to clip this short one to the leg side.. this lobs up for the fielder at midwicket
  , Steyn to Cottrell, no run, pushes inside the line of this length delivery, the batsman is beaten again
  , Steyn to Cottrell, no run, sharp short one again! There is nowhere to run away from these.. they rise so sharply and only up to the throat height.. The batsman somehow fends it away
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, quicker and on the stumps, the batsman is hit on the pads but this was heading down the leg side
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, fires it full but this is down the leg side
  , Morkel to Benn, FOUR, whoaaa! This is not short enough but the batsman arches back and whacks it powerfully though midwicket. Fantastic shot
  , Morkel to Benn, 2 runs, he stays back and punches this nicely through cover for a couple of runs
  , Morkel to Benn, no run,
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, short of length on the stumps, the batsman swings his bat and misses
  , Steyn to Cottrell, 2 runs, big outside edge as the batsman throws his bat at this length delivery, this flies well over point and they come back for a second
  , Steyn to Cottrell, no run, full and swinging on off, the batsman gets a leading edge to the off side
  , Steyn to Cottrell, 2 runs, fires this one on the stumps and the batsman manages to push it away through midwicket
  , Steyn to Taylor, OUT, and how quickly has he done this! 25th five-for Steyn. This is regulation one. Fuller, swinging away, takes the outside edge and straight to Amla at first slip. What a legend this guy.. No wickets in the firs tinnings for him, didn't bowl much yesterday due to tight groin.. and now this
  , Steyn to Taylor, no run, length delivery on off, bounces a touch extra, the batsman defends it towards point
  , Steyn to Taylor, FOUR, he waits on the back foot and chops it firmly to the off side, the bounce does the rest, taking it over the point fielder and to the boundary
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, looks for the yorker but this is a low full toss outside off, punched to mid-off
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, length delivery smacks the pads.. but was going over
  , Morkel to Benn, no run, back of length outside off, left alone by Big Benn
  , Morkel to Blackwood, OUT, Ba Vu Ma!! Smart catch at short leg and another wicket.. Le Morne joins in for the party.. This is the usual Morkel length but it jags back in sharply into the batsman and he doesn't have time to get away.. His bottom hand comes off the handle as he looks to fend it, but this hits the glove on the hand that is coming off.. just before it actually came off.. and Bavuma was alert.. snaps this low chance at backward short leg..
  , Morkel to Blackwood, no run, drifts this one down the leg side again
  , Morkel to Taylor, 1 run, back of length on the stumps, the batsman clips it down to fine leg
  , Steyn to Blackwood, no run, stays back and defends the length delivery to the leg side
  , Steyn to Blackwood, 2 runs, he looks to flick it but gets a thick leading edge over midwicket.. Didn't have a clue where this went but luckily for him, it's in the gap
  , Steyn to Blackwood, no run, back to those beautiful outswingers..This one flies past the outside edge at 140 kph
  , Steyn to Blackwood, FOUR, this is full and it doesn't swing much, good for Blackwood as he was taking a chance of going after it.. it hits the middle and scoots through cover
  , Steyn to Blackwood, no run, fuller and swinging away outside off, left alone by the batsman this time
  , Steyn to Blackwood, no run, back of length outside off, swinging away, this one beats the outside edge again
  , Morkel to Taylor, no run, angled too much and this is down the leg side
  , Morkel to Taylor, no run, swings his bat but misses it completely
  , Morkel to Taylor, no run, wants to pull this one but it's not short enough, he gets cramped for room and ends up bunting it on the pitch
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